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I'm not trans, I've never done sex work, and I cried multiple times playing this game.  I have definitely felt that loneliness, and that sense of "holding a secret" that I feared would destroy a relationship I needed in my life (whether for emotional support or to pay the bills). 

I can only imagine how hard this was to make (both in processing it for others to understand, and in being vulnerable enough to post it), and I just wanted to tell you I am grateful that you did it.

If you're down for hugs, I'm sending many your way.  I don't want or need a response to this - no paybacks :) - your game said everything I needed to hear. 

I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in all this struggle. 

Definitely enjoyed this.  It's a variant of poker I haven't seen, but I had to bankrupt everyone before I wrapped it up.  My only request would be to know what the other players won with (pair of 7s, full house 5s over jacks, etc) :)

Good stuff!

Loved peering into the other world - wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. :)

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My personal favorite of the jam.  I feel like a bit more content and some juice would make this a Steam game right away. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention the fantastic writing.  It was the writing that kept me playing, and I'd say it was the most emotionally involved I got in the jam.  Really, really good stuff. 

EDIT: Realize I made a comment earlier - I'm back because apparently I didn't save my rating the first time, so it didn't mark it as rated.  Still stand by all my comments above this.

I'm betting it'll be the most used program to come out of the jam.

Top notch graphics, sound, and mood, setting the stage for a really creepy game. I hate it.

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I dig this!  The one thing I wish I could (or maybe it's there and I couldn't figure it out) is be able to set in advance how long I want the player to repeat the cycle before they come up. :)

EDIT: One other thing: right now, the enemies don't feel like a victory as much as a speed bump or a road block.  It'd be cool to get a smaller reward for every enemy you defeat, so even fighting feels like it's productive.

REALLY fun.  Beat it my first time through, but it was a nail biter for the last two days.  

Would be awesome to get a better sense of exactly what Hunger does at 100 - I might have been reading too fast, but I was at 100 hunger for awhile and it seemed to not do anything?

Either way, great job. :)

Really good stuff - voice acting brought me into it. Took me a minute to realize the cards were calculated prior to the opponent's attack, but I might not be the smartest of the bulbs. :D

One thought: I would love to try a version of this game where half the slots get applied before the opponent's attack, and the other half get applied after (or maybe 3 before, 1 after?) - that'd kick the strategy up even higher.

Really good mechanics :)