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A jam entry

Abyssal Shine: NevermeltView game page »

The members of the Abyssal Shine set out to find their stolen relic and it leads them to a place they did not expect.
Submitted by Indrah LadyPotato (@IndraLadyPotato), Reverie Raven, Fomar0153 with 10 hours, 18 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
Indrah LadyPotato
Reverie Raven

Rpg Maker MV

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Overall, LOVED this game. It's a very serious contender

Loved the arrow indicators for interactables.
Loved the ability to switch the encounter rate and difficulty to focus on the narrative. (I played at narrative and 99. Encounter rate still seemed high though for some reason?)

Excellent mapping and atmosphere.
Perfect font choice and use of color.
Ocean color transition seemed to go in the wrong order? Maybe? Typically darker colors would be farther from shore.
Great blending of default resources with custom art.

Great use of music.

Entertaining cutscenes.
Puzzles were... puzzling :) Other than taking a sec to figure out the expectation, they were fun.

Well balanced, complex, and fun. Difficulty levels are a great touch.
Automated mouse highlighting would reduce clicks required, speeding the pace of encounters.
Great use of animations.

Minor notes:
No music or battlebacks during combat on the ship at the beginning. Would've been cool and looked better with a ship battleback.
I did not encounter any bugs during gameplay.


Thank you for the praise! Honestly I was getting a bit nervous since all the comments from non-friends were a bit mixed and we usually do a tad better.  We put so much work into it if it just got a mixed reception I'd have been sad OTL

The arrow indicator was something I started doing a long while ago and it tends to work really well for me. Now that Fomar made a MV plugin for it I'm using it forever.

The ocean color...oh boy. I could have tinkered with it but in the end as I was using tiles that already existed I decided to leave them as is rather than struggle against them and lose time. I noticed they were kind of in reverse. Hey maybe it's a magical sea, who knows ;)

Man you have NO IDEA how scared we were of bugs during gameplay. The first IGMC we entered with a way too ambitious project and a last minute bug slammed us right as the judges were doing the screening. The sheer FEAR x_x

But really thanks for giving us a try and letting us know! It really means a lot, it feels like I've never worked so hard in my life (to be fair, first time I did a contest while having a dayjob XD)


Just played this game and it is quite charming! 

At very first when I ran into the belligerent seagull I was like "wtf is that?!" but I soon realized that the monsters are all in the same general vein of relative whimsy, and I love it. The dialogue between the characters is great and I enjoyed their different personalities. Riya is my favorite.

Combat was interesting, though I felt like there were not that many tactical choices and mostly just used Jump/Dive on Riya and the non MP-consuming magical attacks on the others for most of the fights, but I did put it on the easier difficulty so that might be why. Overall I did enjoy the battles and I am thankful that 1.) you allow a customized number of steps between battles, and 2.) you didn't disable dashing like some people do for no apparent reason.

The mapping is fantastic. I love the atmosphere of the islands and the different shades of blue water. Reminded me very much of some tropical beaches I have visited! I also love the ambience created by all the little fishes and crabs and lizards and other animals milling about in unobtrusive ways (thank god they didn't block movement!), and they were also entertaining to talk to as well! The underwater areas were especially pleasant to look at. 

The puzzles were clever and interesting and the difficulty seemed to progress at a very natural pace. Well done there!

Overall I enjoyed this game very much! You three (Indra, Fomar, Reverie) did fantastic work and should be proud!


Woop! People who like the game! :D

To be fair, Riya is almost everyone's favourite. I think it's the first time I manage to successfully pull off my favourite character archetype, the female BAMF. I try and fail pretty often, happy to see this time it worked!

Really thanks for the praise and giving this a try! And don't worry I remember the secret santa XD

Haha, this wasn't a prompt for the secret santa thing, I had your game on my list since before that! I mentioned before, I enjoyed the entry you made in previous years (I forget which year, 2015 maybe?) so I was rather looking forward to this one and it did not disappoint.


Ok, here's my review. I've tried to avoid spoilers.

I chose Narritive

I chose 60 steps between encounters

Because I like a good story, and not so much battles and stuff.

Enemy names are awesomely funny! Battle backs pretty cool, however I feel I should have chosen a higher number of steps between battles, because I'm starting to get annoyed at the battles, which is never good. Though the sheilding was a clever battle mechanic. Take my battle review with a pinch of salt, Ii'm not a battle srt of a person, I tend to coast through the story, escaping as many battles as I can following the plot and then grinding like mad at the end when I realise the final boss is was more powerful than I am!

I felt the puzzles were very awkward. I spent ages trying to figure it out, to the point where I was wandering about both the current and the growths just sort of hoping for the best.

I haven't progessed further than the growths yet. I've saved and stopped, and will play more tomorrow and continue.

Now for the fun stuff, I loved your characters and the dialogue was, as always with the games you guys make, clever and very witty. Overall the story feels pretty light and easy to follow, I'm not feeling bogged down in angst or drama, and everything sort of flows naturally between the characters.

The mapping, again as always, is amazing, and I am so jealous!

So far the game is good, and I'm enjoying it, and I want to reach the end so badly, but clocking in right now at 1 hr 38 mins it almost feels too long, and I simply can't continue it tonight, but I will offer a second review when I continue.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

if you ever get back to it: the puzzle mechanics of the root are melding colors and carrying them with you. You can put them back in pedestals if you need to. 

The short version to just advance is pick up the first yellow orb, go east, get blue orb, go around back through west to find the red orb. Go back around, leave the yellow orb, and presto, with blue+red you have purple and can get to the boss. (Theres a ton of extra stuff to do in the cave but that's the base route).

The game clocks at 2-3 horus if you don't run into too much trouble We've never been any good at the "short" part Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

I love your games generally, I always think they’re very clever and funny and very well done. I was just getting tired last night while playing so I think it makes the game seem longer than it should have felt. I am very much enjoying it,  and the puzzles are very clever. My only want would be a little more direction for them, just for people like me who suck at working puzzles out I. Any length of time. Lol.

I’ll finish the game tonight and let you know what I think of the rest of it.


Ah, now it makes sense! This project is very you - the combat is awesome, the puzzles are tricky and involved and it has a great deal of polish! I can't get over how beautiful some of the maps were. Great job you guys!