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Great game! I really like the visuals! The backstory is great too :D

Some sound effects for the car and especially when breaking stuff would really add to the gameplay. Right now it feels like I’m smashing cardboard but some crumbling sounds would make it feel like I’m actually destroying big things.

I feel like there’s too many red barrels. I had to drive slowly most of the time to avoid accidently running into one. Maybe it would be better if a barrel gave a point reduction instead of restarting the level.

The controls are nice, but the car gliding sideways when bumping into things feel unnatural though.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

I was thinking of making the game longer, which would include a proper boss fight, but I couldn’t come up with much more original (and fun) content before the deadline that doesn’t involve just dying a lot.

A quicker/instant spawn would indeed be better. I’ll keep that in mind for later projects.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m no writer, but I’ll try to make proper stories in later projects of mine.

I forgot that you could kill yourself while being eaten by the chameleon! I’ll fix it after the jam is over.

Fantastic game! Some of the puzzles were real brain teasers!

I yet again have no real critique. The sound effects are very good and the graphics are pleasing to the eye. Some music could perhaps add to the atmosphere but I’m not sure.

Great concept! The graphics and sound are very good too!

It is frustrating to have to restart over and over again whenever you find a coin, especially since the location seems to be random so it’s pure luck whether you reach the end of the game or not.

I love this game! The music fits the game perfectly and the sound effects are great too!

Some sound effects when walking and jumping would make the game even better, though it’s a minor thing. The “uagh” seems rather loud too. I also would’ve liked to be able to jump with the up arrow key so that I can play with one hand (I know there’s A and D but I’m an AZERTY user so I tend to use arrow keys when playing jam games).

Amazing game! Exploring the room with each try is especially creative!

The jumping is incredibly frustrating though, it often does nothing at all (even though the sound plays) and the height is inconsistent too (sometimes I jump up to 4 tiles, sometimes 3 or less). This makes it hard to complete the more time-sensitive levels.

The music is a bit too epic, which makes it distracting. I’m not a fan of the jump sound either as it hurts my ears a little (but that’s just my preference).

I think removing the shutter won’t affect my experience but I’m not sure unless I try.

I did get the abilities at each level, though I lost all of them when I lost in the last level and had to reload the page. I also though I had to press F at first to heal because the text is clipping at the bottom, but realized it was E when I read the description.

Amazing game! It really puts your reflexes to the test!

I don’t have any critique honestly, the audio and the visuals are on point. Especially the wind and the crow are a nice touch that makes the game feel much more alive. Personally I don’t have an issue with the shutter but that’s preference I guess.

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Lovely game! I especially like the narration!

I think it is a bit too hard though. The hit registration doesn’t seem to always work (or is the enemy blocking? I can’t tell for sure). It took me at least a dozen tries before I got him below 50% HP, at which point he ran out of the map and the below error popped up. The game seems to have frozen afterwards.

Error message
An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
abort(136) at jsStackTrace@

It also seems some animations are missing (e.g. the player doesn’t walk).

It’s a nice game, but there are several issues:

  • When moving to the right, the character is offset by half a tile, which makes navigation confusing. This also seems to happen to the monsters.
  • When enabling fullscreen you have a very large view of the which makes it easy to spot the monsters and items in other rooms, even without entering them.
  • When not enabling fullscreen the UI elements on the right go out of bounds and the dialogue texts from the moustache guy overlap with each other.
  • The amount of hearts doesn’t match the actual amount of HP you have. I only realized my HP was increasing after reading someone’s comment here and seeing the HP text on the right.
  • The interaction with the moustache guy is broken. Neither X or B seem to do anything.
  • The music is nice, but some sound effects would make it even better as it gives the player more feedback that their actions do something.

Also, the screenshot above the game is confusing. I was trying to click the play button until I realized the actual game is below it.

Overall, very nice concept but it needs more polish.

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The evil AI got me killed a few times (obviously) but no more! :D

I really like the visuals. Having some glow on the crystal and perhaps the monitors would make it even better though, I think. I also don’t feel like the crosshair serves much purpose.

The controls could definitely be improved. They were rather clunky for various reasons:

  • When on the ground, I don’t immediately come to a stop, which made me fall off quite often.
  • When landing after a jump I immediately lose all my momentum even when pressing the W key.
  • I very often got stuck on a wall, which made me miss a lot of jumps and I regularly failed to get up the first ladder whenever I fell.

It also seems the game didn’t properly release my cursor at the end which made it hard to close the browser tab.

I didn’t quite get how the game related to the topic until I accidently flew into outer space :D

The visual are very nice! Though the holes in the ground look little off because it’s just a black bar. Some dirt to the sides could fix this.

This is personal preference, but I don’t like that you need to hold the space bar to jump higher. IMO it’s a bit awkward.

I didn’t hear any sounds, but that’s probably because I’m using Debian and I have to run this game using Wine, which isn’t always seamless. A Linux (and OSX) export would be welcome. I took a look at the sound assets and they fit the game well so I gave the sound rating a high score regardless :)

Very good concept! Though some more explanation as to what you should do would’ve been welcome.

What I figured out so far is:

  • You need to reach at least one blue zone or you die
  • There are invisible tiles you can walk on

IMO the character is offset too high, I very often moved too far down when trying to go to the left/right. It also seems the Game Over button stops the game which means I need to go through all the levels again.

I managed to eat 5 humans! The last one seemed to have spawned far away though, as I couldn’t hear any heartbeat no matter where I went :/.

It also seems the room/maze isn’t entirely closed off? If I go into certain directions I fail to find any walls.

This was challenging! It took me some time to figure out how to get to the other cans but I eventually figured out how to get them and managed to finish the arrow game.

The arrows do feel a bit sluggish though. It seems my key presses aren’t always registered (is there a forced delay between each arrow?). This made it rather hard to actually complete it and I tended to press the same arrow too often causing me to lose some progress when the next arrow shows up.

It also feels like I’m walking on ice which makes it hard to parkour.

I was wondering where the key was and the moment I found it something suddenly zoomed through me and everything turned red, which did startle me. Luckily I did find the door again relatively quickly :D.

It seems some of the notes are duplicated though? I’m pretty sure I found some of the same notes in different locations.

I feel that some sound would make this game much scarier :P. If I heard something when the “thing” (whatever it was, it was too fast) zoomed by I would probably have actually jumped out of my chair!

It is indeed quite luck-dependent as getting a spacious map or a map with many dead ends can make it hard to find items. Having the enemy become aggressive early can also put you in a bad spot.

Spoilers ahead regarding enemy mechanics:

The enemy only moves once for every two steps you take. It doesn't always attack you but it does also stalk, which can indeed put you in rather awkward situations if it follows you into a dead end.

It does not like candles at all and will teleport away if you come too close while "illuminated". You can use this to your advantage by only lighting a candle if it gets too close.

When stalking it (should) always keep a 1 tile distance from you, so you could try moving back and forth and hope your neck doesn't get snapped.

I had a hunch that it is a bit hard but I didn’t think it would be that hard. 😅

I suppose I’ll have to pay more attention to difficulty next time :P

Could you provide a Mac and Linux or a HTML build too please?

Very fun game! Distracting monsters using lights is a very original idea too!

I do wish there were some checkpoints though. I found myself running through the same starting section quite a few times due to running into a stray monster near the end.

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I tried running it by extracting the PCK from the Mac version with 7z and using godot --main-pack Heartbeat.pck but it freezes after the splash screen due to missing resources.

The art is very cute!

I felt like I was solving the same mini games over and over again though. I have no idea whether I was actually progressing or not. Especially the needle game is confusing as, like Patrice said, there is no feedback you are doing anything right unless you check the console output.

I ran the game with a debug build (using godot --main-pack HEART_BEAT_LIN.pck) and that works without crashing at least.

It is a very challenging game! Especially in later waves you need to dodge a lot of arrows (perhaps too many?). The enemies do tend to get stuck a lot though, which makes it easy to finish them from a range (provided they don’t spam arrows at you :P).

Very original concept! I’m glad the gun has infinite ammo because I can’t help but to flail around in the dark :P