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It begins in the snowy little village of Snowdrift.
Submitted by Paladin-Cleric of Awesome (@Madelei86887315) with 16 hours, 52 minutes before the deadline

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  • 32/80

    Offensive magic is almost pointless since you can easily make strength talismans. The second talisman slot has no purpose as nothing can be equipped there. Most crafting items are useless as you can't really even make use of them. If you circle around the first battle map, you can reach the other side of the "The Wolves are the other way" event. This event still remains after getting the pelts. 

    Especially due to the respawning nature of mobs, you can get stuck due to RNG. Can't talk to any shopkeepers from the front (no over the counter events). Charms have no description. Invisible wall in blacksmith shop. Did the game just freeze after talking to Zeheer and now the Paladin just walked through me? Restarted, still stuck. Restarted again, looks like I read too fast. Ironically, the character profiles flash by very fast in comparison. 

    Invisible wall in the caves that I can't walk through, but I can walk through some rocks? NPC in second town says help before actually needing it and doesn't change after. Your implies belonging, You're is short for You are, Yore implies the past. They each have different meanings, please choose the right one. Why are there so many bugs in this game? And please spellcheck. Posion? Maybe you meant Poseidon. No? Ok, Potion maybe? No? Oh, maybe you meant Poison. Right... And why is the third Clarity Potion unused?

    Honestly, the story just gives the impression of: Eh, another one of these stories? 

    Ok, make the story interesting then. Great, I talk to the innkeeper and she... decides to give me a free stay? Ok...  Talk to the Mayor, he seems way too willy-nilly. Oh yay, look, I get to talk to these npcs and have no idea why I'm talking to them. At least make the story compelling? Give me a strong reason as to why everything is happening? Yes, I know what the illness is almost right away, but would anyone who isn't used to these stories?

    Not the most atrocious use of Graphics nor Sound, but definitely not the best. Uses sparkles to show where items are, which is easily missed if you have a bright area. In this case, it works due to the overall darkness levels.

    There just lacked a real compelling reason for the events of the story. There were many other possibilities and it seemed like none were really explored and instead a specific ending was forced simply due to it being the canon ending. In the end, it is a bit subpar of a game. Really needs to flesh a lot out as a game.

RPGMaker VXAce

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Ahh I love this! The story is so intriguing.. !! I stopped playing after Zaheer's father showed up, and in one hour of gameplay I couldn't get enough of this game. The scenarios are really good, I love the look of those snowy towns. And the rooms are so.. vintage! I love it! :) 
The gem system is really cool. I didn't play a lot with it though and I didn't manage to figure out what I was suppose to do with the gem shards?
The crafting system is awesome! I like that all characters have something they can craft! Really useful!
The battle system was alright, I guess. I didn't feel like the battles were too difficult but neither too easy. I like that you need to interact with the monsters in the map to trigger battles.  Because. Sometimes you don't want to fight, you just want to gather stuff in peace! XD lol
I  came across a few bugs while playing. The first when hunting the wolves at the beginning, if you kept exploring the whole area and went all the wayy up and left you would get a message saying the 'wolves were the other way'. I also had a sort of weird bug in the item shop with the event with Zaheer and Grimm, when I speeded up the text (after I had to restart and I didn't feel like reading it all over again), I would get stuck if the text would end before the characters were in the right position. (This one was my fault but just thought to mention)
Another thing, in the other town (with the library, can't remember the name). In one of the houses there was an old man saying 'help' way before the orcs invaded. XD
Oh and the shop npc, not sure if it was supposed to be that way, but I couldn't interact with them in front of the counters. I had to go around the counters and then interact with them from the back to get them to open the shop window. I noticed this in pretty much all shop/gem/inn npcs.

Overall: I LOVE IT! The game was really good. I got caught up in the story so bad! I didn't even notice the time as I was playing. I'm not sure if the game is completely finished, but I hope so. I really wanna know if we are able to save Grimm at the end! >_< (I'll be keeping an eye out for any updates you might release for the game. And ofc to any new games in this series you might make! I'm really liking this game world of yours!) Good luck in the contest!! ♥


thank you so much for your lovely comment. I truly appreciate your kind words. 

Unfortunately I lost all game progress at the start of the last week and had to redo all the events, and the maps had to be made parralaxs so the game didn’t quite get the polish (or bug testing) I was hoping for.  I will be going back after Christmas to remap and polish the events and battle system. (Btw, Zaheers father can craft the highest level gems in the game!) and I will be adding a few extra maps and more gameplay to the game!

I’m glad you liked the story and I do hope you’ll play again to reach the end.  (I may even add an extra ending to unlock in the newer version) 

Thank you again for your lovely review!


"Secret Santa" Review (don't read if you wish to avoid spoilers)!

So, I was paired up with this game to review, and the method in which I decided to do it is mostly "stream of consciousness", meaning I wrote down my thoughts in that moment of playing the game, and then at the end I gave my overall impression. Hopefully some of this information proves useful to you! And here it goes:

Very first impression: Holy hell is that a tiny game window! It has been a long time since I used VX or VX Ace, is that the normal resolution? That aside, I kind of wished the text in the beginning didn’t go by automatically so that I could take my time to read it. Same with the character introduction information.

Interior maps looks great – the fires in the Inn are especially cozy!

A fetch quest from the mayor?! NNNOOoooooooooo… If Zaheer needs help with something, why do I need to do a fetch quest for the Mayor at all? Can’t I just go find Zaheer myself?

The gem tutorial is sooooo tiny, nearly impossible to read. Also, I spent too long looking at how to equip a gem from the equip menu that I didn’t realize that the gems had their own menu!

Ok, out looking for wolves… kind of frustrating to be told I can’t go to the right for no apparent reason, especially since the right side meets up with the left side just a little bit further south. But, found some wolves on the left… I love the art for them! And… thankfully, I can beat them up without too much trouble!

I returned to the mayor thinking I had 5 wolf pelts, but alas only four… and then I accidently used a wolf pelt from the item screen to no apparent effect and only have 3! Trying to leave, the maid is standing directly where I need to go to leave! And now I literally cannot continue the game because the maid simply won’t unblock the door no matter how long I wait, and I waited for quite awhile.

I restarted the game because I am committed to trying to play it through. Apparently you can rest at the Inn regardless of seeing the mayor or not. I also noticed that the gems have no descriptions, so I am not entirely sure what they do.

Speaking with the mayor after returning with the pelts, I am beginning to wonder if there is an overall purpose to the ambiguity of the main character’s gender and why they keep it such a secret, as it seems that nobody else really cares if adventurers are male or female. There is also no reason revealed by the mayor as to why he sent me for wolf pelts. He has no use for them and tells me to sell them, so what was the point of that busy work? I rushed out of the mayor’s house as fast as I could just in case the maid decides to prevent me from ever leaving again and becoming the mayor’s eternal slave.

The bit of dialogue with the paladin is a bit strange since that is who you talk to pretty much right after leaving the mayor’s house, though I did talk to the blue haired guy and inn keeper too just in case. The main character is exasperated that s/he can’t find Zaheer and “talked to everyone in town and can’t find him” yet… I literally talked to only two people and I know Zaheer is most likely in the shop, as told by the mayor (which is then immediately confirmed).

I went to the shop and had the dialogue exchange with Zaheer and in the middle of it… everything is pretty much frozen. The characters are staring at the wall and I am unable to move or interact with anything. The game once more is unplayable. And thus ends the adventures of the androgynous Xen, not in glory, fame, and treasure, but a wall-staring contest.

The good: So, the story is light and easy-to-follow and interesting enough that I would like to play more of it. The mapping is nice, especially the interiors (and the snowy arch that you can pass under heading south of the town is badass), and I enjoyed the wolf graphics. The controls were good and it is nice that you didn’t needlessly disable running like some people do because they hate humanity. The custom art for the main characters is well done, and overall the dialogue/writing is good and grammatically correct which is often overlooked (much to the detriment of the enjoyment of those games that neglect grammar!)

What can be improved: I wish I could have seen more of the game, but I already restarted the game once due to being unable to escape the clutches of the mayor only to end up in a wall-staring contest with Zaheer and no way to advance further in the game. To me, these issues are the main ones that absolutely need to be worked out and might even serve as grounds for disqualification if the judges can’t advance beyond the first 5-10 minutes of gameplay; then again, other people might not have this issue and maybe I am just the lucky winner to experience them. Beyond that, better use of mapping in the area with the wolves – there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to go to the right, especially since both the right and left look like they go to the same place.

At any rate, I hope you give this game another pass and work out the kinks that make the game unable to be played beyond certain points! With a bit of polish and bug-fixing, this could be a pretty fun game! Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the review. I'm not sure what could have happened during the shop scene, everytime I test played it I never got a frozen screen... Very confused.

I'd also thought I'd custom routed the maid.

I knew there were some errors in the game, but given that I had to redo all the eventing due to an error that corrupted the file, I'm disappointed you didn't manage to get further and I will have to see what I can do further to fix things when I come back to the game in the new year (which is my plan!)

Thanks again!


No worries. 30 days is really not a lot of time to crank out a game, so you should still be proud of what you managed to accomplish during that time! The game needs a bit of refinement and bug-testing, but it could certainly become a very enjoyable game. Keep up the good work!