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Short little platformer with semi-metroidvania elements for any 16kb MSX1.
Submitted by McCheeseBob (@McCheeseBob), Lihpten — 2 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Platform Usage#103.2863.600
Game Design#113.1043.400

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What emulators, hardware revisions, or fantasy console can be used to play your game?
Any MSX1 with 16kb of ram - tested on fMSX and OpenMSX.

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WOW, this is really hard, but quite challenging in a good way. I kept thinking: "ok, one more try!"

After getting the high jump boots, the collision and screen transition get a little wonky, but nothing game breaking.

Good work, a very cool game!


Thanks! Happy you enjoyed it. I made a lot of the level design before Lihpten implemented any attacks so it certainly needs some tweaking (you can get to the final boss by just jumping over everything, that's how I tested most of it). I for one definitely think the attack range needs a significant boost. The screen transition problem is something we've known about since early development but never properly fixed since we kept on changing jumping solutions/height. It's something that can easily be fixed in an update. Thanks again for playing it!


Cute game. I’d say the controls make it very hard to play though with the movement controls on the left, jump control on the right and then attack on the left too

Also it seemed like my attacks didn’t ever kill the enemies


Yeah, never got around to swapping the controls around, they're definitely wonky. At the very least you can redefine your own controls. I think the rom version might be slightly more buggy than the disk version for some reason. You should have better luck killing enemies with that release (though most of them have 3-4 hp). Thanks for playing!


You’re welcome! I could see this developing into something fun with some work. It has cool characters and environment

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my game


Yeah, it definitely needs a bucket of polish. It's our first time working with the software and it has plenty of quirks. Doing a game in 2 weeks is pretty challenging and the coding side of things was mostly done in a few days right at the beginning since our programmer was busy for most of the second week. I'll give your game a proper review on its page, I've spent plenty of time with it since it was a very early submission.


Oh cool! I’m excited to hear your thoughts

I’ve been interesting in trying out the software you used to make this. Is it good?

Developer (1 edit)

Yes! Definitely limited in some ways and doesn't support all the machines I want yet but it is rather nice. Level and sprite making is integrated right into the software and there are some pre-generated scripts to get you started really quickly. The scripting language is relatively limited, but pretty easy to get started with. At the very least I prefer it so far to GBStudio for making simple arcade platform games. Metamorphosis and Pipes were both made at least in part by it this jam too (though all for different computer systems).


Sounds pretty awesome. I’m excited to try it out when I’m done with this game


The game was fine for what the patform offers but it had some bugs and some design decisions that ruined it.

The first door remains open after you die, this was a good adition but I had to go all over again to get the boots. I think a continue of any kind would helped with the overall expirience.

Some times the character just wraps around the screen. Probably an overflow of a byte or something. I died this way by climbing a stair. In fact I died 3 times in the row on this stair and I quited the game.


Thanks for playing our game! The wrap around is part of MPAGD's engine, it's the default option when there are no connecting screens in the direction you're heading. Certainly can be quelled for the few rooms this is a problem with. Which room had the stair that caused issues, don't recall having problems with stairs in play testing. Definitely something that can be fixed in future releases if you can help point out the room. Thanks again!


It was at the blue cave.


Ok, found the bug. Only seems to break the progression after going through the portal. Not sure what's causing that. Thanks!


Woot! 2 seconds before deadline. Whew. Wish I could have figured out the double jump but the code had too many gremlins... Might have to ask on the forums for help with MPAGD once I work up the nerve.