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gamecoder95 thanks for the feedback, after the submission we added this ticket on the sprite rework, it's needed here and there ^^ any help menu will be filled for sure, just need the time to get there 

liamsorta i would love to add one later, exams stole most of my time on this one, only worked like 24 hours or so on it, including drawing.

carti thanks!

First i thought i did something wrong, then checked. Good luck expanding it, maybe inform me if a bigger patch comes out.

The art was freaking cute, and unique, but the hazards and gameplay a bit repetitive.

Nice commentary, but i think more options and puzzle pieces would be neat! Overall loved it.

More levels would be good, first i raged quite hard, could make the first level, but finally got through it. Nice game overall, the oly thing i do not get is the theme relevance ^^"

Colliders sometimes wacky, you can stand in the hammers, animations sometimes stuck, when you carry a bomb. The camera angle could be better, but overall we had quite a fun there. Wish there was more maps though.

I'm not a big fan on clickers, but this was fun ^^ and i freaking love the art!!!

It was quite fun to play, and i enjoyed the gameplay, not the jump effect thou >.< but overall it's a nice entry!

I had the most mindbogging "what the hell is even going on here" moment in a long time. 5/5

I agree with gamecoder95 and Chykary, it looks cool and interesting, but lack something to achive. Not counting that, it was cool, i like the life-ammo link, and the art was pretty damn fine!

I really enjoyed it so far, my only problem was few lagspikes ^^". Can i ask what kind of generation did you use? 'm curoius, cuz i'm writing my thesis about procedural generation.

Yeah, i abandoned it, cuz there was no docs when we tried (like two or three weeks after they released), gonna check it for sure !

Nice one, i really enjoyed it. I'm not the patient type, so had to restart the whole game waaay to many time,  but it's pretty cool overall.

Kranker Apfel summerized it pretty much i really really enjoyed the music, i was sad, when in suddenly stopped playing. Keep me updated, if you continue developing it.

It's really difficult, but not in the way i like difficulty. I would like to have more vertical space to see, when Donny launches in the air, the small window makes it hard a bit. The relevance is strong, and i like the visuals, but the music did not earn my liking.

I tried to jump up on the third level for like 5 minutes, my girlfriend came, and she did it for first try, dafuq? :D I love the graphics, and the fact, it was made in godot. Tried the engine waaay back, when it came out.

Nice sounds, rage quitting gameplay and pleasing visuals!

Thank you, i tried my best with the art. Slowly but surely  i'll get the gist of it.

Those effects and the sound, just perfect.

When i first tried it, durig developement, i was like:  "Who needs help menu, i can figure it out". I was wrong, very very wrong, but when you know what you are doing, it's a blast to try to survive.

I consider myself a fast typer, and couldn't even finish the first on the first run. Pretty much hardcore, but i like it.