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Am I missing something or does the "Complete_Tileset" file not contain the vertical cross walk?

For example, I am trying to make this (as shown in demo gif):

I like the artwork! Really nicely done :)

Thanks for the kind and helpful review! Good idea on further zoom and deals on planets. I do hope to make a v2 and I'll likely add those changes.

Regarding high score, your score is sent to the server as you play, but unfortunately if you spent all your money, it would have used your _last_ score and not the highest you ever had :(. Might be a good reason for me to only send new score if it higher than your last one.

Thank you for the kind review! That really means a lot.

Thanks for the great review! Wish I could have watched the stream!

Very weird, I do most of my testing on Firefox as well. You'll have to let me know if this persists for you across a refresh of the page. Sorry about the inconvenience!

That's a good idea! That might help speed up the overall game play. I'll likely make that change when I release the "deluxe" addition after the jam :)

Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoy it! Out of curiosity was zooming not working with -/= keys or with the scroll wheel on a mouse? 

Awesome, thanks for the thoughtful response! Excited to see what you come up with in future jams!

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I would agree that KAREN does indeed get annoying, perhaps too much so! :) Good idea at limiting that over time. 

I like the creative twist on the original snake game. Simple goal and controls, and well scoped for a game jam game. Music and UI went well together as well. Nice Job!

Cool game idea! I liked the character movement and simple to understand goal. I might suggest setting camera limits so that you can't see the black void around the map when you approach the edge. It might make it feel more immersive. Overall, nice game!

Model turned out really nice. I would suggest having help button to show controls again during game play, as I forgot some of them :).

Good job!

Simple and clear instructions, good UI, and overall a good game. Nice submission!

At least on the web version I was only able to go on land that was dark green colored. Overall though, nice music and game mechanics. The upgrades felt rewarding and definitely made it easier to get around. Nice game!

Nice game with simple, easy to understand goal and controls! I agree with comment below that blocking moving or some kind of puzzle might take it to the next level! Overall, nice job - fun game!

Graphics and animations are nice. It's nice having controls laid out on bottom in case I forgot. Nice game!

Thanks for the review!

Yeah, it is a slow paced game for sure. If I had more time there are a number of changes I would have liked to make to keep player engaged and on their toes lol

Score to beat right now is 1,789,827c! That's impressive :) Glad you enjoyed the game. 

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That's some seriously good pixel art! That main menu is gorgeous and those sprites look and animate well. Nice work! Fun game too, although I might suggest speeding it up a hair to keep player engaged. :)

Huge fan of the art style you chose, and I think you pulled it off well! Music also seemed to fit nicely. Fun game, thanks!

Very neat game. I enjoyed the epic sound during shield charging! I did get overwhelmed and tried to JUMP away from my problems.... that did not work out for me haha

Very cool procedurally generated map! I think seeing enemies more frequently that I did would have been more engaging, but really cool idea and execution! I would also recommend making the game start over after dying, it seemed like I had to refresh the page to start over.

Fun game!

Very good looking game. I think you did a really good job at capturing the desolate feel. I'd be curious how you made the horizon/background look so dusty and cool.

Nice game!

Game look gorgeous and the music at the beginning is a perfect fit! I immediately ran out fo fuel and was stuck it seems though :(

Doesn't seem like I am able to rotate objects since I only have a trackpad and not normal mouse currently :(. However, the UI and graphics all look very polished and well done! I will have to come back and try again when I have a mouse.

hahaha the animations were wonderful! Very nicely done.

I like the graphics and player movement. I was a bit confused as to what motivated me to craft things though. Could be something was missing in browser version through.

Overall, nice work on your game!

I like the spin you took on the theme! Very nice voice over as well :)

 Enjoyed your game, thanks!

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review!

From the page and intro alone I could tell this would be a polished game. Nice job on all the little details! I think the story and battles were interesting and kept the player engaged. I also think the artwork was well done. Great job!

I really like the car sprite as well as the shotgun animation. Good job on the artwork :) Fun game.

I really enjoyed the particle effect in the fire, and it was a nice calming environment. I think 60 peices of wood for the canoe would help with the pacing a bit, or potentially randomizing the amount of wood you can get from any given tree? I agree with @gaet below that it would be awesome to see some sort of other enemy or obstacle to fight past to keep it interesting. :)

Overall, I enjoyed beating your game!

I enjoyed the artwork and overall ambiance of your game! Had some difficulties with the HTML export at first, but I do see you at least warned in advance about that, so that's appreciated :)

Great game, thanks!

Very nicely done! Lots of levels to explore and lots of cool upgrades. I think the artwork and story progression was very nice and well done. One thing that threw me off a bit was that normally I would strive to double/triple jump at the apex of the last jump, whereas it seems here the most height is gained from just pressing it as fast as you can. Took me a while to escape the cave because of this :)

Overall a fun game, thanks!

Very nice artwork, and game mechanics. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this! The path finding and movement of soldiers is fluid and looks great. Equipping items is a bit tedious and took longer than I would have liked, but that is very minor.

I'm impressed, nice game!

Great game. Definitely kept me playing, as I wanted to see the next area. Good job at balancing energy, happiness, hunger, etc. A lot of content in this game for a short jam!

Nice work!

P.S - Great game name :)

Very beautiful and peaceful game. I enjoyed the art style and music. I also think you did a good job guiding the player through the game by telling them the controls and the purpose throughout.

Well done!