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Gedou Night 2View game page

Short puzzle game with copying enemy forms.
Submitted by Kaijyuu — 4 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Pixel Art#93.8573.857
Fits the jams theme#203.2143.214

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Lovely idea! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the Pixel Weekend Jam #2 games, if you’d like to take a look. :)


I really enjoyed the puzzles (and the copy-form mechanic that made them possible).  You did a fantastic job on a complete game.  I wouldn't have known that you cut puzzles if I hadn't seen your comment below: that's how cohesive it feels.  You must be very good at managing the scope of your projects.  I'd definitely play a longer version with more puzzles.


This game is super charming! The art, music, and puzzles are all great!


Very very nice ! I've a lot of fun :D


I got the golden squid! You did really great, the game works well and is fun to play. The best part for me are the puzzle, maybe the design could have been more focus on them. Congratulation anyway !


Alas, more puzzles were the last thing to get cut due to time restraints. I had planned to have push blocks and switches, but after being up for 24 hours I decided to package everything up and go to sleep instead. 

Thanks for playing :D


How do i enter the octopus door? :O

Developer (1 edit)

Grab all 3 of the colored ones from the colored portions. They'll appear at the top right of the screen (like in the screenshots) when you've collected them.


i've got all of them

Developer (1 edit)

Oh, just walk into the door. Should open with a little jingle.

If for some reason it's not opening, it might be bugged.


Yeah, i tried running into it, sadly it bugged out then

Developer (4 edits) (+1)

Ah, apologies. At least I can say there's no gameplay after that; just credits.

Could you hand me your save file? Can open it in a text editor and put on pastebin or something.

EDIT: Wait, I found the bug: Dying doesn't remove the squids from appearing on the UI, but DOES remove their collected flag. So that will mislead people into thinking they've collected them all.
If anyone else has problems opening the door, then I suggest saving and restarting the game. Then you should see which squids you need to collect again.


I like the way you change skills. Nice game man o/.


If anyone's interested, my brother-in-law did some concept art for the main character. Here it is: 

Due to limitations relating to size and my personal pixel art skill, I had to cut the suckers on the bottom of his shoes, and the curly cue on them, and the part of the scarf that sticks out. Also changed the eye color (as the color balance was off with the removal of the scarf). Tried to keep all the other details though.