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Hi Froggyflow! We'll be doing a lot of chatting and team building in our Discord. You may want to join us there. : )

The answer I posted to another post on this:

We have an article on the page that is very helpful. A great description I heard recently was "High Concept Jank"

Join our Discord! We'll be chatting and making teams there. Link on the Itch page

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We have an article on the page that is very helpful. A great description I heard recently was "High Concept Jank"

I'm glad you enjoyed it : >

I'm excited to watch! Thank you for sharing!!!

This design was neat. Rough, but effective. Definitely deserved to do better in the rankings than it did.

This really reminded me of a few of my gamejams. Simple, but I enjoyed it : )

I'll give it a swing soon! Apologies it's not in time for judging T-T

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Oh dang, detailed! Thank you so much! 

Button pressing early was definitely intentional, I wanted to be a bit lenient to mitigate some frustration after some early testing. And the whole thing is designed as a erotic shame-riddled nightmare.

Thanks so much for all the feedback / notes. I kind of want to go through them line-by-line, but I feel like I'd come across as circlejerking & petty simultaneously somehow ;p. Seeing your detailed comments here on everyone's games is heartwarming. : )

I like poker, I like trash. Palette anarchy reigns

You really flexed your ability to achieve an aesthetic. Really well put together.

I was really charmed by this. An adorable yet wonky walk cycle makes any game ten-times better. Simple well known mechanics, but the little touches of juice here and there really made it shine. 

Voice acting did a lot to pull you into it. It's a simple game and throwing that as text on screen just wouldn't of done it. Fun combo systems, simple gameplay. A little bit of memorization to keep the colors straight in your head. Good design !

it makes me so happy you noticed the subtle camera roll

Thanks! I'm super excited to play everyone's games too! The total quality just looks amazing

Aw thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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Oo! This is rad! I don't think "fun" applies to this design's goals, but that's good! I also appreciate the use of color in the pdf. Simple, but effective.

Ooh! Nice! Minimalist puzzle games are hard to design and this is great!

For some reason if I died early I'd respawn under the ground, a few reboots later the respawning was working! Took a bit of gettin' use to and a lot of pumpin the breaks but zoomin around was fun. I love split-brain twinstick controls. Multitasking with directions is always a simple and yet rewarding challenge for games. 

Way to bust ass on this! I'm still surprised that music works so well as-is.

I always give people a hard time for saying they don't have time for a game-jam, there's always time! Be it 12-hours on something like this or 1-hour on a simple bitsy game. But even that said, it's awesome how cohesive this is for a 12 hour jam! Good job!

Simple adventure / exploration game! Exploration is always my favorite bit, and some of the secrets to felt like I was doing something that'd land me out of bounds, but it paid off. Which I liked!

Platforming was a bit intense for the last ship and it took me awhile to find the last tool, but I still figured it out! I probably would of turned down the lighting to match the mood of the music a bit, but hey! I'm nitpicking. I really like these kinds of games and I enjoyed it!

Good job!!!

Until the second level I was going to accuse you of making a red-snapper game ; p

Fun! I don't recall any bullet hells with controls like this. I really enjoyed the controls on the plane, the camera movement, and the kind of over-steering you had to do to aim. It was fun!

Damn! That was refreshing! The environment, characters, and animations are all impressive! Simple concept, solid execution. I had to play with a controller, keyboard controls often resulted the MC uncontrollably running into a wall. BUT! After switching to a controller it was a smooth sailing!

I don't think I've seen a Jam this many fully realized 3d elements and animations. Hopefully y'all got some sleep!

Fun! Simple and to the point, playful dialogue, and boss rushes are always fun. 

I couldn't get the webgl to work, but whatever. Windows build ran great!

Fun! Simple and to the point, playful dialogue, and boss rushes are always fun. 

I couldn't get the webgl to work, but whatever. Windows build ran great!

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One day left to vote for the final theme!

The finals started and there's only 1 day left to vote. Voting ends 8/20 8pm CT. Be sure to vote, it's close! Funky Future 8 has had a few close calls, but has generally had a smooth ride. Red Snapper has fought hard and scraped by, only winning it's first round by 1 vote (how scrappy)!


The winner of this vote becomes the official theme... BUT! 

A secondary (modifier / optional) theme announced tomorrow!

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Rounds 1-3 have been intense. Fan favorites Bonsai Tree and Lisa Frank lost by pretty slim margins last round! Red Snapper came back from the depths and defeat Oil6x on the last day!

Anyways! Moving onto the SEMI-FINALSOnly 4 colors remain, be sure to vote!

The final 4!

The Final Four!

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Round 1 is now over, the dust has settled. 

With heroes slain and villains lurking, who shall emerge victorious??? 

Round 2 begins now!!!

Every vote counts! Winners were decided by single votes!!!

Round 1 ended, with some very close calls! Lisa Frank and Red Snapper are two winners that won by thin margins (Red Snapper by only 1! The screenshot is from 5 seconds before the timer ran out!)

As we move into round 2, our Discord has been really digging into Wood Man vs. Funky Future 8. Propaganda is being generated... 

Join our Discord for the gamedev and comaraderie!

Vote for a theme!

Aw thanks :)

Run a build when you get a chance! Right now I have to use a unity editor to run the game :(

That's an impressive environment for a jam! 

Good thinking! It looks like your red is a different brightness too, which from what I know tends to help.

Boy that camera is tough! That was tough, but neat game. I had fun. : )

If you tuned up the camera / lowered the difficulty this would be rad!

Yeah, the way we're trying to handle storytelling is very dark souls-y... And I'm super obsessed with the game.

You're coming back to DSoP right?

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I'm here to advise and maybe jam outside my comfort zone.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?
Hi. Tyler Tomaseski. Yes.

I dev w/ PolyKnight Games and am a member of the Dallas Society of Play (DSoP). Your wonderful organizers dropped by and asked to help out some newbies if we had time. I'm pretty fresh myself, but I've cut my teeth on jams a fair amount by now. Also, I'm a Unity3d/2d guy.

Here to help, maybe make something.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

No I didn't. Here to help out some newbies. I might pump out a small jam, maybe try my hand at some programmer art.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

This question requires an essay format. Any every game I played as a kid, even the ones that were bad looking back. I generally treat games as an art-form instead of entertainment, so I'd reference the game that made me view games as pieces of art: Sonic '06... and Planescape, Ico, Yume Nikki, SotC, Metal Slug, TLoZ:MM, Etc. This list is too long.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

Programmer & Director @ PolyKnight Games. I work in Unity3d and normally make 3D games, but if I make a jam-game by myself it'll very likely be 2D. My real passion is level-design, but I happen to also be good at programming. Programming is in higher demand, so I do that.

10-Days of Dreaming (Jam)

Monster Truck (Jam)

FurBall (Jam)

WhiteWall (Jam)


5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

Dark Souls and GameDev. I won't spiel too much. I'm nice, looking forward to helping out some new gamedevs. You'll most easily find me on Twitter or in the Slack Channel.