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Scavenging, hunting, and fighting real-time turn-based strategy game hybrid
Submitted by Dino0040, dunkelgrau, KBMSFX (@kbmsfx), Rozzo (@Rozzo_Le_Vrai) — 5 minutes, 3 seconds before the deadline
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Game Description
Godspeed is an (often) real-time strategy game in which the player is part of a nomad caravan.


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I think this could make an amazing casual or mobile game! I hope you keep working on it :) I understood how to gather water a little too late, but after that it was more or less smooth sailing.


Beautiful! A fun and thematic twist on a RTS style game. I love the real-time vs. world map interplay, and the moving “base” adds a neat time pressure to resource collection. I think this could be fleshed out into a really cool game.


This game is amazing! Loved the art and the concept. It's somewhat similar to what I had in mind. Glad to see it done way better 😅

The controls are a little stiff, tho. It would be good if they highlight where you are sending the tribesmen because many times they appear that they are going somewhere but they get stuck and don't do anything. Speaking with stuck, in one playthrough I lost a wagon because it got stuck against a body of water and the rest of the caravan continue moving, and in a second playthrough, the whole caravan got stuck against a mountain, and have to reset the game...

Apart from that, I truly enjoyed it!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Good game, progress is too slow IMO but the game is unique and fun, pixel-art looks great, music was  a bit annoying, I know you had only  a week, but if you plan to continue with development, unit automation would be nice, even though it was still fun to control the units manually, good job!


I liked the game a lot! But I did feel the pace was a bit of a struggle. Controls were responsive, mechanics seemed to all work as intended. And the pixel art was- really good. Very nicely done, all of you!


Quite an amazing game, well done. The mechanics are great, the concept is fantastic. Good luck!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Pixel art in the game was beautiful. Main menu greeting gave the feeling of an adventure!

I liked the hexagon board where you have to select your route based on the resources you required. The music was well suited for the game.

A bit slow at times where you have to wait for some resources to appear but that might be the aim of the game. Some of the tribesmen kept getting stuck behind the wagons.

Overall, a a good game with splendid art and music.


Very nicely done!  The hexagon tile design gives me an immediate feeling of playing an epic board game. Quality pixel art here throughout the entire game and I enjoy watching the wagon and horse turning and making their way across the landscape. Music and sound is very immersive and urges me on. Definitely has a good feel of the theme, I feel the agony of the nomad lifestyle as I made slow progress across the world while painstakingly trying keep everyone fed and safe. 

Not a quick game, has a bit of a learning curve to it  as you learn to micro manage your tribesmen.  I have yet to make it all the way across after 4 tries.  But beautifully done and I'll come back to it later. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

That's some seriously good pixel art! That main menu is gorgeous and those sprites look and animate well. Nice work! Fun game too, although I might suggest speeding it up a hair to keep player engaged. :)


hey! nice!!!