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Want to echo some of the other comments and say thanks for these.  It literally pushed me to start and finally finish my first game -- albeit a simple one.

Thanks! :D

Thanks!  I wanted to do more levels with environmental hazards (e.g. lava), but I didn't have enough time.

Dang: thanks for the heads-up.  If you don't mind, what browser were you running in so I can try to reproduce/debug?

The fireball is pretty much the pinnacle of my pixel-arting.

I really enjoy this.  I tried a few times to 'cheese' it by jumping off to the left at the top floor: no luck.  I also like the title's play on words.

I "won", but got totally wrecked at the next level!  Super solid minimalist game.  I was trying to replicate a couple shots I got off that hit a couple dragons, but couldn't master it.

This game's got a really chill vibe: lush background, relaxing music, colorful bird.  At first I was thinking "I wonder if the difficulty scales as time goes on", but then I got into it and just enjoyed it: like some kind of videogame meditation.

I really enjoyed the aesthetic: especially how the slight changes in gray give a sense of distance in the background.

Sorry to hear: Witch Color from last weekend was very cool and I was looking forward to seeing if you were going to enter something this weekend, too.  Hope the dev goes well over the next few weeks.

Thanks!  I definitely agree with your suggestions.  If I don't try to enter this weekend's Pixel Weekend Jam #3 I'll implement them soon.

Thanks.  Color Roll was a great first game, too.  I'm going to go back to it again -- the fact that I didn't beat two of those levels is getting to me.

Thanks: glad you liked the shoot mechanics.  I spent a fair amount of time trying to tweak them to feel all right.  There were some things I couldn't get done in time, but hopefully in the future.

Thanks.  RGB War is really cool: you did an awesome job this past weekend.

Thanks.  I think at the time I had just finished looking at the #PixelWeekendJam posts on Twitter and was just feeling very far behind.  It's really impressive how much people got done!

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks!  I wanted to have a retry button but I just ran out of time.  I vastly underestimated how long it'd take me to get even simple things done!

It started being a somewhat meditative experience after I got into it, so I just kept at it until the enemies overwhelmed me.  :D

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I was this captain while I was coding during the game jam: pressing buttons with abandon.

It didn't work quite right on Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181): the block in the upper left didn't change color, though they had different effects when placed.  It worked fine in Microsoft Edge, though.

I like the concept!  I had fun drawing lots of squiggles and trying to navigate my way through them.

Nikki's design is pretty awesome.  I'd echo the comment that seeing your currently selected core via Nikki's visor would be awesome -- even though I like the pixel lava-lamp effect on the core in the upper right corner.  I definitely need to give this game another go and really try to destroy all of the boxes.  When I got to the end and had 12/50, I realized that I had forgotten about destroying everything and just focused on getting through the levels without dying a lot.

I couldn't get the game to work on Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181).  It did work on Microsoft Edge, though.  It's a lot of fun!

This is a really cool concept!

Solid Centipede-esque action!  The clown spawning sound did grate after awhile -- maybe having a couple different versions to randomly play might help.  I couldn't tell -- do you get extra points for hitting the balloons?

The art style did remind me of Downwell.  Like Downwell, I thought this game really nailed using negative space to add texture to the world while using a limited color palette.  I also thought the animations were super fluid.  I did notice some odd visual artifacts: like sort of flickering white edges -- maybe around the edges of objects?  

The gameplay sort of reminded me a bit of the action stages from the GameBoy version of Gargoyle's Quest.  And I am always down for that.

Congrats on the good work.

Note: the best I did was 185, so I'm not sure if I missed out on some things farther along.

I didn't have an NEC PC-9801, but it is reminiscent of some PC games I played as a child as well.  I had some initial difficulty figuring out how to play (which I actually found thematically appropriate given my experiences with some computer games when I was younger), but I did enjoy it.  I won without *too* much trouble, but it wasn't clear to me if there were differences between the schemes, the tiles that I was using them on, or how the different schemes and tiles interacted.  If I'd lost a few times, I'd probably have gotten a better feel for any subtle differences.  I think it'd be a good baseline to tweak difficulty and add depth via more pronounced differences in the schemes and tiles.  Good job this weekend.  :)

I really enjoyed the puzzles (and the copy-form mechanic that made them possible).  You did a fantastic job on a complete game.  I wouldn't have known that you cut puzzles if I hadn't seen your comment below: that's how cohesive it feels.  You must be very good at managing the scope of your projects.  I'd definitely play a longer version with more puzzles.

I like the art, sound, and music: even things like the sound clicking through the exposition in the beginning fit.  However, I also had some difficulty with the controls.  I think as a demo for the battle portion of an RPG it seems really promising; I'd look forward to seeing the game that gets built around this.  Are you 3 planning on working more on it?

I think the art's awesome.  I did run into the book-color-swap bug and found the workaround.  The music was pretty soothing, as well.  I noticed the portrait orientation -- are you planning on making a mobile version?  One thing I definitely learned from this game is that my grasp of color theory is not up to par.  A way to learn color theory through a game like this would be awesome.

This is awesome!  Though the control scheme and ProcGen remind me of Nuclear Throne, the game feels more laid back -- I think the music has something to do with that vibe.  Really impressive how much stuff you got done.  I ended up hitting lvl 30 by playing super cautiously, powering up my sword attack, and making heavy use of cover.

I did notice (I think definitely in the later levels?) that I often had a lot of extra med kits lying around that I didn't need to use.

I wouldn't mind reading/hearing about your dev workflow if you have or are writing about it at some point in the future.

I couldn't beat 1-2 or 2-1; I think maybe there was a game mechanic I didn't completely understand.  I like how there are multiple paths through the same levels with different colors.  I did have a hard time getting jumping to work reliably at the edges of platforms.

I enjoyed this game.  I like how it adds an element of micro to the tower-d formula by having you manage what slimes your tower can fire on.  *begin_spoiler* I also like how that mechanic is taken a step further with the introduction of the boss.*end_spoiler*  Are you going to keep working on this?  I'd play this on the go on my phone or tablet -- maybe with some randomly generated levels to keep the replay value up.