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got it working spent 3 hours, just needed to remove "hint: albedo"

I understand the theory behind it, but It seems I need to up my shader knowledge

Hey, I bought this tool and I love it! I'm currently using a tilemap for a 2.5D game in Godot, and I was looking at your shader examples trying to convert it to work with 3D mesh. The palette gets applied to my object but the colors are all over the place and was wondering if you could help. If not, then still thanks for the tool!

This was extremely impressive. I love the Terminal aesthetic. I also saw it was written in rust so bonus points from me. I just want more

This reply makes me so happy! Thank you! This game is sort of a remake of a Scratch project I made in middle school where I was just playing around with a bloody platformer. I'm currently in love with Linux and I like how lightweight Godot is. The week was stressful but it appears I've passed all my classes.

Passed the class with a B. I'm happy

Thank you! I'll definitely consider polishing it up. The mechanic came about because I found killing the player and playing with the bodies so much fun.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much. I just played and rated your game. This is my first time using Godot and did not know the difference between AudioStreamPlayers, so I appreciate the advice.

I really liked it. I was never confused on what I was supposed to do. I wish It looked a bit prettier but besides that I just wish there was more. Good Work.

Thank you for the kind words! I fixed the link to the asset pack. Currently anxiously awaiting my grade for my Calculus Final.

Thank you! My friend had the idea and I got it in last minute.

Hey man, I love it. Looks and sound great!

Thank you so much!


I can only strafe left

Can't get past the main menu

this just wont run after i install it