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Thank you so much for pointing out a bug with Seth. I'll jump in solve this issue and update, when I next can.

The clicking continue was a part of the yarn spinner software used to make the dialogue branches. I chose this click style as an experiment in VR to mimic traditional games. This is the kind of feedback I was chasing, so thank you for this :) I was already planning to use a different dialogue system next time, and feedback like this helps me know it's the right choice to do so.

Thanks so much for giving the experience a go.

-Unnatural Freaks Peeps

p.s. Jaime and Emma are friends. And, Emma doesn't like strangers using her nickname

As the person who made it, I keep rubbing the balloon on my head too because it just feels right haha I think I'll def put this function in on an update.

Thanks so much for the feedback.

I def wish I had more time to put into the narrative and tweak many of the immersive features. This was only a solo project over a day and a half. Sadly, I wasn't available for the whole time and put together a rough idea that was floating in my head.

I will say that the ending that's currently in place has an implicit meaning which I wondered if it came across through the narrative. Mind you, I also wanted people to interpret the ending in their own way. This is why I'm finding feedback like this very helpful as it will help me build on those narrative skills a little more. So, thank you! :) 

I def want to develop this further and build on the narrative. 

ps - Your game sounds great! I'll play your game the first chance I get.  I've been finding the apk games easier to play. The windows ones are a little more difficult for me at the moment.

Note: I'm basing this comment on the Game Jam entry.

I loved the concept and the environment. Flapping my wings was a great mechanic.

I did have a lot of issues with motion sickness. Reducing the rapid movements I think would help significantly.

Great work in building this! Very peaceful game :) 

I loved the look and concept of this game.

I did have some problems with being able to play. I had difficulty finding the correct planet due to the extreme brightness of the globe. I'd recommend making this adjustment if possible for those who have difficulty with colours (such as those who are colour blind). Reducing the brightness would help.

Outside of that, it was great! I could happily stay in that environment you built.

I loved the concept of the game. I had flashbacks to when I was a kid and would climb the cupboards in the middle of the night to steal a cookie.

The only downside for me was the movement controls. I would have loved a teleport option as continuous movement makes me motion sick. You can still be super fast with while teleporting.

Hiya :)

Thanks for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was super fun to make during the Game Jam.

In answer to the Balloon question: Balloons can create static electricity. Obviously it isn't all fireworks in the real world, but at that point in the story, everything becomes magical so a big electrical moment was given.

Okay, took me a bit to realise what was happening. I was like, there must be a glitch somewhere. I've appeared on his head and I have demon hands. haha brilliant outside-the-box thinking there. As I got used to the controls it got easier to paint.

I really recommend developing this further. It's great!

Some Bugs: the controls began to mess up a little at the end, his arm kept twisting and every time I grabbed the palette it would shake. 

This was a really great concept and very creative.

I was limited on how much I could play because of some issues with the controls and the use of continuous movement (I get motion sickness with it).

Would be great to see this developed further. Nice work!

I liked the concept behind this! A little puzzle game using AR in a VR world. Brilliant.

My main recommendation would be to put in an option for teleportation. It would be great for accessibility.

This is a really fun little game. I would love to see this developed further with a narrative attached to it. Great work for a game jam game!

My main feedback would be the controls and rules were unknown at the start, BUT it didn't take long to pick up, which I think is a good thing.