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The Turtle, the Vulture and the Tiger : godot wild jam's very rough cutView game page

Submitted by jonas1426, 1001001100110, Luke Gray, Lost Ninja Games, ImperialBrake78, Flynnja — 1 hour, 24 minutes before the deadline
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The Turtle, the Vulture and the Tiger : godot wild jam's very rough cut's page


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Godot Version

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Game Description
Go on a journey to find your way back to your tribe.


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gorrgolem, Carto, Nnylfgaard, ImperialBrake78, manofleisure

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When I realized how the items interacted I started to panic lol. I had already chosen incorrectly with once. But luckily I got another one. (Trying not to give away spoilers lol :P) Well done everyone.

Deleted post

Didn't set a texture for the buttons? It's a zero from me.

lol just joking. I found it quite touching. You guys managed to set the mood really well, it reminded me of the feeling of Densetsu, the theme of 99's HxH. That sort of, young jungle exploration in Japanese style RPG. Not all of the graphics combine but it gets the job done without much distraction. Will you be making more games together or it's a one-time thing?


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed playing.

We are still unsure whether this will be a one-time thing.


Trippy! I think I’ll study to become a shaman because that was kind of fun!

I did feel like I had issues picking up items and moving occasionally.

Well done!

Deleted post

nice Art... I also like the idea of altered perception trough the mushrooms ...


Thanks for playing!


Really loving your pixelart aesthetic gorrg! It's rough, but still has your distinct eerie style to it.

The mechanics of the game were fun!  I had a very Kipling feeling all through the game, not sure if that makes sense, but the whole setup was very Jungle Book to me, from a time gone by. I saw how to complete the game from a stream, wish I wasn't spoiled because I loved the rough cut you have here!

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The concept of eating mushroom and making an offering is really neat. I liked the sound and music, they were  quite good.  Moving around and picking things up is a little challenging, but didn't stop me from keeping going. I did had to restart the game one time because I was being a pig at first consuming everything in my inventory for fun not realize I should save one of them for later.  My brain also tells me I want to see a brief description of the items I have pickup in inventory.  But the game is not that long, so I don't think that matter too much. 

Overall, a short but very complete experience, good job! :)

Deleted post

Nice concept, and I really like the music. It would be much better to just click to move rather than hold down lmb imo. Also more challenge in getting past animals rather than them letting you through easily. Good job overall, really like the mechanic of eating a mushroom then providing an offering to get a power :)


Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

We planned to have it be more of a challenge to solve to get past the animals, but we were running out of time.

Glad you enjoyed the experience.


Fun game! I enjoyed the way you upgraded the player, and learned to talk to animals. Graphics and audio worked well together, and I liked that there was a narrative to guide you through your quest. Thanks for the submission!


Glad you enjoyed the game, and thank you for playing!