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Wink GameBoy - Beta 5.8View game page

Wink’s smallest adventure yet! — Made with GB Studio
Submitted by Max Oakland (@maxoaklanddd) — 13 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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Platform Usage#14.6004.600
Game Design#14.3004.300

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Gameboy/Gameboy Color

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The game look so good.

I understand this is in beta phase, but I think you should fix some bugs before step forward in the rest of the dev.

There have a lot of problems:

1. Is hard to know with what you can collison and what not, that's a desing art error, and eventually that made me stop playing

2. Side collision with some elements are buged, for exaple the destroible blocks.

3. Some avatars's images used in dialogs have not black background as the frame interface.

4. The rolls floor stops working when you press the key that moves you in the same direction that it pushes you.

5. The money system is broke, cause getting inside the same escenary one once again let you have infinity money.


thanks for the feedback :) 

Can you remember what specific situations you had trouble telling the backgrounds from the foregrounds?


A lot of times, in overworld area, some elements as flower, some times have collisions and others not, the water in a level (I don't remember the number) I think that was grass, In the level 5, with some blocks I bealived that has collision, etc


Oh yeah on the overworld I’m still figuring out which things should have collisions and what their collision me should act like.  The flowers are a really good example of that

thanks for the deets


very nice colorful graphics! mustve taken a while to make especially for gameboy! keep up nice style!


Thanks! Definitely required some work and tricks. Glad you like it


Realy good game.


One thing that I believe you can easily fix is that when you are on stairs you always shoot to the right.



you’re right. I think I know how to fix that. Thanks for pointing that out


OMG this is great!

WIth a little more polish, this could have been sold in a box back in the day. I'm torn between this and Retroid as my favorite game of this jam so far.


well that’s awesome to hear! I’m working on the polish. The goal is to make it as good as any “real” gameboy game from back in the days of Gameboys and gameboys color


Give it a couple more months of polish and you could get yourself with one of those retro publishers quite easily


that’s my goal! Really glad you think so


This is a very nice looking and playing platformer. Definitely one of the best examples I've seen with GBStudio. Makes great use of the GBC's color as well and would definitely be a welcome addition to a collection had it existed in the early 2000s, the backgrounds are especially nice looking. The seed sequence in level 2 is a particularly fantastic sequence. The overworld is lively and looks great, though lots of the doors lead nowhere (I'm assuming that's just since it's in beta) and some don't work at all (pass right through them into the background). The menus also look very nice and work wonderfully. Since it's on the more polished side I'll give some more nitpicky comments. -The health bar being tied to the eye's appearance is a nice touch but it's not always the most noticeable, I definitely couldn't tell the difference in darker levels such as the cave in l-2, this was especially hard to see playing on my actual GBC. - -Sometimes the +1s and +3s from coin pickups can be seen through the menu when you pull it up - - The level 1 music is rather grating to my ears, its short runtime doesn't help, though that may be down to my musical preference. - - Definitely still has a few bugs but of course it's a beta, issues I've had so far is a soft lock after the first boss (thanks for the stuck menu item) sometimes and the egg getting stuck partly inside the hole in level 3, may be caused in part due to pausing the game. -

Don't take any of that in a bad way, just trying to point out stuff I noticed while playing to hopefully improve the game even further. Overall this is a really fantastic game and is something I would definitely buy if/when it gets completed or a cartridge release. 


I really appreciate your detailed feedback! It really helps to know about those bugs so I can fix them

I’m working on a longer and better version of the music you described

And yeah, the overworld is not fully fleshed out. Eventually you’ll find many little rooms, puzzles, and mini games to explore and people to talk to in those doors

I’m still trying to think of a better way to do the player’s health indicator. I’ll try some other things to make the sprite more clear. 

What I’m also looking into is seeing if I can hack it so the palette changes. Not supported in GB Studio but I bet it’s possible


This is really impressive! A very polished and fun game, which feels familiar yet original at the same time. Great job!


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it & I appreciate you letting me know