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Twilight Tower (post jam version)View game page

A survival horror/roguelite/dark decision-making card game hybrid where morality conflicts with survival.
Submitted by Aesth (@huminaboz) — 28 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
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Twilight Tower (post jam version)'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art / Palette usage 🌈#15.0005.000
Theme use / Neat Idea 🧠#14.7334.733
Mouthfeel / vibe 😶#24.6004.600
Enjoyment 🎊#24.2674.267

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was a really cool concept and I loved the ambiance.  :)

Could you build for mac or html?


HTML is borked, I'll work on it more in the future, but won't be able to get it up any time soon.

But for you, I just added a Mac version! Unfortunately, you'll have to do some wizardry specific to your Mac for the Apple deities to deign you the rights to run it. But give it a shot :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

My personal favorite of the jam.  I feel like a bit more content and some juice would make this a Steam game right away. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention the fantastic writing.  It was the writing that kept me playing, and I'd say it was the most emotionally involved I got in the jam.  Really, really good stuff. 

EDIT: Realize I made a comment earlier - I'm back because apparently I didn't save my rating the first time, so it didn't mark it as rated.  Still stand by all my comments above this.


This is fantastic! Narrative rarely grips me in games but the writing here ties everything together so well, and it plays perfectly off the theme and palette. I really enjoyed reading it. Mechanically it's fun to figure out the right way to balance your attributes over time.

I'm a big fan of Slay the Spire so I think about deckbuilding when I play a game like this. I'm not sure if this game is drawing your cards from a deck behind the scenes, but I really like the "bright idea" and karma event cards that have you effectively building your deck as you play. Leaning on that in a way that allows players to build very different sets of options by the end of the game would have me replaying this again and again :)

The art is gorgeous of course, awesome use of the contrasting tones of the palette. The music is cozy and ominous at the same time, a perfect fit for the game. Thanks for making this, I hope to see more of it!


I love this game so much. It all flows together so so well. Easily my fave entry from the jam.

Feedback - 100/100 Hunger for some reason read 'wrong' to me, like '90/100' Hunger is bad? Or good? Obviously when I passed out at 100/100 I figured that out, but I took pause there.

This is just idea guying at this point, but the ability to pick different options for dialog at camp would be amazing. Let me get to know my buddy. Let me swap stories.

Put this on Steam so I can buy it. Thanks. :D


REALLY fun.  Beat it my first time through, but it was a nail biter for the last two days.  

Would be awesome to get a better sense of exactly what Hunger does at 100 - I might have been reading too fast, but I was at 100 hunger for awhile and it seemed to not do anything?

Either way, great job. :)


Congrats on winning and thanks! I wonder which ending you got.

Hunger subtracts exhaustion if it's over the max (if it's working right, I keep having to patch it). It also slows exhaustion healing at the campfire. It should probably be a little more devastating. 


Interesting concept. Wonderful art and suspenseful music. Y'all did a wonderful job.