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Magna Driver, my 16-bit mini-JRPG

A topic by Kaijyuu created Mar 10, 2018 Views: 254 Replies: 4
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The game is free. Windows and Linux distributions available.

Magna Driver is a 16-bit era JRPG with hand drawn pixel art and its own coded-from-scratch game engine. It is currently a feature-complete demo with a single dungeon, offering 30-60 minutes of content. Have fun storming the castle!

    5 character classes
    One full length dungeon.
    Unique multicast system for spells.
    Hand drawn pixel art for a dozen monsters, all 4 player characters, spell effects, backgrounds, UI, and tilesets.
    Japanese translation.
    A difficult bonus boss, if you're into that sort of thing.

It is suggested you play with a keyboard. Default keybinds (can be changed in-game in the options menu):

    Confirm: Z
    Cancel: X
    Menu: C
    Swap characters: S and D
    Pause: Enter
    Screenshot: P
    GIF capture: O


More screenshots available on the main page.

So yeah, this has been what I've been working on as a hobby for the past little while.
Probably what I'm most proud of is the pixel art, since a year and a half ago I wouldn't even remotely considered myself an artist at all. Now I can make all the art for a short game like this and not be ashamed of it. So that's good.
But yeah, it was coded from scratch by me too (with my wife helping with some basic engine stuff, like graphics). No RPG maker or Unity used here. The downside of that is it could be buggy on different systems, so if you get any crashes or hangs, please send me the log file (probably through pastebin since they can get long).


The link to your game page gives a 404 error. Make sure it's set to public. :)

Fixed; the link was malformed. The game's public, worry not :)

Admin (1 edit)

Congratulations on the project, pretty impressive creating an JRPG from scratch. I bumped you to the top of the fresh games section on the homepage.

Oh my-! Thank you!