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This was a lot of fun! The realization that the rules aren't as constraining in the same ways as similar-looking puzzles was daunting at first, but that extra layer of things to think about was really nifty. I look forward to the rest of this month!

Thanks for playing! I did worry about the fact that there was a lot of reading required to get started. I tried to be as concise as possible, but it still came out so long. I also did a video of the submissions, if you're interested in seeing the intended gameplay loop:

Very neat idea, beautifully drawn!

Gorgeous game, and super cute idea!

This game is super charming! The art, music, and puzzles are all great!

I really like this concept. I'm gonna have to experiment more later (definitely with a cheat sheet because every time I switched colors I forgot all the others =P).

Awesome game! It's a really clever idea, well executed.

Enjoyed this one, fun concept. The main thing I was wishing for was that Nikki's visor would change color based on your core, since the icon in the top left is just so far away from where you're normally looking.

Really nice idea! I stopped for a while on one level to talk about something and let the timer run down and there was no failure state, so I don't know if that was a bug or if you didn't have time to put one in.

Love the concept, would be really interested to see further levels with more colors!

First of all, I love the box art for the game! I had a great time with this game and would love to see if you continue working on it, because it ended just as I was getting super excited about some of the puzzles.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping that at least some people are able to play it with someone else, because I obviously didn't have time ti implement any sort of AI player, although that is something I'd like to do in the future.

Sorry, I've now clarified in the description that the controls are 'x' and the arrow keys.