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I'll probably have to contact AVG and get them to whitelist it.

I use a tool called PyInstaller to package the game, which lots of people use to package lots of python programs. Including viruses. So antiviruses pick up the pyinstaller stuff that a few viruses also have, and block everything that uses it.

Oh my-! Thank you!

Alas, more puzzles were the last thing to get cut due to time restraints. I had planned to have push blocks and switches, but after being up for 24 hours I decided to package everything up and go to sleep instead. 

Thanks for playing :D

Man don't be so hard on yourself in your game description :P

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Ah, apologies. At least I can say there's no gameplay after that; just credits.

Could you hand me your save file? Can open it in a text editor and put on pastebin or something.

EDIT: Wait, I found the bug: Dying doesn't remove the squids from appearing on the UI, but DOES remove their collected flag. So that will mislead people into thinking they've collected them all.
If anyone else has problems opening the door, then I suggest saving and restarting the game. Then you should see which squids you need to collect again.

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Oh, just walk into the door. Should open with a little jingle.

If for some reason it's not opening, it might be bugged.

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Grab all 3 of the colored ones from the colored portions. They'll appear at the top right of the screen (like in the screenshots) when you've collected them.

Found a crash: Trying to fuse a mage with themself makes everything explode.

The art, sound, and idea is pretty great. I feel it bears mentioning though that the controls are extremely unintuitive and awkward; including a list of hotkeys doesn't really fix this.

Since you asked for feedback in the game...

Nice idea. I like it. However, the controls are clunky, and the collision is awful. I was able to rocket myself up by solidifying a block while I was inside it.

This is typical of many graphics engines. The easiest way to fix it is to have a single pixel "border" of transparent pixels around every single sprite in the sheet.

There seems to be no way to escape the "option" menu.

If anyone's interested, my brother-in-law did some concept art for the main character. Here it is: 

Due to limitations relating to size and my personal pixel art skill, I had to cut the suckers on the bottom of his shoes, and the curly cue on them, and the part of the scarf that sticks out. Also changed the eye color (as the color balance was off with the removal of the scarf). Tried to keep all the other details though.

Phew, done. 

Things I cut: A final boss, several sprite animations (I'm so very sorry Mr Minotaur), several puzzle types (push blocks, switches). Oh well, I got a nice 20 minute game.

Phew, day 1 done. Didn't get as much done as I had hoped; only 1.5 out of 3 enemy sprites and maybe 70% of the game's code. Still need to leave some time for design too.

Focusing on art today, gameplay content tomorrow. About halfway finished animating my player sprite.

Hehe, the difficulty actually does reset. The bug is a bit more sinister than that; a new spawn timer is initiated every reset, *without* removing the old one! So you get 2x the rocks the second time around, 3x, 4x, etc.

Fixed; the link was malformed. The game's public, worry not :)

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The game is free. Windows and Linux distributions available.

Magna Driver is a 16-bit era JRPG with hand drawn pixel art and its own coded-from-scratch game engine. It is currently a feature-complete demo with a single dungeon, offering 30-60 minutes of content. Have fun storming the castle!

    5 character classes
    One full length dungeon.
    Unique multicast system for spells.
    Hand drawn pixel art for a dozen monsters, all 4 player characters, spell effects, backgrounds, UI, and tilesets.
    Japanese translation.
    A difficult bonus boss, if you're into that sort of thing.

It is suggested you play with a keyboard. Default keybinds (can be changed in-game in the options menu):

    Confirm: Z
    Cancel: X
    Menu: C
    Swap characters: S and D
    Pause: Enter
    Screenshot: P
    GIF capture: O


More screenshots available on the main page.

So yeah, this has been what I've been working on as a hobby for the past little while.
Probably what I'm most proud of is the pixel art, since a year and a half ago I wouldn't even remotely considered myself an artist at all. Now I can make all the art for a short game like this and not be ashamed of it. So that's good.
But yeah, it was coded from scratch by me too (with my wife helping with some basic engine stuff, like graphics). No RPG maker or Unity used here. The downside of that is it could be buggy on different systems, so if you get any crashes or hangs, please send me the log file (probably through pastebin since they can get long).