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Way too good !

I love what it became. Congrats for your work !

Very nice idea. Too bad it doesn't have a skin tone parameters. It definitely deserve one !

Loved it ! I never suspected Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 to be moderate right ultra libertarian

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You're welcome, your game was really fun !

I never actually played Terraforming Mars, but I think I get what you mean about the end game. I loved your idea of being sacrificed in a party at the end of the game, it seems like a fun way to loose thematically ! I hope it could have a more significant impact on the gameplay in the future.

Can't wait to see what you will be doing with the board, I'm sure you're on the right track !

About the printer friendly aspect, I was thinking about the main cards and the rules which could be a bit lighter and black and white to save some ink (see below). I love the aspect of the cards as you made them, but it would be nice to also have a cheaper option, especially with that big deck of cards.

Good luck with your design !

Wonderful game. Thanks for sharing it !

Thanks for sharing your experience ! Very glad you manage to get the mechanic, it definitely needs easier explanation.

Here is a quick feedback

What we loved :

  • The theme that got us engaged
  • The visuals of most of the components
  • The light rule set, really easy to pick
  • The whole card mechanics, easy to catch, very fun to play and really nice to look at !
  • The feeling of playing an euro game without the heavy rule set and the long playing time

What we thought can be improve

  • The game files could be a bit more printer friendly (I myself modified them a bit)
  • There was some part of the rules that we thought were a bit confusing : we assumed that we had to discard the suites after we used their effect but it wasn't specified in the rules; the way we're allowed to move the cards was also a bit confusing for us, maybe a sketch could have help; finally, we're not sure we catch the role of the sacrifice ticket, the player with the lowest score just looses the game right ?
  • Some component felt less polished : the alien cards could be easier to read, maybe with symbols ? And the goo farm and laser tower tokens can be easily mistaken, especially when tags are on it.
  • The whole card mechanics is so engaging that the board felt a bit accessory, with two players the token placement rules had no impact on the game. 
  • We would have love to have more player interaction on the board, we felt that placing a token on the board had no consequence except scoring.

All that said we really loved our experience ! Thanks you for making this lovely game.

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Congrats for your game ! 

I was really hooked by the theme and the general look of the game.

Here is what our table looked like after our second play.

Looks promising, can't wait to take a look !

Thanks ! You can find a french version of the documentation here, if needed :

Loved it !

You can make one if you look well

I'm glad you managed to open the game :)

I think the game worked well when you played it. There is indeed no windowed mode as well as exit button (sorry about that), and at the start you can only move around the corridors until you find things and use your mouse. (the dot dot dot button as a very small effect, you may discover it later)

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really helpful !

Hi, sorry about this issue.
Did you try to download the game without the launcher ?
I will try to make a new build this week, I'll tell you when it will be done !
Sorry again, you can still play our browser games in the meantime ...

Thanks for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed the graphics.

You were so close to click the little flicking buttons and reach the end !

Thanks for the feedback, it will be very  helpful !

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. We're very glad you make it through ! 
We actually did a last level but we remove it just before the end of the jam because it wasn't interesting enough to us.
Here is the answer of your "?" wall question (21:18) :

I loved it. It is a bit hard to get what's doing what but it's very rewarding to see the landscape evolve and to discover the collectibles. We can see the whole thing was  design very carefully. Thank you for this game !

I loved the arts, very colorful and well animated, especially the wizard and the creature in the grass. Could be very fun to have some point n click elements. Plus it feels good to heard some music !

The main character animations are just perfect ! The whole game is also very playful . I didn't manage to beat the final boss (or developer hair cut?) is there a way to end the game ?

I loved the play! The beat em up mechanics works very well with the animations, and it is very pleasant to travel through the scenes. I'd love to play a more advanced version. Congrats !

Love the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater reference <3

Lovely !

Thank you for the feedback and the play-through. We plan to do other claymation games later, hope you'll see our progress ! Until then, we did this new thing that may interest you. 

Keep doing wonderful videos about indie games !

Loved the whole thing, with its kind of Increpare style ! The platformer part was quite challenging for me (maybe a bit too much).

Excellent !

- Use a song from IMSLP

Hi, thanks for inviting me to the jam.
I wasn't able to participate to the last edition, but I'll try to make something for this one.

Here are some theme suggestions :

- Midlife Crisis
- Encounter of the third kind
- Southern Gothic
- Adaptation
- A tribute to a game you played
- For a friend

theme suggestion :  Pastiche

- southern gothic

- non plateformer

- Pastiche


Great work. It would be great to have a retry button, but still fun to play.

Ooohoo Ooohoo

Special mention for the legs animation, loved it !