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Godot Wild Jam 29
Submitted by soulseekah, Merly23 (@Merly233) — 6 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
All of them

Game Description
Work your way to Freedom


Discord Username
Merly23 #2400, soulseekah #9481

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I liked the concept, good job!


Yo thanks! Your game was a treat as well.


Had a lot of fun with this game! Great job.

I still can't believe how many different prompts there were, really made the game feel like there was a lot of content and variety keeping me engaged right up until I accidentally died at the end.

Will be playing through this again for sure :)


Oh so you partnered with Merly! Nice. He’s a very good pixel artist. Some notes:

  • not super clear when stuff costs you money, could be displayed on the result screen i.e “you got bread. -10$”
  • maybe also have a displayed value for energy/hunger and similar displays when you spend it

Pretty complete and polished for a jam game so grats on that!

I like the theme of a Digital Nomad, original and this is more and more common in today’s world.

Also I like the pun in the title with the classic Nomad’s Sky expect it’s Nomadski. TRI POLOSKI!


Три полоски!!! :)


This was pretty fun! I'm finally seeing the Mongolia you meant, and it's lovely! I ended up working at Coogle :D


Thanks for stopping by! :)


An extremely chilled text game with lovely pixel art backgrounds, plus loads of humor, what's not to love? :D 


Made 1M in 55 days, setting me up for dissapointment in the real world eh? lol
Nice use of the wildcards, and the theme goes without saying. Love the graphics and the music. All of it made by the team or some public domain stuff thrown in aswell? The NY stage would look great as a background for a fighting game.
The only "negative" I see is that petting the mascot should spawn some particle with a heart or something and not show that square "select" effect. Juice that up.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Congrats on your million! :)

The only public domain thing we got was the pixel font. The rest was done in-team :) including all music and SFX.

Particles... yes, those we will probably discover when we make our next game, along with animations, shaders and maybe even 3D math. Hahahahahah.



The amount of effort that must have gone into writing for this game is astounding. Everything was funny and fun to read. Great visuals and sound as well!

The gameplay was of course a bit repetitive but the writing and visuals kept me engaged.

Curious to know what the other ending is… Maybe I’ll have to play it through again to find out.


Interesting concept for sure. And as someone who does Gig work time to time, I can relate to some of the absurd requests with crap profits. Comes with the job lol. I took the contract, didn't think that would be the end, was in the last area just pounding back jobs for fun and to see if I could break the UI.. And then it was all gone in a second. I would like a refund. xD

Overall a pretty fun game. ^^


Pretty neat job! I liked the interesting subject matter choice, the tasks did get a bit repetitive but considering scope etc. it's a solid game and definitely educational, well done!


Simple gameplay meachanic but lot's of content to explore! I never really had repetitive texts in the works selection screen, how many messages did you include? Good job


Thanks for playing :) we have about 150 different messages in the game!


Really cool game! It reminded me when I was freelancing while traveling. Graphics are great. Tasks can seem repetitive but the quizzes and job titles kept it funny. Well done!

One question though, why would I even want a permanent contract at… ;)


Haha! You actually don't. Thus the ending is... ...a bad ending (sad face).

The road to freedom led you to having none anymore. Sad times. Sad times.

Freelance forever and ignore that contract! :D


I love the atmosphere and soundtrack of the game, really nice :) The little quizzes at the end of a course are a nice touch ;)

Please consider rating my game too. :D


Pretty good pixel art and nice interpretation of the theme. I played longer than I intended. It's really captivate - good job! :)


Thanks so much. I've been playing your game for over 2 hours now... :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)

Cool game :D Nice backgrounds and graphics :p

I did all the courses in the first and second map, so it might be better to more gradually unlock courses instead?

Also I couldn't continuously pet my dog :(

Loved it because it reminded me of clicker games lol <3


it keeps engaged... nice combination music/sound.. i like it!


Absolutely enjoyed the game. Going to play it again. Want to beat it with the big smile in the end. Wow you guys put lots of effort in to the game! Wish there could be a biiiit more sound effects when doing gigs. Love the music variety. Really enjoyed the game. 


Spolier: there's no happy ending.

Nomadsky was a free man, doing work as he pleased, traveling. Then he got tempted into giving up his nomadic freedom (freelancing) and joined an evil corporation with an office and stable salary.

P.S. I've been running around the caravans in your game for over 2 hours now :) addictive.


Nice. Glad you liked our game as well


Great game. Definitely kept me playing, as I wanted to see the next area. Good job at balancing energy, happiness, hunger, etc. A lot of content in this game for a short jam!

Nice work!

P.S - Great game name :)


Yoooows, thanks for stopping by! Great minds think alike when it comes to naming games.