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A virtual implementation of Internet Protocol over Avian Carrier.
Submitted by JackLefev — 1 day, 13 hours before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game Description
A game about RFC-1149, A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers.

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A Toaster

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The concept of the game is really good.

enjoyed it :D

The controls are good ok, the rest is great! Very fun!


Very fun, very polished game. My wife cracked up when she saw the bird death animation haha


A bit hard to control, but fun!


Flying around was surprisingly fun! Liked the chill music, along with the city sounds. Low-poly graphics were pretty aswell, with all the different bioms. Control was good overall,  flying fast felt good but landing and making sharp turns was kinda hard. The camera moved well too. I liked it! Good job


I really enjoyed this! I love the puns and silly messages to deliver.  It was fun being a pigeon.

I had a tough time controlling the pigeon at first, esp via the keyboard. I'd love the ability to just use my mouse to change direction (kinda like a typical FPS or game like minecraft). Or I'd like the ability to use a controller (In fact, that's what I used to control. D-pad. but there wasn't a fly button on the controller so I used my right hand to press shift to fly).

The flying felt very realistic though I wished I could fly higher. I also kinda wish I could use a 'flare' effect to kill my speed closer to the target.

And I agree that some of the time limits were a bit too short.  A few times I was only part-way to the target when the order canceled (and I didn't think I made any mistakes).

However these are fairly minor or shouldn't be too hard to implement and didn't distract me from finishing the game.  

Great job and if you make any updates, please let us know! 


oh, and my time was 10:45.62



Thanks for the memes! I really liked the game, funny concept, it's chill an soothing... the music...
(。◕‿‿◕。).  I genuinely had a really good time playing this.


Ok this needs to be a complete game. Please say you intend to add a story to it. I love it!


Calm and cool game. Good level design too! I see you have issues (as I do) with 3D godot export, but as your game has only one scene and true shaders, it's like 100 times worst XD

I am impressed tat you made alt these assets/animations/transitions in one week and placed it smartly in a scene! Good work! And your brother (I suppose) made a good music too :)



It's like a relaxing Crazy Taxi and super fun to explore. Great job


Very nice! The game is very chill and I spent almost my entire time exploring around, which felt very relaxing. One thought about the tutorial on the beginning: it felt too clunky to stop everytime on such short notice (that's my feeling, obviously)!

Otherwise, great job!

Loved the art and flying mechanic and the general relaxing vibe. Had a great time playing it, nice job.


I like that Grandma's house is "over the river and through the woods."  Also press C for "coo." Nice touch


A fun, simple, little game with easy to grasp controls, and easy to learn mechanics. It's got a very peaceful aesthetic to it, and is all in all, quite charming! I had a lot of fun playing this game!