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Game Design

I love almost everything about this, but on the linux build there are a ton of bugs, which almost renders everything irrelevant. Movement gets stuck, shaders break, my own minions beat me up, they get stuck etc… I’d would be such a treat without these. Level Design Simple rooms, with enemies and crytals with effects. As enemies got stuck almost as frequent as i did i could not speak about the gamplay part on this.

Art I’m a sucker for pixelart, and voxelart is nothing to sneeze at also. I love everything made with voxels, so the art captured me as soon as i saw the first screenshot.

**Sound **

You got a real catchy song hoind on! nice job

**Adherence to the theme(s) **

Clock, School, Orange. I’m not sure how any of these can be tied to this atm sadly

**Originality ** Pretty original for me, haven’t seen things like this!

**Replayability **

Without the build bugs i would love to play this more. For actual testing i could not get enough, because the bugs made the game pretty unplayable for me.

Is this a roguelike ? Random levels, random rooms with enemies, random upgrades so yeah, this is surely one!

Game Design

Overall it was a nice experience. Some way to spend coins would be nice. Other things to consider: Damage indication More sound effects Better AI

Level Design

Nicely generated levels, but sometimes a bit overcrowded rooms. Nicely done! Also look into your empty rooms, those seem like a generation bug for me.


Simple, but effective art! Nicely done!


Missing on some parts, only player attack seemed to have sounds which is a bit of a shame. Sounds can greatly enchance the player experience.

Adherence to the theme(s):

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. It was the school theme that was choosen mixed some zombie elements. Adherent to the theme clearly.


There a lot of top-down zombie shooters so this is note something highly outstanding, but still original it it’s own way.


With only one level and no way to spend our presistent coins, there no real reason to replay the game after 2-3 playthroughs.

Is this a roguelike ?

It is, but it’s lacking on parts to make it more replayable and ejoyable. With a few updates this can be a fun little game.

Game Design

It was really fun, and i could see this as a learning game for small children! Music was catchy, not getting monotone, and enemies were varied nicely.

Two issues i had: 1, Shooting with space, and jumping with W. For me this control scheme is strange and hard to get used to. 2, You cannot simply change direction without moving on the platform, which makes small platforms deadly.

Level Design

Simple generated platform in the the middle of nothing basically. The space in between and the height difference is calculated nicely. Some more elements like moving platforms, jumpands, spikes etc… would be a nice addition.


Simple, but nice art. The player could be a 0 as well to match all the other math reladted themes.


Simple, yet effective sounds, nice music overally well done.

Adherence to the theme(s):

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. Orange could be interpreted in the color of the main character. School is integrated with the easy math probles, nicely done, little fun educational game.


I haven’t played something like this, so it’s pretty original for me. Could benefit from difficulty settings, with more advanced math problems.


With the infinite-ness of it (or as i experienced that) it is highly replayable an maybe speedrunable for highscores!

Is this a roguelike ?

A bit abstactly with it’s educational theme, but it is with it’s random maps, pickups, math problems and such.

Game Design

I was confues ad first with the upwards arrows as most of the time in games like this you progress by going to the right, and i throw me of the first time i could not do that.

The boss fight seems really hard, i don’t know if there are more levels/bosses after the first but i could not get past it.

The hard snapping of the camera was a bit offsetting for me when you changed direction.

Level Design

There are some variatons in the levels but some more props would help it to pop with a bit more life.


Really nicely done art both on the sprites and the tiles for the map!


I did not notice any sound effects, and the background music was too loud for me, but the music was catchy and not to monotone.

Adherence to the theme(s):

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. The choosen theme was school which was mostly executed as us wanting to go the te school.


Pretty original idea, i still wonder why the old woman and all those office man want to stop me from going to school, but okay.


I did not get through the first boss, so i don’t know if there is any more to this game. I’m gonna rate for the middle for this reason.

Is this a roguelike ?

Randomly generated rooms, and enemies, but no real progression in skills/pickups or persistent upgrades, which is lead to me vote a bit low on this.

Game Design

For a prototype it was really good.

There are some parts that are interesting in choice. The top walls in most game with this perpsective are not walkable, generally you stop at the tile of the wall’s feet.

Transparency would be nice to see enemies behind walls, and skills and such for more variety. Hit me up if you update this later down the line.

Level Design

It was a randomly generated generic room design. With lockable doors it could be better in the future.


Generally it was pretty good, my only problem with it is the pink “monster” which i could not identify what it wanted to be.


No sounds as of the time of this review.

Adherence to the theme(s):

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. The choosen theme was school which was nicely executed. Orange was also represented as the main character who is going against apples in the game!

Originality Pretty original idea with the fruit school thingy.Nothing else to say as of now.


As this is a prototype i highly lack things to be looking out for in a replay of the game.

Is this a roguelike ?

Randomly generated rooms, inventory procedural statistics and level ups lead to me saying that yes, this is one.

Game Design

So the game was pretty solid, the layout seems randomly generated, a larger ammount enemies were present. The kill potion seemed a bit overkill or i just got lucky how commonly it dropped from enemies.

Sadly after i killed the boss, the animation got stuck, and i had to restart the game. I thought the coins were persistent but as the end froze for me i could not test it.

The bullets seemed to have a falling curve which is pretty strange for the choosen perspective as the gravity should point into the middle of the room not the bottom part.

The UI seemed to be fixed instead for responsive as some texts and parts of the map were off-screen for me. ~(1600*1050)

Level Design

Variety of rooms, with varied terrain elements. My only “issue” was that for the first time i thought the plants are just props as they had the same color as the tables and did not move when i entererd the “classroom”.


The art is pertty good and has a nice handmade charm to it. Enemies were varied and animated.


Funny intro, homemade effects nicely edited (or just recorded with quality). The classroom bell was the only thing that was a bit too loud compared to the other sfx and gfx from the game.

Adherence to the theme(s):

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. The choosen theme was school which was nicely executed. The clock element was also present as a gamelength setting, nicely incoroporated to our sleeping schedule during a boring class.


Pretty original idea, with resemblence of The Binding of Isaac.


With the length customization and the varied pickups, level generation and maybe persisnet coints the game is highly replayable. (but the end screen freezem must be looked into)

Is this a roguelike ? As said in the replayability section the game has length customization and the varied pickups, level generation and maybe persisnet coins, so it is a pure roguelike in a sense.

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Game Design

So the main problem with this may come only from a wrong upload, as the window was underscaled and i could only play “properly” if edited the html file.

Shooting inaccurate, but that may only come from the rescaling as well.

Some thoughts about the game: Waves could spawn faster and i higher numbers and some more variety would be nice.

Also some enviromental hazards would be nice to look for as well, so you will have to look at the terrains as well as the enemies.

Level Design

Sadly the only map was a single rectangle with some sprites. On the level design i spoke a bit about terrain hazards, and maybe some more maps would be nice for variety.


The art is solid. My only problem was that the overall theme was not really cohesive. The enemies really look far apart from each other and the player without a cohesive theme for me.


My only issue with the sound was the shooting effect which was way louder than the music, some ingame settings would be nice to tone the levels.

Adherence to the theme(s)

The 3 “themes” was clock, orange, school. Orange was represented by the hat and the color of the main boss. The main character could be seen as a school janitor, but that is a far strecth. This was the weakest point for the game.


The game was pretty with it’s sprites, but nothing else is really a standout from other room shoot-em ups.


With this few waves and enemy types, and the lack of ability to speedrun this really cuts down the replayability of the game.

Is this a roguelike ?

So… this is the hardest category to rate, as roguelike is hard to categorize. No random levels, no real progression which you can re-play in different playthrough. No items or abilities or such can be kept between runs. This is also a weakpoint for the entry. More levels randomized and more enemies, maybe pickups would help the game on this front.

Thank you! That’s an interesting bug, can you give me a step-by-step guide how to reliably reproduce it? it would help with bughunting.

Thank you! With the basic spell it takes a “few” shots to kill enemies. I hope to tweak values later, but this should do for the jam. The basic spell is supposed to be weaker.

That is possible really easily, as i know Pico-8 can export into windows binaries, gonna take a look at it in a few days!

Thank you for your comment and feedback! The current playable version is still the jam version, i’m updating the game as of now with a little breaks, but you can follow either here or over at any of my other social sites!

Speed/momentum will be changed, as i rewrote a bit of a code, which allows you to keep momentum off boosters. Sound is still a bit WIP, i’m not that good at them, but trying!

Thanks again for playing it!

So, few things, but i’m gonna play this a bit more, i’M just doing something else atm. It starts of way to hard imo, you cannot really do anything, the time i got an archer my door was dead. I would tune it to be more difficult as time goes by. Also the theme for me is a bit of a strech, but sure i can see. Art is superb the music is good, but could be a bit longer as it got repetitive really fast. Pretty solid game.

Thank you for your feedback, went ahead and left some on your submission!

I really liked the stupid premise, and the animation of jumping out from so high! Second map tunes difficulty nicely up! Sounds area bit weak imo compared to everything else, but a really nice sumbission overall!

Thank you so much, and for the video as well!

Solid submission i really enjoyed every minute of it! Cutting felt great, altough sometimes not accurate i think, and the vacuum effect was awesome. It felt really good to just shoot everything up the truck! I’m glad i tried this! Pumping music, cool low-poly, nice action! Great Job!

This is a really cool submission i was waiting for, and somehow managed to forget. I was following the development loosely on twitter, and was wondering what this gonna be! I was confused at first what to do after settling as pressing space just picked me up again. Then i figured i have to move to the ghost boxes to pack out! Slight minor problems, the right bottom corner and the middle bottom spot seemed a bit to OP for me as i could sell almost 90% of my goods in those two (moving from one to another at like 50% from a single shop). Music is great, art is solid, nice job!

So my only big problem with this was the shooting mechanic. Aim was clunky and i could not figure it out, some feedback would be also nice about hitting shots, and getting hit. Also, some friction could help to not feel like zombies are skating on ice when i hit them. Plus the level could use some variate, boxes, corners and such. If you fix or consider such things in the future things can be quite better, but this was good nonetheless.

That’s a bit unintuitive, but sure! Tried it for a bit, but had to give uo, because stuff was constatnly pushed out of the screen for me, as my resolution ain’t that big. Other than that i would add more firction to almost everything, boxes slide to easy imo. It’s a nice sumbission, good job!

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I’m not sure if i posted for you yet, would love to see your opinion!

Also the VOD is up on twitch from the stream, i’ve got you covered at 2 hour 11 minutes roughly. VOD Link

Sadly i didn’t notice how loud it was, so it’s a bit hard to understand me under the gameplay :\

Encountered a small error when the red spikes fell on me! Also i was unfortunate enough to be hit by Lord Mouth-s balls after a killed him, heard the music and all, but i was teleported back to the start with no music playing this time.

With this out the way, i have only a few things in mind:

  • More maps would be nice, but that’s a jam project for you
  • A better tileset would be nice. You can even keep this, just draw the other variation for the style, walls, cornes and such.
  • The theme was a strech but i can see it. It could be a bit better incorporated if you do something like in Trine, where you are 3 characters in one body and you can change from one to another!
  • If you refine the sprites a bit keeping the style this can be a real banger (as much as the music is!)
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Thank you so much for the analysis!

A more in-depth package system with multiple packages was in plan, but sadly i over-scoped my project for the jam (again …).

“Negative birds” are a great idea, i will keep that in mind for future updates. Unlocking different city parts is a good idea for the future, i just have to incorporate more stuff into the project and figure out a good vertical layout without confusing graphics (which level are you on and such). A good method is also needed for a bigger city to load into the map as you go, i’ll have to look into that as well, as i’m only familiar with top-down stuff methods atm. Thank you again!

I’ll take a look at your submission as soon as i’m on windows (working on linux atm)

Sadly i’m not competent yet with music making, and more so in the Pico-8 tracker. Thrust me it’s better that i skipped it! :D This is a part that i’m trying to improve, but it’s a bit hard for me as i merely ever dipped my feet into music. Bigger cities and such are in plan, but for now i was limited with the actual size of the map sheet in Pico-8. I will look up how to expand for each dimension in the future! If you would like to see future updates, don’t fear to follow as i’m planning on developing this game actively. Thank you for your comment!

I wanted it to be much more challenging, but ran out of time. I will look up control exporting as i see it as a general problem with the game! It’s nice to hear that i could deliver the arcade feel, is was trying on emulating it!

I will look up if i can export games with different controls than this. I haven’t dwelled deep in this territory for Pico-8. Thank you for your comment!

So, i’m gonna leave only one negative thing here, everything else was great and i really enjoyed it! Nice chill music, fitting sfx minimalist aesthetic, spot on. So, what am i missing? An indication about how many pieces of each form factor i have. It would help to plan ahead immensely.

This is a nice submission so far. My only “problems”:

  • pickup sounds is way too high pitched and loud. If you consider that you will hear it a lot during your game it’s the best to have a not so outstanding sounds as pickup noise.
  • Some difficulty increase would be nice, i haven’t noticed one.
  • Some diversity in the pickups.

I honestly don’t know why this has so little ratings. The game is adorable, although some background music would help, but the puzzles are fun and evolving, sometimes needing me minutes and many tries to figure out! Really well made!

On Kubuntu’s chromium package this just loops in the main menu. I click play and it’s just loading the menu back :\

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Thank you everyone for showing upon stream, chatting a bit and submitting stuff. I hope we will see each other in future streams as well, till then good jamming.

I’m sorry for not playing everything, but i had some constraints on my time. I may try to do a quick one tomorrow as well if my time allows.

I really liked this! Cohesive art style nice music, and once i figured out what i’m supposed do, it was fun! Some improvements in the ui, game balance and handlig would be nice, but other than that it’s a nice submission!

I had a few problems with game, mainly getting stuck in the menu, and looping from transition to menu to transition and so on… Also i could not attack with my bees for a really long time is that intentional, or just a bug? Also, please don’t use so bright colors in such volumes as those are really hard on the eyes. I would change the game page as well for this same reason. Nicely done otherwise, keep up the good work!

So i had some conflicting thoughts about this. On one hand i didn’t play my guitar and still got followers and still could leave with the truck. BUt the game says that i need to play my instrument to gain followers and fill my bar. Either you can fill it without playing, or the truck should not come if my bar is not filled yet. Nice music, awesome art, but a bit confusing.

A really unique style with some jamming background music. I would love to play it fullscreen but i could not see any buttons to do so! Really nicely made, good job!

Really nice pixel art style with banger chiptune music! Will get back to this game after the jam is over for sure! Some speedruns could be played around, expecially pacifist ones would be fun!

Nice Job!

Amazing job on the art! Really cute cat sprites, and really chill music for the game. My only concern is the difficulty, but if that’s intentional for the jam, than ignore that. I would love to have some more levels, with increasing difficulty and more enemies!

Really fun game to to fumble around with. Would make a good mobile game if you can figure the magnifying glass thingy out! Nice visuals and matching upbeat music! Nice job!

I really really liked it. Nice pixel art with a chill little background music. I’m looking forward to see more things and updates!

This could be a really addictive mobile game. I could play this all afternoon! Really nice job!

I really enjoyed your game! The upbeat music helps me to calm down after those little bastards bolt out from the kitchen straight to the door, like they’re Usain Bolt’s children. Nice Job!