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Very nice graphics !
Had a little bit of trouble understanding the gameplay and I think than the player go a little bit too fast. Still a lot of fun!  

Super cool! My favorite game so far! It's a lot of fun, everythink work well.
It's a bit hard to understand  at beginning but when you understand the gameplay it's super fun! 
The winning animations are great and having 2 levels  is super cool!
Very nice work, very impressive! Congrats! 

Very cool!! Everything work very well and the graphics and effects are very nice!
The game is maybe a little bit too hard, i couldn't fullfill an order on time 😅 (maybe i'm just bad).

But playing around making a planet is a lot of fun! Very nice work, very impressive for a 2day jam! 

Cool concept! Maybe a little bit too ambitious for a 2 days jam 😂
Lot of bugs but still cool! Nice work! 

Very cool! Works very well, graphics are a little bit dark but still nice.
Easy to understand gameplay.
The feeling of walking around a small planet works very well.

Had a lot of fun! Thx!

Very weird but pretty cool ! Controls work well

Cool concept, nice graphics, controls work well but yeah we need an objective! Cool concept!

Awesome game! Graphics and effectas are amazing and very fun gameplay! 

very cool!!

Very cool//

Thank you very much for your feedbak 😊

I plan to update the minigame this week-end and your feedbak is precious. Sounds and feedback effects will be my priority  😉


Very cool!

VERY cool! Very nice work, GG!

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Nice little experience, match the theme well. Good job!

Very cool game! Match perfectly the theme! Good job!

Very cool platfor;er! And the amount of work is impressive! 

I had a bug on second level, making my screen go blue :-(

Good job !

Very cool and "ORIGINAL" i must say ^^ 

It's uncommon to see a pdf uploaded for a game jam but i love the idea and the game is very well thought and work very well with the "same but different" theme. Good job!

Also work very well with the theme "Same but different" ! Love it

Very cool game! Very addictive too ^^ Good joob! 

Pretty cool 👍

Le jeu est très cool! Le design est super et le concept original, un gros GG à vous tous ! ^^

Cool and original! Congratulation!

Very cool mini-game! Simple but effective ! And the theme is well respected! Congratulation for doing it so quickly ! 

Very nice game ! GG

Je ne comprend pas trop comment lancer le jeu en .love ;-(

Tu peux me donner le process pour tester le jeu ? Merci :-)

Je n'arrive pas à lancer le jeu ;-(

Msg d'erreur : Il manque UnityPlayer.dll

C'est dommage ;-(

Ton jeu est hyper sympa ! 

Félicitation ! ;)

Merci :)

Merci beaucoup ;-) 

C'est super cool ! Un peu dur par contre ! ^^

Bravo ^^

AWESOME game ! Bravo !!

Thank you  :)

Thank you :-)
And yes, such a little game is no meant to be played more than 3min ^^

Thank you ;-)

Ah ah, glad to hear that !  Thank you very much ! :-)

Great game ! When you understand the concept, this is very fun ! I got the 5 coins ! Bravo !

Very nice game ! Bravo !

Done ! ^^ Thx for your feedback :-)


I made an html5 game using Phaser :

If i use Google Chrome on my labtop and try to go Fullscreen the game crash and i have this error in the debug console : 

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: screen.orientation.lock() is not available on this device.

Everything work fine on Firefox.

Have a good day !