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Pun not intended, but you seriously had me hooked!

The upgrades were very well thought out and the enemy attacks were all distinct and were very annoying in the I-gotta-take-these-buggers-out-first-if-I-don't-wanna-die kind of way!

The boss was very wonderfully designed. I wonder how much it would have sold for?

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I heard the Roblox Oof sound in the music 🤯

Game wise, you should add a shadow to help the player know what they are over

For the PP, the Pokemon games had the "Ether" items that'd restore PP for move(s).

Great images!

Hurts to think about what if my own cats were in that same position 😭


I'm glad I wore my brown pants 😔

It'd be good to add in a way to circle around to the equivalent of a pokemon center. My splinter ran out of mp mid battle and had to struggle its way to defeat in a trainer battle.

It looks nice though

Nice looks

Whenever I'd attack, the sword would swing multiple times but there'd only ever be one actual hit dealt. When fighting enemies we'd just be trading hits while each of us gets ready to launch another attack.

Perhaps a doom ending can be added in the a future retelling 🤔


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Nice vibe and great tight controls.

The ball sometimes bounces in directions I put no force in though. 

Very good animations and controls.

For such a small view and such a big map, I'd recommend trying out a minimap in your game

It was unexpectedly easy.

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What Dads say they had to go through to get milk back in their day 🤣

Very good design, from the art to the generation itself. Controls work great too.

This can only go up from here

I got music for me. It was nice, but kind of loud.

Very interesting for a game made from RPG Maker right?

Extremely spooky. The very annoying camera angle did make things feel more claustrophobic and more spooky. The camera should still be fixed though.

What are the controls?

This sounds also like something you'd hear in a desert/desert village!

Loved the music and animations!

Fun concept and a great presentation!

This could use some checkpoints on each platform

Great level design!

Amazing presentation!

A little hard to figure out the strategy, but great concept!

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My customers ignored my girl and hung out in the basement!

Great functions!

Nice puzzle game concept.

On one of the levels the game froze when I took the bee to the finish. Perhaps it died when it got to that space? (I didn't try the R button)

Great timing for throwing a grenade in front and running toward and past it so a chasing monster gets blown up!

Absolutely amazing. One of my favorite entries.

I loved being able to zip around the map AND looking good while doing it too!

If you continue this any further I'd suggest maybe allowing the ship to be turned while it is not accelerating? Perhaps at a faster rate than when the ship is moving?

When I grabbed the paper after the key on the third floor of the house, a sound played and then the game froze

Nice atmosphere though!

Great feel overall.

The camera angle could be worked on a bit as all the enemies seemed to be closer to the top of the screen (in the first few waves at least)

The player's platform could use a smother collider on the sides so players don't get stuck on the side when falling off

Beat the boss!

Good player hitbox.

Not all of the squares seemed to allow placing of turrets. Also after I clicked a placed turret on the right middle of the screen, I wasn't able to select anything else and was thus locked.

A great feel to go along with a great look ♥

Loved being able to smush cows through the ground 🤣

What an experience ♥

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Great retro look. Great music too.

The attack speed & range of the enemies is matched very well with the player's dodging

Nice spacing between the hazards.

By the way, it seems the left border is open for the player to fall off the map.

Great polish. Loved that the environment can get blown up.

Really enjoyed the music getting faster and the attack speed matching the music's pace

The dashing didn't seem to have invincibility though? (unless it is not supposed to)

The character pictures are well done.

The combat is fun, but I faced the same issues Abe mentioned in those fights.

I was sadly unable to find if Ink had an option for sound... 😔
Perhaps in the next rendition it will have the sound it deserves! 😉