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Flatlander's SinView game page

Submitted by Dronaroid (@artdron) — 15 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#753.8183.818
Overall polish#3392.8182.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I'm not sure I finished the game... I fell in darkness and then nothing happened...

You managed to create a fascinating ambiance in a very short time, that's pretty amazing. I feel like it could use some more work to be perfectly polished though. As mentioned by others, top down camera turn was painfully slow, I agree with the fixed rotation proposition.


Would've loved to play more! But the camera movement was giving me a headache. Maybe a fixed camera would've  better :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Man this is a good amount of WEIRD for me. Loved the shift and descent into depth (althoguh on the corridor in I think the blur effect might have been starting to give me a headache) . As people mentioned, turning was a bit slow.

Theme is excellent - I think I possibly fell off the map at one point but that might just have been a loss condition.

Really enjoyed it, well done.


What the heck did I just experience? The spinning in flatland really hurt my head, but the "bonging" music was riveting. 


Cool game! Getting to the darkness took me around 15 minutes. Here's some of my thoughts as I played: 


-Nice and interesting dialogue with accompany gasps. Some of these gasps are pretty funny.

-Intriguing story, I was captivated by the the "ascension" was going to be

-Really cool map design

-I liked the speed-up button for movement

-I like the background music shifts


-I liked the text placed in the air in the 3D mode

-I got a bit confused from story line text, but it added a sinister atmosphere


-I wish I could use WSAD alternatively to move and navigate

-Player turn speeds were a bit slow for me

-I think I walked into the black area near the beginning, not sure if this was intentional Some blue box mentioned this, so I'm guessing this was intentional :D

-I wish the colored boxes had unique sprites

-3D perspective I could see through some of the walls as I got really close

-Would be nice to have an end screen, but perhaps I didn't get to the end

-Would be nice to have an exit for the game, I had to close it by killing the window

Great job! Really cool concept :D


The game is really interesting, but the camera movement is really disorienting right now and the turning is really tedious. You can move pretty fast but turning around feels like it takes forever especially if you compare it with the speed when you just roll forward. But yeah the camera rotation to the left and right should definitely be faster. 

Now let's go to the 3D part the transition is really interesting the camera movements are a little bit over the top but I like it. For the turning in 3D it's in my opinion even more tedious especially because you don't have the top down view anymore,  I got disoriented even faster and turning around felt like 2 whole eternities now. You definitely need to fix that, a lot of people will probably not play very long jut because of that small inconvenience. Besides that tough the game was incredibly interesting and I loved how I could recognise the layout from earlier again in 3D.


thanks! I discovered later that the turning was possibly related to framerate, because in the editor it was far more maneuverable. sadly, i'm still not experienced enough with ue4 right now to fix it. i do want to come back to this idea later, though, and if i do, i'll fix it however i can. thanks again


Yeah that explains a lot I'm playing on a Laptop that has the capability of a toaster (at most around 15 fps n 3d Games) so that's probably why turning in 3d is even worse than in 2d. Good game nevertheless tough and it was a lot of fun.


hey hey, guess what? i took your advice (you weren't the only one to say it) and made a v1.1 with tweaked controls, with the first half less sensitive and the second half more sensitive. it's on a hackish solution, but the fix is there. thanks for the feedback again!