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Interesting little game. The general idea is well done but needs some polish. Some of the enemies track too close to the player early on, making it impossible to dodge in some cases. It's also possible to get sandwiched between platforms in some levels. I could definitely see a fun little arcade game being built out of this.

Nice little dropdown game. I'd add progression of some kind, either a way to win/lose or maybe speed up/make the drops harder as the time increases. Good job.

Great looking game little game. I'd say the platforming itself is a little too tedious, lots of the jumps are onto tiny little blocks. I felt the need to crawl slowly through the game, trying not to fall. Not the most fun way to platform. Also having the same noise problem that Daniel had, but on my GBC, so it's not GBA specific. Still a well put together game besides that, would love to see some improvements to it.

A fun little platformer, definitely reminded me of some flash games I used to play. The controls tooks some time getting used to but all the game systems work well together. Graphics also look solid.

A fun little puzzle game. I'd say the throwing physics can be a bit wonky at times and it can be hard to nail throws, but overall this is definitely a rather enjoyable time.

Nice little gameplay demo. I could see this being a fun game with proper level length added to it. I'd definitely like to see more. The graphics are also nice, gives me a bit of a mini-wonder boy vibe.

I'm not familiar with the dreamcast hacking scene but this is a nice little scrolling background. I'd definitely like to see what you could do with more time on your hands.

Thanks! Happy you enjoyed it. I made a lot of the level design before Lihpten implemented any attacks so it certainly needs some tweaking (you can get to the final boss by just jumping over everything, that's how I tested most of it). I for one definitely think the attack range needs a significant boost. The screen transition problem is something we've known about since early development but never properly fixed since we kept on changing jumping solutions/height. It's something that can easily be fixed in an update. Thanks again for playing it!

This is a very nice looking and playing platformer. Definitely one of the best examples I've seen with GBStudio. Makes great use of the GBC's color as well and would definitely be a welcome addition to a collection had it existed in the early 2000s, the backgrounds are especially nice looking. The seed sequence in level 2 is a particularly fantastic sequence. The overworld is lively and looks great, though lots of the doors lead nowhere (I'm assuming that's just since it's in beta) and some don't work at all (pass right through them into the background). The menus also look very nice and work wonderfully. Since it's on the more polished side I'll give some more nitpicky comments. -The health bar being tied to the eye's appearance is a nice touch but it's not always the most noticeable, I definitely couldn't tell the difference in darker levels such as the cave in l-2, this was especially hard to see playing on my actual GBC. - -Sometimes the +1s and +3s from coin pickups can be seen through the menu when you pull it up - - The level 1 music is rather grating to my ears, its short runtime doesn't help, though that may be down to my musical preference. - - Definitely still has a few bugs but of course it's a beta, issues I've had so far is a soft lock after the first boss (thanks for the stuck menu item) sometimes and the egg getting stuck partly inside the hole in level 3, may be caused in part due to pausing the game. -

Don't take any of that in a bad way, just trying to point out stuff I noticed while playing to hopefully improve the game even further. Overall this is a really fantastic game and is something I would definitely buy if/when it gets completed or a cartridge release. 

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Yes! Definitely limited in some ways and doesn't support all the machines I want yet but it is rather nice. Level and sprite making is integrated right into the software and there are some pre-generated scripts to get you started really quickly. The scripting language is relatively limited, but pretty easy to get started with. At the very least I prefer it so far to GBStudio for making simple arcade platform games. Metamorphosis and Pipes were both made at least in part by it this jam too (though all for different computer systems).

Yeah, it definitely needs a bucket of polish. It's our first time working with the software and it has plenty of quirks. Doing a game in 2 weeks is pretty challenging and the coding side of things was mostly done in a few days right at the beginning since our programmer was busy for most of the second week. I'll give your game a proper review on its page, I've spent plenty of time with it since it was a very early submission.

Yeah, never got around to swapping the controls around, they're definitely wonky. At the very least you can redefine your own controls. I think the rom version might be slightly more buggy than the disk version for some reason. You should have better luck killing enemies with that release (though most of them have 3-4 hp). Thanks for playing!

Honestly my jaw was on the floor so I missed the lack of progression. Absolutely fantastic looking game, really surprised to see the TIC-80 pulling off  graphics like one of my favorite arcade games. Also love all the swappable graphics options. Can't wait to see further development!

Very enjoyable little arcade game. Well put together and certainly fun. Can't say I'm too familiar with the VZ200 but I definitely would have spent lots of time with this game if it had existed during its heyday.

Ok, found the bug. Only seems to break the progression after going through the portal. Not sure what's causing that. Thanks!

Very fun Archanoid clone that looks great! Fun level design too. My only gripe is the lack of lives. Very nice.

Very nice looking little demo! Ironically I'm having the opposite problem of kakoeimon, controls work fine in melonds but I just get a white screen on boot on my DSi XL with an r4. Still very cool to see.

Thanks for playing our game! The wrap around is part of MPAGD's engine, it's the default option when there are no connecting screens in the direction you're heading. Certainly can be quelled for the few rooms this is a problem with. Which room had the stair that caused issues, don't recall having problems with stairs in play testing. Definitely something that can be fixed in future releases if you can help point out the room. Thanks again!

Ooh, wasn't expecting anything MS-DOS related this jam. This puppy is going straight to my Tandy 1000 RSX's hard drive.