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Pico-8 renders that button sprite, but it supposed to be the 'whatever is next to your x' button. Sometimes that's z, sometimes y, sometimes c.

I wanted to use X as an overall skip action button, and C as a menu management button (selecting option),  as in Pico-8 you have only two action buttons, but gonna look into changing the two buttons, and how that changes the overall gamefeel.
Thanks for the review and the comment!

Vector2 targetVelocity = new Vector2(Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal"), Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical"));

 GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().velocity=targetVelocity * movementSpeed;

Not ideal, and mostly gonna change due to refactoring, but it works.

I won't participate, but here is one, which can be good for this situation: Questions (as we do not have a theme yet :D )

Gg guys, great work! Let's see each other next time :D (i'll probably partixipate in every other, or third one)

Just opened up the game, and it looks like this, flickering really hard.  Also a command line error:

Available Devices: 

Creating the window on the Primary Device at 1280x1024
Running α 0.25 as x64
OS = Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
CPU = Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel
Graphics Card = NVIDIA Corporation
GeForce GT 520MX/PCIe/SSE2
4.5.0 NVIDIA 376.54

Allocating world VRAM
Allocated 237 MB of VRAM for static rendering.
Allocated 79 MB of VRAM for water rendering.
Finished building cache.
Assets loading was Successful.
Generating a pool of sound sources...
Generating a pool of sound items...
Loading sounds...
Sound engine loaded succesfully
Settings loading was Successful
Loading Game Scene...
World Created Successfully!
Player Created Successfully!
Added Generation Queue
Setted up GUI
Created GUI Notification Successfully
Scene loading was Successful.
Supported GLSL version is : 4.50 NVIDIA
4.5.0 NVIDIA 376.54
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at Hedra.Engine.Generation.TreeGenerator.GenerateTree(Vector3 Position, Region BiomeRegion, TreeDesign Design)
   at Hedra.Engine.BiomeSystem.LandscapeGenerator.PlaceStructures()
   at Hedra.Engine.BiomeSystem.LandscapeGenerator.Generate()

I hope this helps a bit in debugging, i really wanted to try this out :\

Thank you!

Blue ones should spawn blue on death, sometimes switch to white paint to shoot'em. Also there was a bug with their rate, when i checked for green spawns i looked for the blue spawn rate, so green rarely ever spawned. I'm fixing some if the issues right now, and want to publish a patch soon, but sadly that does not count for the jam :\

Yeah, i tried running into it, sadly it bugged out then

i've got all of them

I had quite some fun with it, trying to figure out mechanics and such. Still dunno what the blue block is for.

Oh, i get it. The lines between the grey platform are cuz your object does not line up correctly, most of the time. The player one, i have no idea. Ask around it with some screenshots.

That speed aint right, the meteors hit me before i had time to register them in my brain :D

I haven't really noticed this problem, did you slice properly?

Soooo ... what, and how am i supposed to do in this? I tried for 3 minutes, to figure out how to jump over spikes, jsut to realize, they don't hurt, and then i just stuck up on the flag. Is this that unfinished?

How do i enter the octopus door? :O

I kinda lost it at the button flicking part, had no idea where to from there

(1 edit)

I loved it, my only concern is the theme relevance :D but inform me, if you'll continue this project, i'd love to play this in the future with more content ( #NuclearThroneRulz also need a shovel)

It's nice to see a classic remade. Also liked your console.log message

I loved how we had the same concept idea, but made it wastly different :D liked it!

Wow, this was pretty good! I love the time giving concept, nicely done!

Sometimes you just move without pushing any button, and shoot seems to bug out too. Nice work!

This could be also a pretty good mobile game after a little polish

Yeah, i was suprised too, when i went up flying. With a little polish though, it can be a pretty interesting game

The only thing i did not liked about this is the jumping noise, at long term, drives me nuts, but nice work!

Oh, that book click fill was what i missed

Reminds me a Downwell a hella lot. My only complain is the sliding when you move fast, that's my trigger almost in a platformer. You need tight control, more so if, you need to hurry. Sometimes to get stuck on walls, but overall, it could be fun.

So far i liked this the most. Had a blast with my girlfriend. Nice job!

That clown spawning sound will haunt me in my nightmares :D

On PC it was either really buggy, or just i don't get the main mechanics of filling bottles and such.

Thanks! That may very be real, because sadly i did not have enough time at the end, to balance the things. If youa re interested in what will may come, stay tuned for the game, cuz i think, i will make it may main active project,

Pretty interesting idea, good implementation. I liked it pretty much.

Got it at first run, the only big challange is the king slime, tracking when to switch colors and stuff. A pause function would be cool, but nice work!

I died on the first level at the drop part, but still managed to go to the next level. Also if you reach and fall from a second or third checkpoint, and on the way you hit the first, you will restart at the first, not the third. Also i kinda liked the hidden double walljump, you you can jump, on the left side wall, get to the wall, jump again. The music was kinda repetative, but i really liked this. I hope more levels come into this.

I'm gonna be honest, the sloppy controlls killed it for me. For a fast paced, precise platformer i think you need a spot on, tight controll, not this one. But i had some fun with it.

On Group2 there is a miscolord tile, or at least two. Right digonally from start, looks blue, but is green, diagonally from that also green, and i cannot jump from that tile. Little bit short, and mostly not really pixel art, but if the bugs were to fixed, it would be a pretty enjoyable game.

RGB WAR community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

To help me further develop this little game, and polish up things, please report bugs here, if you can.

Please add the version you downloaded (for example r0.0.1), and a written text about the bug. Where it happened, what happened, what did you do when it occoured, could you repeat it, anything you feel like would help the developmnet processs.
[r0.0.1] - The Ink tank internal sprite can slide under the tank.

Thank you in advance!

I don't think this would be a problem

Done for me too, but after the rating, i want to continue this project.
Things i cut:

My sanity
A proper background, menu, and map
Most of the sounds effect
A score saving system