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Eronoctosis: Put Yourself TogetherView game page

2-Player (networked) Co-op horror! You must work together to dispel and evade your nightmares. 18+
Submitted by Tyler Tomaseski (@GodJammit), Summer T, greenf0x — 45 minutes, 51 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Enjoyment 🎊#14.3524.545
Mouthfeel / vibe 😶#14.7004.909
Art / Palette usage 🌈#24.7875.000
Theme use / Neat Idea 🧠#24.6134.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Can you upload for mac?  Looks amazing and would love to try!


I'll give it a swing soon! Apologies it's not in time for judging T-T


Heck yes, that was really awesome. I grabbed a friend on their birthday and said hey let's do a random co-op game that was just made!

Random thoughts:

  • Tests your communication.
  • The two player coop is what makes this game work.
  • Little lenient details like if you click the camera just a bit too early it still works (Maybe?)
  • Amazing use of the palette.
  • Love how it gets super dark and the map changes when you're on the last item. Kinda felt like feeling the walls in the dark trying to find the way out.
  • Flashlight click is very satisfying.
  • Throwing the box around felt a little clunky at times
  • One time we were able to throw it over a wall - not sure if intended but we died trying to find where we threw it.
  • Forcing standing still is a pro move.
  • Tag-team  aspect is great with the two different roles.
  • Slick visuals as always.
  • Better feedback from the flashlight perspective on what's happening with the camera. Maybe some visible effect on the enemy. Though it makes sense that you have to learn to trust your cameraman. Depends on what type of gameplay you're going for. Seems like the story is less about teamwork and more about this one individual so I'm not sure which style to lean on.
  • Wasn't picking up which part was the dream, unless the whole thing is a dream?

We had a lot of fun :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oh dang, detailed! Thank you so much! 

Button pressing early was definitely intentional, I wanted to be a bit lenient to mitigate some frustration after some early testing. And the whole thing is designed as a erotic shame-riddled nightmare.

Thanks so much for all the feedback / notes. I kind of want to go through them line-by-line, but I feel like I'd come across as circlejerking & petty simultaneously somehow ;p. Seeing your detailed comments here on everyone's games is heartwarming. : )


Wow, that POLISH! Networked horror games are especially hard genres to mix together and nail down correctly, so congrats on the great work here!!


Top notch graphics, sound, and mood, setting the stage for a really creepy game. I hate it.


Amazing game! Everything is so clean, and I especially love how you teach the mechanics through good design rather than any kind of exposition.

A lot of subtle details like the flashlight and camera only working when still and the enemies only popping out of the background (turning pink) when being lit were great design decisions to make the game more spooky.


Very immersive environment!

I felt like monsters were around every corner!

This was a full open maze despite the limited colors. It all felt super natural to move around. The little tilting while strafing left and right was very nice too.


it makes me so happy you noticed the subtle camera roll