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I don't. Good luck.

This is just like those Mario minigames where you had to find the hidden face among all the other character faces! Very well done!

Nice sprites!

So this is what it is like to be Frank's Monster named Grombit. I hope he likes Red candy!

Woah... Spooky

I will say, at times my projectiles felt like they were being thrown slightly off from the cursor. Also in the second level the enemies liked to spawn along the bottom border of the window for some reason (they spawned elsewhere in bounds, but it happened like half the time).

So this is what it is like to use a brown paper bag.

Fun game!

Cool sound effects.

Nice function being able to use candy as bait!

Movement felt odd with only 4 directions. Also some instructions would help out quite a bit.

A most interesting game of Snake. Also the game starts to lag while being chased if you step onto the front lawn of the houses.

Awesome look! It'd be nice to be able to skip that intro sequence for the speed readers.

Crazy camera. Fun short game!

I scored so high that it flipped!
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Always love when you can use your cool karate moves to get some extra air. Nice random generation too.

The music does get super loud at the beginning though.

The art and animations, but the lighting really makes this POP!

Fun experience. When facing the Werewolf it would howl most of the time and so it died pretty easily.

The levels look very nicely crafted. Well done.

Nice touch having different conversations with people when wearing different costumes!

Is this how Santa gets around to every house. The endless warping was a fun mechanic. Great art and perspectives for the main character.

What a trick! Great intro!

Great art. I loved the floating head guy who gives you "fun" facts!

Great drawings. There is a lot to behold.

Nice concept!

Very fun. Once I got tons and tons of friends I could just sit in place and be invincible.

Fun game!

It took looking at the comments here to figure out the color coding for the vents. Maybe Change the hint up a little bit that you need a "specific" robot?

Awesome art and game/visual mechanics!

Nice portal animations and great music!

I don't want to socialize with that neighbor

I don't want to socialize with that neighbor

Nice concept. I could not figure out what to do except for giving out candy and then pressing the next button.

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Interesting game. It would be nice to see some kind of information as to how much "attacking" it takes to defeat an enemy as they seem to just flash red while your sword is touching them.

Also the jump button didn't seem too responsive, listening to me every once in a while.

Nice art though!

Fun game. The walking and throwing animations were quite nice. That chimney seems to be the real weakness to Mr. Jones house. As well as getting hit by eggs.!

Great animations and very interesting mechanic. Besides what the others have said, the increased speed made it very easy to just slide off the tiny platforms. It took a moment to adjust to account for having to stop moving even sooner than the character's normal pace.

It was fun!

I love the graphics and the overall aesthetic. The demon has very good animation as well. I wasn't able to play it to the end, but from I experienced it was an awesome experience.

This looks amazing.

Thank you! Gotta have something to enjoy in every corner!

Quite amazing. Loved the story concept and all the little side stories!

It was super fun to beat up everyone regardless. Thank you.

That's the real strategy!