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I just did the Speed Champions  set 75895 "1974 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0"

It was challenging to do a Speed Champions set but i'm happy than I could import all the parts in Bricksperience.

I think i did some mistakes in the instructions, i need fix them before uploading. But I could complete the set in VR and it was kinda awesome, i love this set!

I did not did the coffee shop model, Jellyfish did.
I was super impress too when he uploaded it ^^

And yeah it's pretty hard to build big sets in VR, in "normal" mode you have upgrades than can help you build big sets but you don't have them in VR.

Looking forward to your models ^^

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I just did instructions for "31043 - Chopper Transporter".

It's a fun little creator set. And I made it so you have to build the truck first and the helicopter second.

It was also the occasion for me to setup Github. I did not have a lot of experience with it but i have tried my best to do a clean commit ^^
@Jellyfish I did a Pull request, tell me if I did everything right ^^ (And do you know how to set "metadata" (author, set name...) to the ldr file using ? I have added them manually by editing the file but there is maybe a better way to do it. Are you using too ?)

For my next set I think i will try to do "Set 75895 - 1974 Porsche 911".
Every parts are available in Bricksperience and I think it could be a cool set to add (maybe a little difficult, I will try).
But I still need to build the set on and make the instructions on Bricksperience so it might take a while ^^

Just uploaded a Youtube video of me doing the full build if you wanne see how I build in VR: 

Yeah it's way harder to do the "big" sets in VR I think.

You have no "upgrades" in VR, you only pick and place the bricks.
It work great for small sets but I think it's a little bit tidious and take a lot of time for big sets.

Also wearing the headset for a long periode of time can be a little bit unconfortable, i like to do small or medium sets so i don't wear the headset for too long

It's a super cool VR app!

Bricksperience and Brickbuilder VR are my two favorite Lego VR app, and i have tested quite a lot ^^

Contribute models is super cool too, you can have any Lego set you want, it's kind of a dream ^^

Jellyfish created an awesome github page of user-generated sets :
(He did a lot of great sets!)

The game is super cool and I was pumped to discover it too, it's an hidden VR gem ^^

I did "926 Command Center" and it was super cool! Thank you for thoses amazing new instructions!!

I have recorded myself doing it : 

My author/contributor name would be "VoxelGuy".

And you can of course alter/update/correct all of my files.
It's YOUR Github page, i'm happy to help contribute but in the end this page is yours and you should upload what you want to upload.

I just made instructions for "918: One Man Space Ship", I still need to test it but i think it could be a fun build.
And i think i will do more "Creators" set in the future, i love to build them in real life, most of them have very standard pieces and are quick fun builds.

Thanks again for sharing (It's super cool to see my setlist growing in-game ^^) and I will keep an eye on this forum page to see any updates and share my instructions when i finish bunch of them! 

I just did 6861 X-1PatrolCraft, 106-UnicefTruck, 30023-Lighthouse and 30102-OliviasDesk and they were all awesome!

Lighthouse is quick and super fun and X-1PatrolCraft is just a super cool set!

Thanks again for sharing! ^^

It's super cool to see the game forum living!

I made all the Classic Space sets you made, it's was awesome!! And the instructions are flawless!
Thanks for sharing thoses awesome sets!

Yes of course you can add mine onto the github.
Here are the 5 .ldr :
And yes the shark have some dependency oddities, it was my first model, i have learn a lot since but I didn't correct him ^^

I am looking at your Github, did you realy make 10182 !? I need to try it!! ^^

Anyway it's super cool to see than there is still user-made sets in 2022!! ^^

I will definitly try to do more in the furure!

Super cool models! 
I will definitly build lot of the Classic Space sets, they look awesome! And Classic Space was my favorite theme as a kid, it brings back a lot of good memories :-)
I could import all the models without any problem, just had to re-generate the preview images and everything work perfectly.

Thank you very much for sharing!! :-)

I discovered the game few days ago and I am a huge fan!
The VR experience is awesome on Quest via Airlink!

I made 5 little sets than you can download :


They are 5 small sets, mostly Creators.
For now i am making small sets since i have just learned how to use the instructions maker but i will maybe try bigger sets in the furur.
I found the Portal Turret super fun to build!

I try my best to do good instructions but if you see some problems in the instructions tell me.

All the sets are in one archive on my website and you need to unzip them in :


Download links (same archives, just different archives extensions) : 

Don't hesitate to give me feedback! ;-)

I am havign so much fun!
Thank you DasMatze for this amazing game!

It work flawlessly  on Oculus Quest via Airlink, it's a blast.
I made my first custom model today (the small 7805 Creator Shark) it's very easy and super cool!

Even if the last update is 4 year old, it's still one of the best Lego game (and even better in VR).
Graphics are also still very good.

If you hesitate to download the game because he is 4 year old, don't.
I'm a huge "Lego themed videogames" fan and this one is one of the best! 

Thank you again for this masterpiece!

P.S: If I do some cool custom models in the futur i will try to upload them and link them in the dedicated topic

Very nice graphics !
Had a little bit of trouble understanding the gameplay and I think than the player go a little bit too fast. Still a lot of fun!  

Super cool! My favorite game so far! It's a lot of fun, everythink work well.
It's a bit hard to understand  at beginning but when you understand the gameplay it's super fun! 
The winning animations are great and having 2 levels  is super cool!
Very nice work, very impressive! Congrats! 

Very cool!! Everything work very well and the graphics and effects are very nice!
The game is maybe a little bit too hard, i couldn't fullfill an order on time 😅 (maybe i'm just bad).

But playing around making a planet is a lot of fun! Very nice work, very impressive for a 2day jam! 

Cool concept! Maybe a little bit too ambitious for a 2 days jam 😂
Lot of bugs but still cool! Nice work! 

Very cool! Works very well, graphics are a little bit dark but still nice.
Easy to understand gameplay.
The feeling of walking around a small planet works very well.

Had a lot of fun! Thx!

Very weird but pretty cool ! Controls work well

Cool concept, nice graphics, controls work well but yeah we need an objective! Cool concept!

Awesome game! Graphics and effectas are amazing and very fun gameplay! 

very cool!!

Very cool//

Thank you very much for your feedbak 😊

I plan to update the minigame this week-end and your feedbak is precious. Sounds and feedback effects will be my priority  😉


Very cool!

VERY cool! Very nice work, GG!

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Nice little experience, match the theme well. Good job!

Very cool game! Match perfectly the theme! Good job!

Very cool and "ORIGINAL" i must say ^^ 

It's uncommon to see a pdf uploaded for a game jam but i love the idea and the game is very well thought and work very well with the "same but different" theme. Good job!

Also work very well with the theme "Same but different" ! Love it

Very cool game! Very addictive too ^^ Good joob! 

Pretty cool 👍

Le jeu est très cool! Le design est super et le concept original, un gros GG à vous tous ! ^^

Cool and original! Congratulation!

Very cool mini-game! Simple but effective ! And the theme is well respected! Congratulation for doing it so quickly ! 

Very nice game ! GG

Je ne comprend pas trop comment lancer le jeu en .love ;-(

Tu peux me donner le process pour tester le jeu ? Merci :-)

Je n'arrive pas à lancer le jeu ;-(

Msg d'erreur : Il manque UnityPlayer.dll

C'est dommage ;-(

Ton jeu est hyper sympa ! 

Félicitation ! ;)