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Two more days have been added to the judging period. I also bumped completion date by 2 days earlier, so it seems fair to allow additional judging time.

I'm very sorry. You are indeed correct.

It has been usual in previous jams to extend the deadline slightly a day or two before the end, and I usually announce on twitter and discord, but I should have also updated here too, and signposted it better.

My apologies.

Sorry, you are correct. This is not a rule. I think this was accidentally carried over from last years competition (where it was a rule).

I have corrected this now.

You don't need to change your game.

I'm not going to be mean and disqualify anyone that accidentally falls foul of some arbitrary rule, so don't worry too much about timezones - but of course get your game submitted before the end date.

The reason for keeping submissions private (which doesn't mean you can't share with testers) is so that very polished games don't overwhelm and demotivate amateur authors. In addition, revealing lots of hype about a game means that games developed earlier can campaign for more votes. 

There is no theme - but perhaps forum lurkers can come up with some tropes that might help a beginner to the genre with ideas for getting started?

Brilliant. I am not familiar with I7 + Vorple, but looking forward to seeing what you come up with. i know that i7 is a brilliant tool, if you can master it.

Sounds like a good plan.

Good luck Robert. It will be interesting to play someone developed with this engine.

Yes, please do read the rules.

A parser based generally works like this;

Not very violent at all, as per the norms of the text adventure genre. It should be suitable for all ages. 

Thread for discussion of verb/noun (e.g. TAKE LAMP) or complex parser (ASK RANGER ABOUT THE BEAST) preferences.

Thread for issues related to Adventuron games (planned to be entered in the jam).

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Fredrik Ramsberg has written a few articles describing PunyInform for beginners:

Fredrik has also written a comparison of PunyInform and the standard Inform 6 library.

(via )

What are you planning to implement your game in?

Let everyone know about who you (no full names or addresses) are and your interests.

I've updated on the main page.

There link is also here:

Thanks for considering joining the jam!

I have added a rule that states that you are allowed to show your game on the end date of the jam. 

As it may be beginner developers joining the jam, it may dishearten them if they see games that perhaps look very professional. In the end it's just about having fun.


This library is really cool, and I want to give it a whirl. I wonder though if you could document dos.h functions at least minimally. Some functions are not clear as to what they do. I know you have lots of examples, but nothing beats a function name and a good description of what it does, and what the parameters do, and what are good values and bad values for parameters.



Currently, when hosting on Itch, I only know how many people click on my game page, how many people click to start the game, but not how many people stay engaged.

I'm planning to add an (optional and opt-in) feature to my game engine (Adventuron) for a player to be able to offer feedback of a game whilst inside the game, but I could really do with a back end to receive such data.

I'd love to have a per-game data store api for Itch hosted games.

The comment and rating could wire up to the existing rating system, but accessible via the API, but I'd also like to have a generic key and value system. Something simple and light weight, just to keep track of how engaged a player is in the game content.


  • player_started_game_first_time = LONG VALUE
  • player_completed_pregame = BOOLEAN VALUE

The data could be 100% anonimized per session so I can't tell which players did what. I'm also fine with not having a user interface to interrogate the stats, so long as I can export them as JSON / XML / etc.

I think that if this api was to be supported, then I'd like Itch to display a user consent screen before the game is started, so that the player can opt out of engagement tracking, as well as allow a sentence from the game author about how the stats will be used.

I guess some sensible limits could be set up, but for small scale game makers (total plays of all my games are less than 20K views), this is essential information to be able to gather and track, so that they can see if they are wasting their time on content that does not engage.


NOTE: Recreated from the issue raised here in 2019, can't add comment to that issue so reposting identical issue text  :


I wonder if Adventuron ([1] [2] [3]) could be added underneath "Engines and Tools".

Adventuron is used in over 100 games currently - on Itch Io alone, and many more outside of Itch, but cannot be selected in "Engines and Tools". I've followed the "suggest new tool, engine, or device" to request Adventuron be added several times, but received no reply. 

There have been 5 Adventuron gamesjams so far on Itch, and I do hope Adventuron can be added in the Engines and Tools section, as it's a widely known and well used system at this point in time



Sorry I appear to have missed the mail. I have replied now with your Pico 8 License activation key.

Thanks so much for entering and enjoy Pico-8. Also thank you to the author of Pico 8, who donated the key too.


Please email with your postal details if you wish to receive your Pi Pico (as you just won this in the prize draw). If you prefer not to receive the prize, I don't need the details.

Please do not post your personal information here.

Please email with your postal details if you wish to receive your Pi Pico (as you just won this in the prize draw). If you prefer not to receive the prize, I don't need the details.

Please do not post your personal information here.

You should have the key now. :-)

Please send a mail to in order to receive the license.

Don't forget to send the mail :-)

As long as everyone is happy with that. For anyone receiving a physical prize, please mail with your mail details. For non physical prizes, mailing the same address with your email address and itch username and selected prize will be enough.

Hi ilBarbogio,

Your attention is required in this thread.

Can you confirm whether you wish to receive your prize, or trade your prize, if you wish to receive it, please contact the email in the thread with your details.



Sorry, I must have mixed you up with someone else. Unforgivable.

Hangs head in shame.

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Sorry Dee. I guess it was the ONE prize you didn't want (after re-donating the same prize last time). On the up side, at least you'll get a personalised T-Shirt from Scott Adams though :-)

Well done in the competition.


Here are the results of the prize draw (unified across English and Spanish competitions).

If you do not wish to receive your prize, or wish to offer to swap a prize, please use this thread to discuss.

Well done everyone, and thank you to the prize donors



1 - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB - Mananuk
2 - Classic Adventurer - ilBarbogio
3 - Scott Adams Adventureland XL - EldritchRenaissanceCake
4 - Pi Pico - Kalyen
5 - Pi Pico - Caleb Wilson
6 - Pico 8 License - Dee Cooke
7 - Pico 8 License - Unallocated (can be traded or will roll forward to next jam)
8 - Pico 8 License - Unallocated (can be traded or will roll forward to next jam)

Hi, I checked the rules, and the following entrants qualify for the prize draw:

Caleb Wilson
Dee Cooke

Anyone with a placement prize doesn't get entered into the prize draw unfortunately, sorry about that, it is in the rules.

Also, any entrant with a game scoring below 2.7 in the tutorial category was excluded, as per the rules.

Unfortunately, that leaves us with less entrants than prizes.

Here is the prize list:

1 - Raspberry Pi 4 2GB
2 - Classic Adventurer
3 - Scott Adams Adventureland XL
4 - Pi Pico
5 - Pi Pico
6 - Pico 8 License
7 - Pico 8 License
8 - Pico 8 License

I will use randomresult dot com to schedule it to randomise the list of entrants. The order of the random list determines the prize allocation.

For example, if the first person in the randomised list of names will win the Pi 4, the fourth person on the list will win a Pi Pico, the 2nd person will win Classic Adventurer and so on.

Using a third party prize draw, and posting the link ahead of time guarantees that I'm not just going to randomise the draw again and again until I get my favoured outcome. It's important to be fair and transparent. 

Here is the prize draw link (posted at 21:52 BST 13th May, to be drawn at 13:00 BST, 14th May);

Usted ha ganado el premio PL2, por favor envíe su dirección a (y referencia PL2), o si no desea recibir un premio, por favor, ¿puede avísame? Gracias.

Hola, me pregunto si podría elegir su premio, ya sea PL1 o PL2 permanecen. Por favor, hágamelo saber, y puede enviar su respuesta, y los detalles de envío a ?

You are allowed to change it.

Hmmmm, that's interesting. I wonder what it's blocking? Compiled games don't "phone home" or anything nefarious like that.

Can you check the "network" tab in browser tools and see if a request is being blocked somehow by the browser (will appear as a red row) - after reenabling "private browsing".

Thanks for the information. This could be an issue with the Java to JavaScript transpirer perhaps.

Hmm. I wonder if it's a badly formed PNG or an Adventuron issue? Strange it works fine on other platform browser combos.

I'll dig out my old Thinkpad running Linux

Adding those things to a game is optional, but one star is required if those features are not provided. The overall enjoyment field is not an average.

The optional part refers to the game rules not the optionally of the score.

Is it possible to look at the console tab in debug tools and see if there is an error?