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I like the art style, but feel the starting area is a bit harsh and it took quite a couple of attempts to get past it

Very enjoyable, finished it! :-)
I think i would remap the controls, as a first time player i couldnt get used to using W for claws, but after some practice all good.
good job!

Original idea, but i struggled quite a bit with understanding the controls

I enjoyed playing this, liked you're sticking to a palette and getting some real pico-8 vibes.

Had to download both .pck and .exe into the same folder but it works.
very pretty looking art and calm music, and its always nice to have cat followers ;-)

good thing you still submitted

Whoa very impressive!
I'm very grateful for that tutorial tho, it was quite some buttons to get used to, but very original!

The current 4.1.1 build of Godot doesn't seem to work very well with safari from what i hear.
We can definitely make a Mac build, but we wouldn't be able to sign it/notarize it, so anyone trying to run it would need to completely disable Gatekeeper. not sure if that's worth it, but we'll have a look :-)

cute artstyle and concept! reminds me of the "Starcraft cartooned" characters.
found the difficulty to ramp up a bit too fast, but nothing dying a bunch of times didnt seem to help with ;-)

very cute intro, thanks for adding some ingame control explanation backdrops.
found the section platforming under the clouds a bit difficult for the early game.

Great looking, nice web page integration, would love to see a Point & Click in this style menu style.
the scope of this project feels absolutely massive :o

Took a bit too figure out (mistake on my part because didnt read the instructions) but its a very cozy bee management game! nice job!

I think the web suffers a bit from the controls getting stuck with the small window, possibly the resolution and allow-fullscreen settings on your itch page. looks promissing!

very nicely polished, snappy controls, like the "super meat boy" vibes. got used to the space in between shots fast, bet this would be killer with a controller (that i didnt connect)
really appreciate the in-game-tutorial texts.

fun spin on a "spot the difference" type puzzle!

Really clever design, very fun writing and i cant appreciate the tutorial enough. (did i say funny writing yet? greatawesomethanks!)

Looks a lot simpler than it is, the combination of darkness and level layout with often fleeing enemies feels like there's some alien (movie) like aspect to it. (which i like) didnt manage to solve all puzzles, but enjoyed it. 
the controls have some room for improvement, the camera moves to your mouse/focus point a bit to easy.

Lovely art and good sound feedback, level feels a bit empty, but the machines make up for that. al tho getting hit once feels a bit harsh especially in the beginning.

I didn't realize for quite a while i needed to click the texts, but eventually got it :-)

I like the hotline miami gameplay but it seems a bit buggy still.
some enemies seem to disappear on their own, rocket launcher only fires to the right etc.
I find the crt/fisheye shader quite intense.

I really like the music, and the overall take on life is quite fitting and creative!
I think the limitation "multiple applications" couldve been applied better.

Fun little game!
I also quite like the visuals, and the music, think the boat could handle a bit better, but i really like the mechanic of having to choose which side of the boat to shoot from, altho initially i grabbed my mouse and had to go back to instructions, after a bit i quite got the hang of it!
well done!

I really like the name-pun together with the puzzle mechanics, it feels quite new, and not too obvious how to solve, music became a bit repetitive, but i liked that it was there.
You had me at the intro...

Nice little game, liking the stressful music ;-)
I wonder why you opted for the escaping through the gaps in the strings and also being able to slice them at close range, but i quite like the pacing

Character feels a bit heavy and slow at the start, which makes the beginning a bit unforgiving, but you have some fun mechanics along the way that makes it quite entertaining!

Character feels a bit heavy and slow at the start, which makes the beginning a bit unforgiving, but you have some fun mechanics along the way that makes it quite entertaining!

Fun and simple mechanic, easy to pick up, and an impressive amount of content for the time you've worked on this. I think with the longer shapes towards the bottom of the screen things become harder, and you might want to play in to something like L shapes and having to traverse backwards?
but all and all enjoyable!

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Thanks for your feedback! Really good to hear both what you liked and didn't!

We hope to do some more updates to do some of these quality of life improvements, and will take your feedback in consideration for sure!
Can say we noticed some of these issues our selves, but weren't sure when and if we're allowed to push a fix, but good news, there will be one shortly!

Thanks for your feedback! Fantastic list of feedback, we've not had a whole lot of time to playtest, so its very welcome!

We're aware that the browser perf is bad, which was a bit unexpected since the PC build performance was great, so we'll have a look at that as well.

For most of the other issues we've already have done work as well, actually had a lot of features turned off for our submission as they werent complete, including the switching between LMB and RMB for controls/selecting.

Thanks for giving our game a try, we'll post another update soon!

Creative Idea! 
the RTS Controller feels very complete for something you've made in such little time,

If you would consider spending more time on this project i can definitly see the increasing weakness if your energy supply chain being a cool mechanic, having some flying enemies maybe to ignore the terrain but still leave you with a threat?

Feels like you made a lot of content for a jam, nicely done!
I found it quite the struggle to see what to do, as the UI buttons are at a scale i cant read whats on them, but never the less i was able to click my way through quite a significant portion.

Would love to see a fix for that and try some more, regardless nicely done!

Not able to get past the "start" screen, i guess my pc is too old?

Impressive submission!
Very consistent looking artwork,
with snappy controls.
Only remark, i can think of, (and i had to think for a while...)

If the harvesters would be limited to unload with fewer at the same time, and be a bit more expensive or slower to build i wouldnt be able to have such a huge army to steamroll my opponent :-)

Nice submission! your thumbnail does not do your work any justice!

Reminds me a bit of the earlier levels of C&C Nod campaign

Seem to tick all the boxes (Place buildings, Construct units, Obtain resources, Fight enemy and Win condition) 

Thanks for your feedback, you're partially right, we kinda didnt have as much time as we wanted for balancing. altho (with exception of the piercing one having a bug in 0.1.3) upgrading them by clicking edit in the ship shop could get some of the turrets to fire for you.

Thank you for playing our game! we would love to work on a small update fixing some of these issues, so keep an eye out upcomming weeks i guess :-)

We've used our own fork of Godot 3.4, that combines an outstanding pull request which made merging scenes easier for us.
Its public on github if you're interested in checking it out:

Thank you!
good point, i'll see if we can make the reward presented to the player better

Thanks for playing our game!
The ship editing and module upgrading has been a lot of work, and we didnt get all the usability fixes in ontime for the jam ending.
so i completely agree that its more brutal than we wanted it to be.