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A game for the Linux Game Jam 2022
Submitted by jlothamer — 1 hour, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Linux compatibility#54.8504.850

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I really am enjoying this game so far! 

Just curious, will there be any updates to the game in the future? The story is really interesting so far and I can't wait to see where it goes.


Thanks! And yes, I plan to add more in the future. When that will be I can’t say at this time. If you follow me I think you’ll get a notice on your Feed page whenever I do an update.


it was really fun, totally recomended


Fun start for a nice puzzle adventure. The graphics are simple but effective, and the mechanics are tried and tested first person 3D adventure fare. Nothing too unexpected in what we saw of the story either, but that's absolutely fine by me. I was definitely left eager for more!

I managed to grab two batteries from my own capsule as well. I wasn't about to kill anyone unless maybe it was absolutely necessary to save the rest, especially without investigating if there was a way to simply wake someone up first. Might not have finished at all if I had to resort to murder just to get a door open, or even just to save my own life.


Oh!  I didn't know it was possible to get the second battery that way!  Ha!  Well, I think that's cool and that you tried and succeeded.  If I leave the scenario in the game that'll have to be fixed.

Yeah, there's more to the story, of course.  But working solo and doing new things left little time to do even more new things.

I'm glad you liked it!  Thanks for the feedback!


Good but short,

You could sell it on steam if you work more on it.

I loved that you have to see the name and job of who you are going to disconnect so that you feel like shit for doing it.

I think it will be nice if you upload the source code as free software, but it's your decision.

I would like to see how the game ends.

Nice job :)


Thanks for the compliment!  I think it would need quite a bit more work before I'd consider it a product to sell.  But it was fun to at least start what's a much bigger idea.

I wanted players to agonize over the decision on who to disconnect.  I almost wanted to end the game with "Thanks for playing.  Who did you disconnect?  Let me know."  But I don't think many got that.  It's asking a bit much without building up the emotion for that sort of scene to have an impact.   I think the scenario might not make it into any later version.

I'm usually all for posting the source code.  But it's a mess and I didn't think anyone would benefit from it.  I would like to clean up subsystems and make them available at some point, but that could be a while.

Thanks again!


I really liked it. I was never confused on what I was supposed to do. I wish It looked a bit prettier but besides that I just wish there was more. Good Work.


This was neat. Reminds me of Event[0] or The Stanley Parable. Looking and moving around was slightly jittery. I liked that I was dropped in, free to explore before given directions on what to do. I got the context of the situation just from reading the bio's on the stasis pods.

I think if there was more to the story it would've felt more "complete". I was curious why our character woke up, but that never gets answered. Which is a good thing, since I was hooked enough to care.

Great job!


Thanks for the feedback!  I'm not sure why moving around would have been jittery.  I'll have to look into that and see if I can replicate it.

Yes, the game is taken by the perspective of someone who doesn't know whats going on.  The character doesn't know - they're only a passenger.  And you don't know.  Lots of games do this to give more of a natural reason to explain some things.  It also adds some mystery and interest as you say.

Yes, sorry for the abrupt ending.  There's a lot more to the idea and I neglected to figure out an ending for this shorter version.  It's a good leason for next time.  Even in short game jam games people want/need closure.

Thanks again!


This was cool!

I'm not sure whether I was intended to grab a second battery from my own pod or not, but I did enjoy that there were multiple paths that I could take through the game.

I encountered some jankiness where the camera could become offset from the player position when toggling crouch on or off while moving. If you are using Tween.interpolateProperty() to move the camera transform, it might be better to use interpolateMethod() so that you can update relative to the player's current position every time the Tween ticks.

The ending that we have here felt a little abrupt, but I think it works well as a vignette that leaves room to imagine further adventures. If you do end up developing it into something bigger, I'd be love to play more.


Oh, I didn't realize the jankiness with the crouch.   Always glad to have someone point something out that needs fixed!

If time had permitted I was going to give more space around the pods.  It seems silly you can't get to everywhere around them.  I would have just required more batteries later on to compensate.

Yes!  Vignette is a good word for this!  The full idea is so much bigger, I just had to cut it off somewhere and I didn't want to leave players wandering around with nothing else to do.  I think a good take away here is to find a way to cap off the story a different way to give players some closure.  Or perhaps be devious and allude to even more?  Ha.

It's wonderful that people want more!  So I'll be working on this, especially since there's so much more to the story!



The game looks great so far! A few things are unpolished but that is bc of the time constraints.


Thanks for the feedback and understanding!


I think this game is off to a great start! I am really in love with what you’re trying to accomplish and the overall shape of what it’s trying to become, as in thematic and storywise.

The only thing that doesnt do it for me is how certain things seem to be very unpollished like the lighting and how getting too close to interactable items make them uninteractable for a moment, but i guess those are common problems with such limited amount of time.

Asides from that, this game could be really big with some art direction pollish! it already is a good and functional game that inmerses you into it’s narrative and interesting moral implications, i feel like it just needs some tweaks in the art direction side to be basically perfect.

Overall, Cool game! I would like to see more of it :)


Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I started out doing some models in blender but realized my skills were too rusty/limited and so I concentrated on just getting things done with basic shapes.  The areas I did accomplish were what I really wanted to get done, so it worked out.

I did not know about the interactable issue.  So, thanks for the bug report!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very great game !
It took me a while to find out that, after opening a door I had to remove the battery in order to open the next one with it.
I want more !!!!


Thanks for the feedback!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Great game. It also gave me an example on how to prototype a 3D FPS in Godot. And all stasis pod occupant must die! I really need their batteries.


Ha, ha!  I almost put an easter in about that.  Like "What are you?  Psycho?"


I bet many people will do it, especially streamers :) 


Looks great, but i want mooore ;) gj


You know what they say - always leave them wanting mooore :)

I hope to do more later.  So, I guess stay tuned!


well done!




Finished it :-) (for now?)
I quite like the puzzle, and would love to see where it would go. 


Thanks so much!