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Hey! Thanks for letting me know! I'll give it a look!
- Have now listened! I enjoyed the pod. Glad you enjoyed the game, even with the *ahem* slightly wonky balance. It was for a game jam which required specific art assets to be used so it was very limited selection of art to work with.

-Also the music is the sound of Neptune (I think). Turns out, Neptune sounds weird.

A quick heads up to you dev_dwarf - I played this during the jam and enjoyed it, and you've been reviewed in PC Gamer in the print version! Issue 350 in the UK. Thought you would want to know!

Hey, thanks for checking it out, and also for the update about the twitter! I've now updated it but really appreciate it :)

Hi Thomas! I've just uploaded one now.

Two caveats:

1) I don't have a mac and haven't been able to test it and have no real ability to debug for it so I can't guarantee it's stability and

2) This is not exactly the same as the Windows version in the jam - it's got about +3 extra of hours of tuning I did post completion and should feel slightly nicer, but there's also a chance I just broke some systems. I did give it a quick test and it seemed okay, though!

Hope it works!

Thanks Brad! I'll have to check out Curious Expedition - i haven't heard of it before. And yes, totally agreed- it throws you in with no regard for explaining anything. 

Cheers for playing!

I didn't get many points

but big skull did not get me.

Really liked the use of screen shake and how the camera panned between scenes - very clean - as was the change of lighting halfway through. Reminded me of Spelunky's ghost!

Man I don't know what even I was expecting going into it. I enjoyed it - I would tweak it so picking up items is automatic but what a great theme.

Really enjoyed it after I wrapped my head around what I was meant to be doing.

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Man this is a good amount of WEIRD for me. Loved the shift and descent into depth (althoguh on the corridor in I think the blur effect might have been starting to give me a headache) . As people mentioned, turning was a bit slow.

Theme is excellent - I think I possibly fell off the map at one point but that might just have been a loss condition.

Really enjoyed it, well done.

Found it hard to catch the upgrades (always having to look backwards to kill angry trucks and wanting to drive at M A X I M U M S P E E D) but really cool otherwise!

I enjoyed it! if you can I'd make it so that you can move  diagonally as that kept confusing me - but I loved the bouncing and screen shake andhaving to ctach your orb.

Hah nice. Borf the Octopus did eventually decide that love was clearly not for him as he bounced around the room and I tried to click on him after one too many evolutions.

Enjoyed it!

Took me a little while to catch where my money actually was - would probably shift it to the LHS panel.

Otherwise I enjoyed it! Greatly enjoyed building up a convoy.

Enjoyed it! Would tweak the movement - it's slightly too slippery- but otherwise good! Good job.

Simple but good. I would tune up gravity slightly to make it feel slightly less floaty, and other people have mentioned the small level pool, but it's good!

I enjoyed it! I did try to hide in the wall (in the space before you wrap around to the other side) but as unfortunately they can indeed target you.

I liked the grapple - and the shurikens trails were great. Good work!

I enjoyed it! Was in time for me - the biggest improvement I would want is more bass to the music line but that's a whole different skillset.

Thanks JDep! It's definitely not as well explained as it could be!

>.> So currently I'm not actually randomising the enemies. I wanted to have 21 with a group of three available for each level but ran out of time. The way it currently works (and how I would probably extend at this size:

Keep track of combat number. Each combat, we increment by one.

At start, we go to the MonsterDatabase (*actually just a class) and request a monster of the appropriate tier.

MonsterDatabase has a list of monsters for each tier.  Each monster has some stats (HP, name, dialogue text, dice.)

If it needs specific dice it goes to the DiceDatabase (*also a class) which'll have a static function like 

public static DiceData GetJohnnyAttackDie()

which will define the exact faces required. If we just need a generic die, we go to DiceFaceDatabase(*class etc) and ask for 6 dice faces of appropriate rarity.

What it all boils down to at the end of the day is we just use System.Random.Next() with the count of items needed and grab that.

It's not a perfect solution - but it works and seems *mostly* extensible.

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate it.

Hah no not your fault at all - giving sensible rewards ran out of time so I completely randomised your rewards, allowing you to get Double Rot with no guarantee of actually having rot. Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I couldn't get past the two red spinning ones in the air - but I enjoyed it! I liked trying to remember where I knew was safe - although the grumpy face growling at me every time I made a mistake started to get to me :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks edupo! I definitely agree - I'm thinking of doing a little bit more on it to try and smooth out some of those unclear interactions. It gets especially messy when you have dice that replicate other dice and it's entirely unclear what's going on.

It was jumping ! I'll download it today and let you know about the windows build.

I enjoyed it! Not sure what it was about the beat but I found it super hard to get on - I think I naturally picked up on the off-beat and got stuck on that. The first time around I got 0 >.>

Totally agree- there's a real lack of UI feedback when you take damage which is an unfortunate "oh no I have 30 minutes left". Thanks for playing!

This is awful in all the best ways. It's unsettling and very unpleasant.

Great audio and visuals and super interesting - get vaguely Super Hot vibes crossed with a weird fever dream.

Absolutely getting Doom vibes from this. I like the various death animations - they were great. Good music, people clambering out the floors was really good.

Fast paced movement was excellent and enjoyed! 

Love the name. I found that occasionally the pieces stacked on top of each other, which i wasn't expecting, but it was fun! Harder than I expected as well trying to navigate the swarm of pieces.

Is there a fixed delay between movements or is it triggered on something else?

Same as Manatee - the exploding chests were super satisfying. I think I got pinned between a thief and the wall at one point but got free somehow eventually

Man I found this hard but sooo satisfying. I loved the screenshake and thunking and the whole feel of the game. The death sound (which I heard a lot) and animation to go with it were great too.

Really enjoyed it good work!

I love the audio choice, and the dithering for distance I really thought worked very well.

Fun little game!

Super cool but man I am not very good. I had a couple of issues where it felt like my inputs were slightly delayed from when I pressed the key - the sound triggered but the movement felt delayed? My pc may just have been lagging though.

Loved the audio trigger on getting the cheese and all the glows. Nice work!

Thanks Crack! I really appreciate it :)

Thanks again! Really glad you liked it - and yes, refusing upgrades went by the wayside because i didn't have time >.>

Thanks Manatee! I definitely agree on the "need to do points" - the feedback is super lacking for the actual combat and the tooltips are a bit rushed! And yes - I own Dicey Dungeons and I had a look at it for ideas! I couldn't remember exactly how it worked - and their style of assigning dice ended up being opposite from the direction i was wanting to head in, but I do really like it!

Reminds me of a more forgiving Getting Over It! Loving the glow and sparkles and game feel. Took me a litle bit to get used to how to move then was flying up the tower in no time.

(also - Tried to play in browser and whilst the music was working the screen was only pink - chrome v  84.0.4147.135 

Worked when downloading)

Enjoyed it! The starting text I thought was funny and set the tone well. Got the final boss with Explosion which was satisfying. Like the bleeding as you move idea, especially with explosion - definitely the coolest skill I think.

Good job!

Typing was great although typing fast for extended periods of time is h a r d

great sounds coool idea

Oooh enjoyed this. Reminded me of hotline miami in the "quick restarts" vein as you try and work out your route.