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Hola, me pregunto si podría elegir su premio, ya sea PL1 o PL2 permanecen. Por favor, hágamelo saber, y puede enviar su respuesta, y los detalles de envío a ?

You are allowed to change it.

Hmmmm, that's interesting. I wonder what it's blocking? Compiled games don't "phone home" or anything nefarious like that.

Can you check the "network" tab in browser tools and see if a request is being blocked somehow by the browser (will appear as a red row) - after reenabling "private browsing".

Thanks for the information. This could be an issue with the Java to JavaScript transpirer perhaps.

Hmm. I wonder if it's a badly formed PNG or an Adventuron issue? Strange it works fine on other platform browser combos.

I'll dig out my old Thinkpad running Linux

Adding those things to a game is optional, but one star is required if those features are not provided. The overall enjoyment field is not an average.

The optional part refers to the game rules not the optionally of the score.

Is it possible to look at the console tab in debug tools and see if there is an error?


The submission is open to be updated throughout the period. The only thing you need to consider is compatibility for new versions and existing save files.

Don't rename variables or take things away once a game is started.

Judges judge on the version of the game that is most recent when they start playing.


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Nice game, and unique graphics.

I created a "game transcript" which basically shows things that I tried in the game, and how the game responded, I also left some notes near the end of the play session.

I kind of got stuck with which verb to use with the pickaxe, I think  I was supposed to use it on the gems.

You could also do with making your tutorial messages, conditional on things existing, or some boolean variable, so that a tutorial message that is no longer relevant doesn't keep getting shown. I suggest using the : tutorial "" command in on_tick {} for your tutorial messages.

You could do with a few more examine messages too.

Here is the transcript:

Me gusta mucho el estilo del juego, aunque me cuesta entender el español. Recomiendo encarecidamente apagar "CRT / Scanlines" para juegos de arte sin píxeles. El efecto está muy mal implementado en Adventuron (mi culpa).

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The  Adventure Games Podcast Episode 104 is now live, in which the we discuss the jam,  as well as other text adventure related topics.


El juego debe estar alojado en picazón (a los efectos de la competición), pero por supuesto también se puede alojar en su propio servidor al mismo tiempo, o en una fecha posterior.

Presiona F5 en tu versión de Adventuron y se asignará el verbo correcto.

Consulte también la siguiente sección nueva de la documentación:

I'd be interested to find out if it works on E-INK too. I suggest typing the following commands:

PEN #000


This will set the background white and the text black, which should work better on E-INK (in theory).

Yes, the font license text will be embedded in every HTML "compiled" with Adventuron. It will also be available via the *CREDITS command.

I can't guarantee that every game will put the font attribution front and centre though. That's up to authors themselves (I will encourage it in the documentation of course).

Hey Retroshark and Polyducks, congratulations, really nice font. Just what I was looking for actually. I would like to confirm that it would OK to embed it in Adventuron as a system font with attribution given in the autocomplete and the system level *CREDITS command, as well as in the source code of generated HTML files of Adventuron games that use the font?

This appears to adhere to all your terms, but there is a danger that someone who uses your font as a default font will forget to attribute you directly in-game rather that in the generated HTML code (where the license / credit will always be present).

Is this an acceptable use?

Hello to everyone entering, or thinking to enter this jam.

Feel free to introduce yourself here, or to join the discord server and introduce yourself there.

Chris A (Jam Organiser)

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The Discord (chat) server for the jam is available here :


Glad you enjoyed the game, and sorry to hear that the difficulty curve causes problems. I did try to make the game fair, and overall I'm happy with the design. That said, I know that the "tree" causes problems for some people, and I had to balance the difficulty of that puzzle against the pleasure of figuring it out. It's still not perfect, and so, the base64 hints can help out without changing the puzzle design.

I also built the "rollback" feature into Adventuron primarily driven by the wish to use "death as a learning mechanic". I do think that in-game death is kind of fun in adventure games, so long as you remove the penalty of losing progress, and so long as you don't make the game unwinnable. TWO never lets you put the game unwinnable (to the best of my knowledge).


Hi Keiron,

You won a "Pico 8" license as part of the participation prize draw.

Please write to how you would like to redeem this prize.


I'm very glad everyone had the opportunity to win something this time.

Please be sure send your postal mail details to so that the book can be dispatched. promptly

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I like let's play streams.

If I really like the look of a game that I haven't yet played, and spoilers are coming thick and fast, I'll bow out, but quite often I'd rather have a social experience (like playing with my brothers when I was younger) than flounder on a game all by myself. "Single player" games are always my preference but I so rarely used to play single player games alone. Streams kind of recreate that atmosphere, but with someone else at the helm.

I enjoy streams live, so I can chat in the window, and make suggestions, I don't very much enjoy just watching a saved stream as it's not social any more.

Participation Prize Draw Results

Thank you to everyone for entering in the jam, and we are very lucky in this jam that there are enough participation prizes such that everyone will win something.

Here are the randomized prize draw results (selected via the scheduled draw on third party website here : ).


  • Dethmunk -> The Classic Adventurer, fantastic and beautiful bookazine.
  • Kieren Scott -> Pico 8 License, amazing fake retro console development environment.
  • Natrium729 -> The Crimson Diamond Digital Download, unbelievable EGA styled Sierra-esque graphics + parser (text) adventure, donated and created by Julia Minamata * This prize is a raincheck, and must wait until game is released, as per the description on the jam page.
  • Richard Pettigrew -> Pico 8 License, amazing fake retro console development environment.
  • Quizlock -> Teletext Portrait by the amazing teletext artist - Steve Horsley
  • bjbest60 -> Wiffle Lever To Full, personalised book on UK geek / sci-convention culture in the 80s. 
  • Garry Francis -> Pico 8 License, amazing fake retro console development environment.
  • Verdant Tone -> Twilight Inventory, book on UK text adventure games at the end of commercial viability period.


Can everyone that wishes to receive their prize send an email to, so that I can arrange the prizes (some of which will be fulfilled by sponsors, some by myself).

Thank You Again

To everyone that took part, thank you. To all the sponsors thank you. Small incentives help to build tiny communities into small communities, and I'm so happy with the small community that is growing today. Everyone is so much appreciated.


Hello All,

The placement prizes have been selected now, with Dethmunk opting to go in for the prize draw instead. That means one additional Pico-8 license is added to the prize draw.

To ensure that the prize draw is fair I'm using the following website.

I'm allocating numbers to the prizes, and numbers to the remaining prize draw participants.

Prize Number (in no particular order)

1. The Classic Adventurer - Special Edition (printed). Donated by Mark Hardisty.
2. Pico 8 License (3 of 5)- Donated by @lexaloffle
3. The Crimson Diamond - Digital Download (when released). Donated by Julia Minamata.
4. Pico 8 License (4 of 5) - Donated by @lexaloffle
5. Teletext Portrait by Steve Horsley - Donated by Steve Horsley.
6. Wiffle Lever to Full ! Physical Copy - Donated by Bob Fischer + personalisation.
7. Pico 8 License (5 of 5) - Donated by @lexaloffle
8. Twilight Inventory by Gareth Pitchford, Physical Copy.

I have created a list with the 8 remaining entrants (using the site shown above), so everyone will get a prize.

The site will randomize the list of entrants, and assign a number between 1 and 8 to each entrant. The number you are allocated will determine your prize using the list above.

So you can be sure that I'm not just pretending to randomise, or randomising until I get the result I want, I'm scheduling the draw for a fixed time. That time is 7am GMT (London time), tomorrow morning (20th Jan 2021), 10 hours from now at time of writing.

The URL for the prize draw is here (will not show result until 7am, on 20th Jan 2021, London time).

The number you are given will determine your prize.

Good luck everyone.


Email sent.

Please email with an email address (with reference to OK Feather), and I will send the key and redemption information.

Thank you for entering the jam.

Hope you enjoyed using this very basic system. Pico 8 is an awesome virtual console, have fun.

Hello Dee! Well done on your high placement.

As the top two prizes were already gone, but you finished in the top 5, you have the option of the following:

1) A Pico 8 License Key


2) Enter the "participation" prize draw (prizes allocated randomly). 

If you choose the 2nd option, the worst (or best) that can happen is that you win a different prize. Choosing the second option will also put the Pico 8 license into the participation draw.

Let me know your choice. I'll be asking this same question to the entrants that finished 3rd, 4th and 5th.


Hello John! Well done on your high placement.

As the top two prizes were already gone, but you finished in the top 5, you have the option of the following:

1) A Pico 8 License Key


2) Enter the "participation" prize draw (prizes allocated randomly). 

If you choose the 2nd option, the worst (or best) that can happen is that you win a different prize. Choosing the second option will put the Pico 8 license into the participation draw.

Let me know your choice. I'll be asking this same question to the entrants that finished 3rd, 4th and 5th.


Hello OK Feather! Well done on your high placement.

As the top two prizes were already gone, but you finished in the top 5, you have the option of the following:

1) A Pico 8 License Key


2) Enter the "participation" prize draw (prizes allocated randomly). 

If you choose the 2nd option, the worst (or best) that can happen is that you win a different prize. Choosing the second option will put the Pico 8 license into the participation draw.

Let me know your choice. I'll be asking this same question to the entrants that finished 3rd, 4th and 5th.


Hello Gymcrash. Errol has claimed the Pi 400, so let me know if you would like to claim one of the remaining prizes in the "placement" prize bucket, or if you would like to enter the participation prize draw instead? If it's the latter then there is no guarantee you will get the prize you are perhaps looking for but you will certainly receive a prize no matter what as there are 12 prizes and 12 participants.

Well done on your win Errol.

Maybe "present" refers for the protagonists quest to find his present reality?

I also find that hiding the intention of the game requires somewhat of a bait and switch. If you are thinking presents and Christmas, then you might not be seeing the foreshadowing because you are so focused on what you think the game is, rather than what it was always intended to be.

I was quite shocked with the reveal, and watched a youtube playthrough, where the youtuber was reduced to tears. The tone shift is brutal, but I think within the story of the game, and from the POV of the protagonist, it has to be brutal. The trigger warning I would replace with an age gate warning. I do think the trigger warning somewhat reveals something of "the twist", in a game that otherwise would appear to have zero twists.

It's not a typical "text adventure" game at all, and if I were rating it purely as a text adventure, I would probably rate it quite low.

With regards to judging, "overall enjoyment" is vague enough to allow judges artistic license on why they enjoyed something. An emotional connection, together with a shock twist, together with rather fun (but few) puzzles, is enough for myself (and others it seems) to find the game enjoyable.

I really like object based puzzle games, and this isn't one of those. I don't think my enjoyment of this particular (well written) game would change my overall preferences, because I don't think that someone could take this template and apply it to more games of the same ilk either. It needs many ingredients to work just right. A criticism I would have is that I would have liked a few more puzzles - a bit more meat on the bone, but in order to receive the emotional payoff, I think that leanness actually works in its favour. 

Probably not a game you'd want to play with your 8 year old on Christmas Eve, but as a game for adults, I found it a very refreshing change.

The rules of the next jam are pretty much written now.

One thing I can share is that the next jam will be the first adventuron gamejam to have optional graphics (previous jams either required graphics or demanded no graphics - in order to create a level playing field). 

I do suspect that games without graphics will not resonate with "mainstream" players very much, but it reduces the author's burden significantly.

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Congratulation to Errol & a huge thank you to everyone that participated in the jam, whether as judge, community member, sponsor, or entrant. I truly think this is the most consistently high quality (of entries) (adventuron) jam that there has been so far.

I created a thread on Twitter on the results here:

This community is still very small, and I very much appreciate the enthusiasm, energy, and craft put into each and every one of these games.

Pretty much everyone is in-line to receive a prize (unless they opt out or there is some legal reason why they can't), I'll start a thread on prize claiming later on today.

The theme of the next jam is set, if you would like to sponsor the next jam in some way, do let me know. I imagine that the prize pool will be smaller in the next jam, so every little helps.

Well done to all.

I think it's an option you present. Most beginners would choose yes, most seasoned pros would choose no. Everyone is happy.

Instructions on a page not on screen currently are not as effective as a printed manual or an in-game tutorial.  That said, your written instructions on your game page are exceptional Garry, I just think a lot of players might not bother to read them and assume the game will guide them (the modern gamer approach).


(1 edit)

I wish to say a big thank you to Garry.

I think I'm not saying anything that Garry does not disagree with here in saying that Garry is often interpreted to be quite direct and borderline "negative" in his criticisms of Adventuron (and other topics I imagine too).

I very quickly recognised that he was a frustrated perfectionist with strong and very informed opinions.

In my opinion,  some of the most invaluable people in society are the ones labelled as"negative" people; people that are willing put their hand up and explain their grievances rather than accepting the status quo might are the people that drive things forward.

In my view there is a bit difference between "this is awful" and "this is awful because".

His time investment in formulating bug reports cannot be overstated and are of a huge service to the platform.

Anyway, I wish to say a huge thank you to Garry for telling it like it is. Not everything he asked for he received, but I never dismiss any well formulated complaint or request out of hand. There could even be gold in a seemingly badly formulated complaint with a bit of digging. 

Having a life simulator and procedurally generated games on the platform are a source of great joy, but traditional well designed verb noun games are no less worthy,, some of the most innovative design and imagination may involve the most simple of technology..

A game with a heart or a brain (or courage? ;-) ) is just as worthy as a game with a zillion features. Over here! to me was a work of genius.

That said, I do agree with Garry that his game presently has the most sophisticated parser yet released on the platform and his systematic demonstration of omissions and bugs in the system has helped to sculp a "good enough" solution for many container situations as well as responding to non dictionary inputs better than ever before.

A lot of the new additions are still over complex and over verbose compared to other systems but at least many things are possible now that we're previously not possible, and friction will be further reduced over time.

Again, a huge thank you for help Garry. You are very much appreciated.



If you are interested I wrote a blog post in 2018 on the power of discontent. 


I know it's probably nit-picky, but the references to Covid19 will probably date the game, and moreover, take the player outside of the fantasy of the game's setting.

If it's not against the rules, then it's normal, generally speaking.

I think the people that already rated games are unlikely to revisit their reviews, because of time pressures, but some might.

I think that Im going to stay away from enforced theme choices in the future, and stick to common design constraints. Kind of like the "treasure hunt jam". It wasn't very prescriptive except that graphics were not allowed. 

I'm glad we had Halloween and Christmas jams, but the Christmas jam in particular was kind of tough to adhere to the theme.

If there is a themed based jam in the future it'll probably be super vague. Something like "mythology", or "sci-fi".