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VR Boss simulator
Submitted by wojtaj, lonnie, Broseten (@Broseten) — 27 minutes, 24 seconds before the deadline
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Use of Theme#203.5793.579

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Optically very nice. I took some time, to figure out what to do, but then it made perfect sense.


An idle simulator in VR!? Now I think I've seen everything! Nice level of polish. The money fireworks made me jump the first time... and the second time they played.


So many kicks and giggles. Creativity here is stellar and I think a full, polished version of this would do incredibly well.  Same feedback as others, a simple guide to basic controls would jumpstart the users. If you have a second to hop by 1-minute game this weekend, I'd love your critique and rating! 


This was a cool take and a really cohesive environment!! Very impressive design work and a lot of unique interactibility <3 <3 <3 Not to brag, but I was pretty good at employee basketball :P

If you find some time this weekend, please check out our game “Starship Minis”, if you haven’t already, and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Thanks and congrats on completing the jam!!


Can't be letting the Gov't take my MONEY! Shred that paper! Haha loved being the big boss. Really fun tossing around the employees. Totally missed opportunity not allowing me to shred the employees in the shredder, that was the first thing I tried to do. haha. It does definitely need some sort of tutorial to show you how to play within the game though. Even some notes on the desk for you to pickup with a short explanation would be super helpful. Excellent effort, fun game!


"Do you want a reference number? 6463"... haha

This idea was equal parts hilarious and bleak. Tossing those workers away into the hoop when they weren't turning up enough numbers was all too easy...

I also don't think I'm the only one who would have found those fireworks TERRIFYING... haha

Nice job


Throwing them into the trashcan 😭 haha too real :D


It's so fun! I also really loved the art-style


That was an amazing game! :D even watching the trailer made me laugh. I loved every part of it. Great concept and a lot of room for more mechanics to add. I think you should think about polishing it more and publishing it to steam and oculus store :) 


I really had fun with it! i loved the way how to fire the employee haha


I keep getting fired but it was still a fun game! 


Yeah, the first level is probably way too hard, it's in fact harder than the second one, but we didn't have much time to balance it out :D

The mechanics can be also sort of unintuitive at the start, the gameplay trailer that I put after the deadline on the game page demonstrates all the mechanics in the game so if anyone reading this is struggling, be sure to check that out!


This is a really fun little game. I would love to see this developed further with a narrative attached to it. Great work for a game jam game!

My main feedback would be the controls and rules were unknown at the start, BUT it didn't take long to pick up, which I think is a good thing. 


Took a while to understand what to do, but once i figured it out its very creative and well thought out. Good job.

Jam Host(+2)

Very well put together! I like the mechanic of grabbing the money as the employee makes it.


Super cool! My favorite game so far! It's a lot of fun, everythink work well.
It's a bit hard to understand  at beginning but when you understand the gameplay it's super fun! 
The winning animations are great and having 2 levels  is super cool!
Very nice work, very impressive! Congrats! 


Definitely felt like an overbearing boss! Super creative game


haha that was fun. I liked the little dudes. I kept buying guys and didn't make my quota