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Añadí otra versión nerfeandolo XD

Mis más sinceros respetos bruh 

Hice un video explicando brevemente el proceso. Básicamente busqué una versión offline del juego :3

It's your bug ÒwÓ

Try to play the Windows version, something wrong is happening with the saving in the browser :(

The principal mechanics, although is not a mechanics in innovative essence, was pleasing to enough it is pretty well successful.

There are different things that fail, as for example, beginning with the initial screen's title that come out of the visible zone when not considering that not everybody will to play on screen you complete. When you activate the theft of essence to certain distance of a block, this remains in ringlet. The tutorial text that explains each new ability  disapear of the screen automatically instead of waiting until you press a key so sometimes you do not give time from reading, neither a monster's image appear in the little frame that seens. When you blink after receiving damage the eye does not do it, when you receive damage in the water having the firer's ability with the back jump is possible to be get caught in the blocks above. In the water you keep on jumping, but also the sound of this jump, which is annoying, you would owe somehow to reproduce the aforementioned very sfx when check that you pressed the key and not in the meantime it  being under pressure. The dash in water is not intuitive, using it is useless, it's like a teletransportation. The oxygen meter it does not have sense that  be always in the interface if not every levels have water, so much so that it is possible for you not to realize that you run out of the oxygen until you die by drowning, the best is than when you're in the water appear a meter by side of the player, which, disappear when the player's oxygen be again to the full, in a few words, an oxygen meter that appears on the player when his oxygen decreases . The latter enemy ( mini ) does no harm .

It is annoying that you have to press two keys to the time for the high jump with the rubber enemy's effect, which seems me a little unnecessary, because the effect of the mini that you obtain at the end allows you jumping with less gravity without needing to press X, I understand that both effects differ because, for example, the second one would allow you to longer leaps as to distance, but that the effect of not much gravity allows you to higher leaps without having negative points in diference to Rubber's ability, makes completely useless this second, and in fact he is a little contradictory than for similars effects, in the event of the first is mandatory to use the key of action in the meantime than for the second is not. In this I will give a recommendation (is only my opinion, in relation to what I would do and you do not have reason to be serious about it), the abilities would be able to offer a passive negative effect that limit her and that force to the player to use others, a passive positive effect and another asset ( that it activate with the key of action ):

In the case of the high jump of 'Rubber', something negative is the inability to move unless you are in the air, while a passive positive effect is that it increases your jump, pressing the X key could perhaps, get an extra jump in the air.

The speed of 'speeder', inhibits the jump, but gives you an active effect of slowing down time, similar to the previous point, a passive ability could be that you simply move fast by itself, but that you can accelerate as you take boost (like Metroid's Speed Booster ability).

'firer' denies you contact with water, it gives you the active effect of throwing fireballs, you could think of some passive ability as producing flares in its path that burn for an instant.

'water' gives you the active effect of moving freely in the water (which includes infinite oxygen), and the active effect of a dash in the water, as a negative it is fine to limit movement out of the water to jump less.

From this a puzzle platformer can come out with elements of horror with quite interesting psychological contrast, with the skills that are already available, just polishing them would open the doors for a lot of different puzzles ÒwÓ

I just had the last day to made the game from zero, so, I had not enough time to implement some stuffs, the idea was to give a plot twist and to make Mrkravin to hunt Slender.

Thanks, for having been a few hours of drawing and programming, I am satisfied with the result ÒwÓ

I'll try re-uploading compressed in a .zip

I'll use another software, but still keeping the essence of a RPG Maker's game.

Could I go ahead or just quit? Is mandatory to use RPG Maker?

Bad done ._.

Great implementation of the theme, the mechanics is interesting.

Some effect that represents the reflection or something like that should be added, simply saying "YOU" and "REFLECTION" is not enough, the same happens with the instructions, it is difficult to understand at the beginning that everything goes, you must lose several times until be clear, and the same, a section of "HOW TO" in the title screen is not sufficient.

Something important to polish are the art, the player just being a line and a circle makes it difficult to understand that you have to protect him, or at least, what you're controlling. The power up's icons may be more clears, for exaple, the "freeze" icon not seems like an snowflake.

One bug is that you can go past the lower limit of the screen and exit the stage.

Simple (that don't have to means a bad thing). I do not see how the game fit to the jam's theme.

I tried, but the function I used to do the mirroring effect, it doesn't work on the HTML target, so I would have to change the code, even though I didn't have enough time to make the change :(

what is the browser you use?

Sorry for the inconvenience, you can now play without need a password :)

My fault, the game is already public :)

I'm still working in this prototype in my spare time, I have to make a several change before continue with the development.

A lot of times, in overworld area, some elements as flower, some times have collisions and others not, the water in a level (I don't remember the number) I think that was grass, In the level 5, with some blocks I bealived that has collision, etc

I'll participate in this jam with an artist. Are you interested to join our team?

wow that was really cool


The game look so good.

I understand this is in beta phase, but I think you should fix some bugs before step forward in the rest of the dev.

There have a lot of problems:

1. Is hard to know with what you can collison and what not, that's a desing art error, and eventually that made me stop playing

2. Side collision with some elements are buged, for exaple the destroible blocks.

3. Some avatars's images used in dialogs have not black background as the frame interface.

4. The rolls floor stops working when you press the key that moves you in the same direction that it pushes you.

5. The money system is broke, cause getting inside the same escenary one once again let you have infinity money.

At times it feels a bit confusing, the player's error on the door too, not so much the visual, but also that sometimes he does not enter through the door.

The song files that I used were apparently a bit heavy, I will have to study a little what the channels are in terms of the .mod format and in that way make sure that the sound accompanies the rest of the experience and does not hinder it.

Thanks for playing!

Great "clone".

Is interesting how you implemented some techniques using the tools that GB Studio offers you, I also love that engine, I would like us to exchange knowledge and impressions ;)

I feel like some things really don't work that well, like the collision with the doors.

Menu done with point and click style feels redundant and unnecessary, and even awkward.

That boisterous and unclear ending looks rushed and like you've unfairly lost.

There are some things to polish, but I see myself occasionally playing this game from my console once completed, please continue and finish it :)

Things that were left in the pipeline due to lack of time :(

To the web version it is one of the things that I have pending.

You already tried mine XD


I´m solo game designer (yes, I usually have to solve code, art, music, etc, all by my self) but the soundtracks is the most difficult part for me, if you looking for a team still, I'm here for you UwU

Unfortunately I did not have much time to dedicate to the project during the game jam period, for the same reason I had than bargaining on at the last moment with music of free license, but my intention is to continue developing it and polishing the game, and it is pleasant to count on comment with so reviews detailed like yours :)

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 I beat it in Lunatic Mode ÒwÓ

But I'll realy consider to decrease the difficulty, also would to add some music after.

Considero que todos los videojuegos deberían tener el español entre sus idiomas disponibles.

Me gustó el concepto. Es larga la lista de cosas por mejorar o corregir, pero puliendo el juego puede resultar algo interesante.

Si por "no me lo esperaba" te refieres a bizarro, el juego cumple hasta con el arte.

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El estilo de arte del escenario es inconsistente con el resto de elementos, pero lindas las tortugas en todo caso. Falta señalizar al player, pues al inicio no sabes cual de todas las tortugas estás controlando. Después que cualquiera haya jugado Mario kart y muchos otros juegos, un juego plataforma con tortugas en karts no es algo por lo que digas "no me lo esperaba". Se siente un poco pesado la jugabilidad. La IA no es precisamente muy inteligente.

Bien el arte. Los escenarios se siente demasiado vacíos, hace que perderte sea muy fácil. Buena rotura de la cuarta pared. Rompí el juego a mi propia manera, dejé al player en la esquina del inicio, y al momento de "DIOS, PERDONAME POR ESTO..."se frezzeó un segundo, ese mismo texto se quedó y como no había encontrado ningún científico, siguió el conteo hasta negativo (cuando llegó al -200 cerré la ventana). Cuando pierdes el control del player cerca de un borde, la cámara se comporta de una manera extraña.

Bien logrado el arte.  Interesante lo de no tener de otra más que seguir de manera lineal entre habitación y habitación. En algunas habitaciones te atacan a penas entrar, no da tiempo de reaccionar. El error más grande, es que cuando tomas un corazón, tu salud aumenta, pero no la salud máxima, al final del juego acabas con 13/5 vidas. No es tan complicado cuando te acostumbras al ritmo de los ataques, y aunque dificulta lo corto de tu ataque, me esforcé para pasarme el juego, y debo decir que me esperaba algo así para el final, hasta que encontré la sala secreta, lo cual fue un poco más inesperado.

TTGL? that drill in not too big XD. Bastante simplón, pues los enemigos siempre siguen la misma ruta desde el mismo punto hasta el mismo punto, y la interfaz es confusa al inicio.