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The soundtrack is amazing!

Artichoke 5/5

This was quite fun and unexpected. One second you're doing great the other you're screaming for help lol. Lots of challenge, great music and nice art. Thanks for open-sourcing, too.

This was a fun game! And thanks for open-sourcing.

This game is amazing! Soooo old school, such nostalgia.

The game cover! It's meant to go on a cartridge.

Played perfectly well with an Xbox gamepad, although only with directional buttons; sticks didn't work. But that only made it more perfect. Took me back to the sore left thumbs era :D

An astounding all-round entry. 5/5

Good job :D

This takes me back to the physics-based Flash games era. Pretty cool, I had some fun, although didn't reach the end.

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An addictive game. Couldn't seem to figure out one of the endings, though. Can you spoil it for me?

This is a great game! Felt tense and fun.

This was fun. Cute graphics, nice music. Thanks for open-sourcing.

Loved the bass sound, pretty cool game. Thanks for making.

Congratulations on your first game. I love the breathing mechanic a lot, added quite a bit of challenge. Cheers.

I spent about 2 hours trying various strategies on this one. Managed to get into #5 on the leaderboard. I have no idea how to get to the top. A time guzzler.

Maybe if you release the source code and I find an off by one error somewhere in there where it'll let me stand on a particular ledge without hit detection kicking in :) please?

Excellent game. I loved it! I'll probably be playing it all week until I get up to the top. Challenge accepted.

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This is a great game. Very well done. Very polished. The attention to tiny details like arrows bouncing off the walls - really nice. Immersive music and quite challenging gameplay.

I'd love to see a video playthrough of someone beating all 10 waves. Seems hard. Cheers.

I love how the music changes seamlessly for each level adding layers on top of layers of sound. Wow!

The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is very engaging. Unfortunately I don't think I can beat the final level, it's soooo hard and the game restarts from the first level :(

Anyone got a video playthrough of this game? I wanna hear more the music!

Lovely music, excellent graphics. The gameplay is quite polished and immersive.

Are the levels randomly generated all the time? I don't think I played the same level during my playthrough.

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Che bello gioco!

Took me around 4 tries, first couple of times I couldn't find the last duck. Then the third time I got blocked between sleeping ducks and the fence, hahaha. Then I got it! Had to go to the top platform to finish.

That was very enjoyable and you've done really well. The music is great! I quacked to the beat while playing it. Good job!

It was relatively easy because from velopman's stream I remembered where the ducks go to sleep lol.

Oh man this took me back to Space Quest times, such nostalgia!

Result: Kindly vacate the basement immediately.

It gets used to but after a couple of dead bodies I became an expert in space murder.


  • Sexy audio? Check.
  • Reckless woodwork? Check.
  • Heavy metal? Check.

What a nice journey you took me through. The puzzles were great, the final boss was challenging, the story was engaging. Played it twice to see how fast I could beat it: 4 minutes 7 seconds.

Woooh, wow! I can still hear the soft spider legs tapping somewhere behind the wall. Such a delicious soundscape. Well done!

The game is tough, but once you figure out a couple of tricks (like diagonal speed lets you outrun spiders) getting to the end (whoooh, what a twist ending for a piece of tiny plankton...) is very rewarding.

Again, excellent ambient sound design that changes appropriately and shifts into darkness in a very disturbingly pleasing way.

Thanks for this adventure.

R.I.P. plankton.

Thanks for playing our game :) and for your ample feedback! Cheers!

I'd love to beat it without cheating, it seems to force the development of spacial map skills. A great game repayable many times.
So maybe a hint on how to avoid the enemy (LOL) or something? Candles seem scarce, the enemy is very persistent. If I'm in a corner or a corridor a crunchy fate is inevitable. I even tried standing still, it wouldn't go away. So how do I beat this? Is it luck-heavy depending on how soon you can find candles?

This wildcard produced some really great audio-based games in this jam. Your game was a treat!

I was ready to trip over a cat, but that ending was much more unexpected, abrupt and scary...

Thanks for the unusual experience you managed to create in your game. Kudos!

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What a beauty! Played on Linux hi-res.

I felt myself as some sort of superhero with the slowdown mechanic and 20 enemies firing at me, it was insane. Even with one enemy I felt like a superhero from a movie. What a great mechanic. This game requires a lot of reflexes and is really really fun because of this.

Definitely a "righty".

This was a very fun, albeit short journey.

SXDCFVGBHN so satisfying.

And thanks for open-sourcing it!

This was a great experience! The sounds were very realistic and I enjoyed the monotonous chill of 3 keystrokes and a beep for a good 5-10 minutes at a time. Thank you for making this game.

Reminds me of that Running Simulator game where you have to QW OP leg muscles to run. That was impossible to play, however :D


This was really fun, even without music. The upgrades were great until I got the speed arrow upgrade then I got really thrown off as the arrow traveled too fast, required another getting used to. Fun.

Once you realize the hearts are beating at the same rate in the whole town the game becomes really fast paced, bringing satisfaction to keeping to the beat and firing arrows while moving. Nice combination of chill and hectic.


This was cool. Went through all the levels and wanted more! Cool stuff.

You mention the game is open-source, do you have a link to the code?


Always wanted to see what it's be like to be the zombie. Thanks for this opportunity.

The police scared the hell out of me, more than the bearded red ladies.

P.S. Why did the water coolers look so sad? Is it because of all the killing going on?

What a polished, engaging game, and it's opensource! Thanks so much for sharing.

I had a lot of fun and this reminded me of the Emergency 911 game on Steam. Very atmospheric and I can see this become a full game in the future.


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Error: Could not load game data at path '.'. Is the .pck file missing? in Linux and Windows versions. Please check the "include .pck" when building.

This was fun. I did fiddle with _on_ScareArea_body_entered inside a bit, though. Thanks for open-sourcing :)

Cool graphics, nice chill music.

You should see how much graph paper was used to try and beat this game...

This was tough, but I persisted and persisted and persisted.

And then I gave up, set player.illuminated = 9000 i.e, gave myself a lot of candlelight and kept the enemy at bay, put on "I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem, and only then managed to complete the puzzles as needed.

Well done keeping me engaged to a very serious level.

Great graphics, great idea, nice puzzles.

The graphics and the music are stunning. The gameplay is challenging, the lights going out at a bad time are insane. THIS IS MADNESS!

Really well done. Your game rocks!

Wow ;( what a sad ending.

This game gave me Undertale vibes.

Thanks for making and sharing.

How did that happen!? 8000? Would be nice to see a postmortem of such a bug in your GitHub. Wow.

A soothing experience. The minefield was great.

Thanks for open-sourcing it. To anyone who finds the minefield difficult - alter the source code :D

Hectic. Love it.

A huge challenge. Breathing in and out while pumping the heart is HARD! ...then I realized I had to take care of the number too :)))

Nevertheless, such fun. I tried it countless of times and even got the hang of it ultimately. Thanks for making this.

You should open-source this, learning from other's code is a part of jamming.