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That was awesome. I love the looping your firing pattern idea.

That was awesome! It took me forever but I beat all of it. Really well balanced and great strategy! I really liked having to balance gravity wells with the shape of the track and trying to figure out what fit best. Also just some fun strategies with how you order the cars.

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Vinesauce played Onirogu!

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Hey thanks! That was one of my main goals so I'm glad you liked it. The throwing is mostly controlled by the "Throwable" script that's actually included in the SteamVR plugin, and there are lots of included options to get it to feel exactly how you want it. The auto-aim is inspired by a similar mechanic in the game Pistol Whip. Essentially if you are off target <30° or so it kicks in and uses a trajectory calculation to hit the closest target. I added a trail renderer and the "swoosh" audio for some polish.

Awesome! Thanks for playing. If you're on Oculus there was a bug with the bindings that would cause similar kunai-dropping - check the install instructions for the fix.

I really like how the stick deforms the mask clay for effect even when painting color. Cool game!

I'm just now seeing this! Did you hit the log close to you 4 times? That's how you trigger the spawning. I should have made that more clear!! Thanks for the feedback.

Nice work on the orb control! I loved just tossing it around and snapping it back into my hand. Was really cool to see all of the things it could do as well!!! Impressive amount of progress.

I like the remote robot arm control. It's really fun to puppet the little guy! Big Subnautica vibes! Really impressive

Such a cool idea to draw your cover! Felt really nice.

That shield bounce and laser reflect are awesome! Very fun to play with!!!

It was really satisfying to clothesline the dudes w/TP :D

Awesome pilot mechanics! Plethora of enemies! And I love seeing the ships guns moving with my head. The stars / dust moving at a different speed than the environment objects made me a little motion sick :P

Super cool!

Great mix of 2D and VR elements!

Great mood

That's a nice leaf blower! The turbo launch was very satisfying.

Solid! So many elements! So many uses! :D great job

On the Rift S I'm only seeing the left eye -- right eye is black D:
I liked the shooting animations!

That was awesome. I built a monstrosity and rode off into the sunset :D

Very cool! Multiple rooms and a boss! I really enjoyed it

Really nice mood, it looks and sounds amazing! The gestures responded really well also.

I feel like I almost got to the end, but got stumped! Really cool idea messing around with the objects material. Tons of potential as there are so many possibilities -- a great concept for a puzzle game. Great work!

I loved the mood! And just a really great idea all around to have a laptop that becomes a turret you control.

I loved the holy shovel blast projectiles!!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! What an epic and intense battle! I gotta hand it to you!!! eheh

I tried to make a mad dash and rush for the end and was met with a keyboard!! And then subsequent death...Haha what a great way to keep people from blowing past.

Really impressive experience from start to finish!

I picked up the soap... but I don't regret it! Baha great game! I really had to think to unravel puzzles! Great mechanic that has a lot of potential.

I can't figure out how to get VR working

Took a couple tries to get past the intro screen - but after that some nice puzzles! Good job

A very simple and effective mechanic! I also liked how the bullets were slow so you had to line up your next shots before you could confirm a hit, forcing you to juggle lots of numbers! Very engaging.

Niiiiice - it's crazy how good those recorded animations look! Really smart to incorporate it into a game. Also it's so nice to be able to play in browser...!

Ah relaxing tentacles... :D   haha but really the wavy movement is super fluid and feels great. I can totally see this growing into a really unique way to interact with stuff! Giant squid? Tentacle monster? Squid simulator? the possibilities are endless!

That was great!! I like how the way you cast the different elements is the same, but they all behave differently. The effect of attuning to a new power source was really cool too! Who was the mysterious person up on the rocks??? :)

I couldn't get the scaling to work consistently, but I love the idea of scaling props to overcome platform puzzles. Cool idea!

Thanks for letting me know! There was an issue with the bindings! If you delete and reassign the "grab pinch" binding in the controller settings it should work.

 Yeah that's how it's supposed to work. I'm bummed it quirked out, but I think I found a fix. Deleting and reassigning the grab-pinch action on your steamVR controller bindings should fix it. Either way thanks so much for trying it out and letting me know!

There was a weird issue with the Oculus bindings I'm figuring out right now - if you delete the "Grab Pinch" action and then reassign it -- it should fix it -- also to use bombs with your right controller you have to turn off mirror mode and assign it as well -- Sorry about that issue!!,, but thanks for playing!!!

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Aw man! There were supposed to be demon heads for sure, but it could have also totally bugged out Q_Q --- but still thanks for playing!

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Hey thanks! I just checked and I have it set to where if it's less than 30 degrees off target the auto-aim will kick in.

Oh no! Which headset are you using?