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"The Greedy Dwarf" - Vimjam EditionView game page

90 secs of intense Maze-Runner in full 4-bit action!
Submitted by MrKarate — 3 hours, 21 minutes before the deadline
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"The Greedy Dwarf" - Vimjam Edition's page


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Technical Implementation#2142.7892.789

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How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
It's a Dwarf collecting chests and gold. Very straight-forward mechanic in-game.

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We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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I don't think I had covered any of the optional challenges.

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Fun game! everything felt nice expect for the movement, other than that I enjoyed it very much.


Super cool. The sound is really nice. Only problem was the movement felt too fast and difficult to move into those small spaces. Great job anyway. I'd love if you could check out my game!


Fun retro handheld feel.  Lining up for the turns was a little problematic.


Nice little game. Needs some refinement on the movement. Loved the sound! Fitted perfectly. 


Nice little game :)
Tile-based movement would be nice though. I kept running into enemies because it was hard to control the character.


Well made game, the retro style is amazing :-) 

I would really appreciate if you will rank my game too


The GB handheld was a good touch. I like the game play, but I would have to alight to pass the the wall. Pretty good game overall! 


Nice art style. Controls were tough at times as I couldn't line up the character to go into the gaps. well done though. Good game


The handheld looks good and it's nice to see my input on it as nicely executed. Gameplay is simple but satisfying with the sounds and camera shakes, though the player collision box was quite big and therefore it was difficult to get inside some hallways. Otherwise nicely done!


Not sure if it fits the theme of going "There and Back", which confused me the first time because I ran back to the entrance thinking that was where I had to go. I love the console feel of the game and the art, along with the rumble when you get hit. It was fun enough for me to play it a few times! :)


Definitely felt like the game had a good concept and I liked the idea of the quick gameplay. It would have been nice to let the gaps be a bit more forgiving, with the speed it was really difficult to move up and down and I kept accidentally running into enemies while trying to move upward. Good submission though! I really liked the gameboy visual. 


the character moves to fast and makes it frustrating to go between walls. but its a fine base for a fun game.

good job!


Looks so simple, plays simple but is actually quite tough. Is there an end to reach? Or is it always into timeout?