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Time JumperView game page

A platformer through time itself
Submitted by DaSlickNinja — 3 hours, 41 minutes before the deadline

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(NCS) JJD: Adventure

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WASD to move, R to restart. This is an early prototype, that's why there's only half of a level, sorry!

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Challenging, fun game! I included it in my compilation video series of the Ludum dare 42 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look :)


This was fun to play, though as a lot of other commenters have said, it is extremely tricky too! Good luck producing a version that's a bit easier to pick up.

My only real query is, what's the musical element? The song is nice enough, but I'm not really getting the Music Game Jam connection. :)


Really cool idea! But also extremely difficult. Maybe some checkpoints could be useful, because I got tired of repeating the beginning over and over. Or maybe making somehow the game a bit more forgiving? While making the perfect moves become indeed very satisfying, the issue it brings is that it is impossible to survive some part without knowing them really well, meaning relying on learning level by heart instead of quickly analyzing them and reacting.

But the execution is still great, and provides great sensations. Good job!


The music is cool, it's a good idea...there is just one little problem.


It's a die and retry with a slow character when you must anticipate everything, and you can't succed without dying in every traps...Rage quit.


Wow, it seems like I WAAAY underestimated the difficulty on this game! This was supposed to be the first level! 

I’m so glad I uploaded this version, I had no idea this was so difficult. I think it’s much easier when you spend several hours designing the level and know it inside and out. 

Thanks for the feedback!


Game designers always underestimate the difficulty of their games. I do it too xD


Actually, I think you should show where the platforms are going to appear (at least three seconds before they become solid) and when they're going to disappear (for example, the platforms get darker with time, and they disappear when they're black)


Version 1.0 (First complete level) is going well and will be out very soon! It'll have 2 bonus quests, which means I'm planning to make the main level significantly easier. I've already gotten feedback from friends saying the changes are successful. Now, about the changes you suggested:

  1. Lengthening the platform time before they appear isa good idea, and I've actually already tested it out a bit before you mentioned it. Because of the overlap in some parts of the level, it gets way too chaotic (read: harder) if it's above 4 beats (1.2 seconds). 
  2. Platforms getting darker with time could be an interesting idea! I'll play with it, and if it makes the release, that means I liked what I saw :D

Overall, solid suggestions! I'm also toying with adding visual aids (arrows, etc) into the level itself to make the experience more straightforward. I'll see how it goes!


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:

Developer (1 edit)

This is really cool, the time stamps at the bottom really make it easy to go through a ton of games and look deeper into the ones that are interesting! Really neat video! Really wish I had the Windows version up earlier haha


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that a video of one of my playthrough/reviews is up and you're a part of it!
Take a look here:


This is a lot of fun, even though I suck and can't get past the beginning lol.


Thanks! The point of the game is to be tediously difficult (in a good way?) kind of like Geometry Dash. But I see what you mean- if you can't get past it without practicing forever it's definitely no fun! Any suggestions?


I think if the fade in for the platforms (like where you can see them but not jump on them yet) was just a tiny bit longer, it would help. 


Any windows version planned?


Windows version is now out, enjoy!


I'll give it another go tomorrow! Thanks for that =D