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Please install the newer version from their patreon, it’s free there

Guys, let’s play,enjoy and rate each other’s game! The voting time will be over soon but there are still a few games which are less rated by people so far.Let’s filter the games that need a rating and rate it.

Yea! you actually encouraged me now I Added story alongside AI bugfixes and collider fix!

thanks for the feedback man! Really appreciate it and now I fixed the bugs thanks to you

I’d love to know what you think about my game!

Hmm, the game is decent would look better with some art!

nice game dude.I can see the intentions and the game feels great. Would be great if it is polished a little more.

I’d love to know what you think about my game!

really nice game man!Love what you tried to accomplish.

The game looks great so far! A few things are unpolished but that is bc of the time constraints.

Thanks man, really appreciate the feedback! I’d love to play your game!

Thank you very much man.Really appreciate it! , here.I completed it but forgot to upload prior to 5 minutes the time ran out

Sounds great! Working with someone will be quite fun!

sigh same .-.

I was out for a vacation and now I'm back and late.Really excited for this jam as a Open source and Linux enthusiast.

welp Time to get started!!

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same error.
Ubuntu 22.04 

kernel: 5.15
proprietory NVIDIA Drivers

fixed by no sandbox flag while executing

susy baka