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Short, concise, provocative. Highly recommended!

to have it as a notice here, as well: stuff happened, this is unfinished. until the end of the month, though, it'll be updated and wrapped up. please adjust expectations accordingly.


thank you for playing! if you want to see the handling and impact feedback improvements, check out the v2 that i released just now

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thanks for the feedback! i've tweaked the feel (should be much easier to control) and added more crash effects, should be closer to your liking now! check the v2 if you're interested

hey, thanks for playing! i just made a second version fixing the controls, if you're interested. should feel much more smooth and steady now. thanks again!

Thank you!




fun concept that could totally be explored more, stacking weapons together. the game feel is pretty adequate and tight already, but that's always open to improvement. i'd love to see this idea going wild, though. nice work!

polished and calming, really solid base. could later benefit from upgrades or decorations to make from minerals you acquire to pretty up the environment. nice!

AMAZINGLY fun, really neat premise to let the player move towers in a tower defense game. i can totally see this expanded upon and becoming a full commercial release, great job!

it was honestly more funny than scary to be chased around by a ghost vibing music at me, but still exciting to run away and look for the food to leave. surprisingly tense and polished, for something so simple i couldn't even suggest any fixes past probably tweaking the ai to make it not get stuck on walls as much. scenery could be a bit more detailed, but it's all up to the artstyle. great work!

loved the guns made out of tiles. it's always cool to see 3d games made with assets initially meant for 2d and the controls felt quite smooth. i'd recommend you add a bit more sound to the player and enemies for feedback and adding more scenery variety, but this is a strong base! also nice addition of extra modes like the shooting range

one of the most interesting-looking games i've played so far! the combat wasn't too intuitive, but just looking at things and how you made it all work was so good. at least one or two checkpoints are a must, though. nice work!

awesome, very polished in all fronts! the combat is simple, but works surprisingly well. i'd recommend adding a health bar for stronger enemies, just so they feel less like damage sponges, and a few more sound effects to the game for more feedback on actions. really good job!

really cool, how you managed to make a whole rhythm game in just a game jam! my problem was how it getting the notes right lacked some kind of satisfying feedback, like a screen shake or small sound cue. i really appreciate the polish and how you added different sprites coming towards you with the beat and how the interface has the kenney assets all around it. nice work!

hey hey, guess what? i took your advice (you weren't the only one to say it) and made a v1.1 with tweaked controls, with the first half less sensitive and the second half more sensitive. it's on a hackish solution, but the fix is there. thanks for the feedback again!

thanks! I discovered later that the turning was possibly related to framerate, because in the editor it was far more maneuverable. sadly, i'm still not experienced enough with ue4 right now to fix it. i do want to come back to this idea later, though, and if i do, i'll fix it however i can. thanks again

just want to sleep