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Escape the darkness
Submitted by Demindiro (@Demindiro) — 2 days, 1 hour before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
See No Evil, Arcade

Game Description
You wake up somewhere very dark and need to escape this lonely place.


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I've been playing this game on and off for a few days now – I was hoping to complete all of the puzzles before commenting so I could talk about them, but I haven't quite been able to and wanted to get a comment in before the end of voting. 

This game is brilliant! I love the atmosphere, and how difficult (/near impossible) it seems to get your bearings until you find your first candle, and how things start to make a bit more sense on every playthrough. To be honest, most of the game is still a bit of a mystery to me, but the art style, UI design and layout of the puzzles make it really satisfying to wander around and keep trying to work out what to do. Really enjoyed this game, and I think I'll still be coming back to it every now and then in the future too!


You should see how much graph paper was used to try and beat this game...

This was tough, but I persisted and persisted and persisted.

And then I gave up, set player.illuminated = 9000 i.e, gave myself a lot of candlelight and kept the enemy at bay, put on "I'm Not Afraid" by Eminem, and only then managed to complete the puzzles as needed.

Well done keeping me engaged to a very serious level.

Great graphics, great idea, nice puzzles.


I had a hunch that it is a bit hard but I didn’t think it would be that hard. 😅

I suppose I’ll have to pay more attention to difficulty next time :P


I'd love to beat it without cheating, it seems to force the development of spacial map skills. A great game repayable many times.
So maybe a hint on how to avoid the enemy (LOL) or something? Candles seem scarce, the enemy is very persistent. If I'm in a corner or a corridor a crunchy fate is inevitable. I even tried standing still, it wouldn't go away. So how do I beat this? Is it luck-heavy depending on how soon you can find candles?


It is indeed quite luck-dependent as getting a spacious map or a map with many dead ends can make it hard to find items. Having the enemy become aggressive early can also put you in a bad spot.

Spoilers ahead regarding enemy mechanics:

The enemy only moves once for every two steps you take. It doesn't always attack you but it does also stalk, which can indeed put you in rather awkward situations if it follows you into a dead end.

It does not like candles at all and will teleport away if you come too close while "illuminated". You can use this to your advantage by only lighting a candle if it gets too close.

When stalking it (should) always keep a 1 tile distance from you, so you could try moving back and forth and hope your neck doesn't get snapped.


I can't agree with spoonsweet more! That was so awesome, really well put together. Didn't manage to solve many of the puzzles myself, but was cool to see how they were put together :D :D


played the game once, super dark, thought I'd quit.

played the game twice, found a safe, then my heart exploded.

played the game thrice found a candle... and so much depth!

Perhaps I would have liked some movement with buttons instead of just the mouse, but I am sure you had this carefully planned! Well done! I have to go now, I have to play on my piano next to the serene lake while my candle slowly dims and my heart explodes.