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this made me angry

Ah! Sorry! I'll get on that in a little bit! Super sorry, complete oversight!

Definitely - if there's one thing we picked up from everyone, it's that the auto aim totally makes it way too easy, so we'll be working on that mainly. Regardless, super thanks for playing our game!

(PS: There'll hopefully be a more polished version by the end of the week for another jam that started at the same time as GMTK, so if you are interested, feel free to keep up to date!)

Yeah, difficulty is a hard thing to master, and we definitely didn't get it right this time, but we're glad you liked the concept!

Definitely agree with all your points - though we're super glad you liked our game and music!

The aim controls were sort of to act in case you got caught in some wacky loop with an enemy, but definitely could've handled it all better. Regardless, we appreciate your good words!

Sorry about that. We're happy you found it fun though!

Sorry about the bug! And yeah, the auto-aim definitely made it a bit easy, so maybe some nerfing on that front. But we're glad you liked the idea and graphics!

Saving was definitely a bit unnecessary, we were maybe a little ambitious in what we could do in 48 hours. Glad you liked the idea though!

Auto-aim definitely could've used some nerfing, you're totally right. Also, very glad you liked the music!


Sorry about the controls and soft-lock, as you already know, only so much time, but thanks for giving it a play regardless!

Time zones unfortunately can be a pain. Though, it may be unlikely since I'd assume you wake up far after 02:00, you could always ask the mods to allow you a late entry if you end up sleeping through the deadline. Otherwise, you will just to either A) submit before you sleep, or B) stay up to the deadline.

Well, I can't say that for sure, but I don't really know of people snitching out someone who broke just one, not-so-drastic rule. I'd reckon you're pretty much fine, there have been people that do this all the time. Though, you definitely won't get as much plays, as Mac players do make up a significant demographic it turns out

So, thought it is against the rules, it's not that big of a deal, and it effects you more than everyone else, so I think it'll be fine.

You can submit your game however you want I believe, though, do be warned, differing, unusual methods tends to scare people away, and you may not get as many plays. 

But pretty much if you can export or share your game in someway that can 1) be put on itch, and 2) all platforms, or the 3 main ones, Windows, Mac, and Linux, can play, then you're following the rules.

They're voted on the discord server, but the highest voted ones don't mean they for sure get to be a wildcard. Rather, it just means that they'll catch the attention of the administrators first.

To answer your question, at the end of the day, they are humanly picked with consideration given into the choices.


Hey! I got the bug fixed, and a new build uploaded. If you'd like to experience the full game, (which does have more gameplay than just the first wave) feel free to!

Fixed the issue! If you would like to play it in full, feel free to.

Just in case you really wanted to, I just wanna let you know that I fixed the crashing bug, so you can give it a proper go if you'd like now!

Hey, just thought I should let you know if you were so inclined, but the bug should be fixed, and the game shouldn't crash anymore! Play if you'd like.

Alien mutiny is always fun.

Thanks for playing, so glad you had a fun time!

Looks like the crash is universal across OSes then.

I'm aware of the rotating thing, it technically was offset, but I had to enlarge the whole scene since I made the sprites in a rush, and too small.

As for the damage boost, at the beginning it's not very significant, however, when you pickup better weapons later, it makes all the difference. Unfortunately, you didn't get to experience that because of the crashes, which I'm trying to get uploaded very soon. If you really are willing enough to try the game in full, however, you can build the game from source.

Regardless of the issues, thank you so much for kind words, and your play! It's much appreciated!

Sorry for the crashes! Working with the jam moderators to get the non-crashing version out, it appears I uploaded the wrong files.

Regardless, thank you for your patience with the game anyway, and I'm super glad you enjoyed the little bit that you could!

Hey, thanks for playing!

Aim of the game was to be a degree of difficult from the beginning, but maybe we didn't nail that. But that's okay, we're super glad you enjoyed it regardless!

Unfortunately, we didn't really have the chance to test later waves, so there's bound to be a decent amount of imbalance there sadly.

All things said, we're so happy you gave our game a go!

I'll look into it, but the Linux build seemed to work fine for me. If you're desperate enough, you can just try running from the editor, it's open source.

Highly odd. What operating system do you use?

i like it, though the two punch moves and the two kick moves look a little too similar, so sometimes i get confused.

Well I no longer have homework, but I do have to study

Crazy how similar our two games were!

Super lovely, the music is on point, the graphics are simple and charming, and the levels are challenging but not impossible! Wish I played sooner so I could give a good rating, but I was too late unfortunately, my bad.

Love this game! Was so calming and relaxing to play!

We deeply appreciate this! :)

Puzzles definitely could've been a little more substance-y, but it's a jam unfortunately, otherwise we totally would've improved them.

But anyway, so many thank-yous for playing our game, it really does mean a lot to us!

So glad you like it!

I think everyone here on the development team had a great time flying with Margaret, too. Jestem nailed the controls on that one.

Puzzles could've had a little more substance to them though, you're right. We'll try better with this next time.

Thank you so much for the feedback, and the enjoyment!

Fantastic commentary, we are so glad you played our game!

Margaret truly is a beacon of happiness :)

We are so thankful to you for playing our game and even recording it, that was so awesome to watch!

Yeah, it seems controls could've been much better communicated to everyone. But at least you figured them out!

We really appreciate your feedback, compliments, and enjoyment of our game!

Don't worry, slow setup here too, developing this game was certainly an event for my poor ole laptop.

Glad you liked the music, our composer is great, and we had a superb time getting to work with her. She managed to match the atmosphere of the game without there even being one fully in place yet. (Definitely go check her works out.)

Anyways, we really are happy you played and enjoyed our game, it means a lot!

I was beyond impressed myself when the art came in, our 3D artist is super good and we had a blast getting to work with him.

Controls are also pretty hard to nail, so we appreciate that you like them!

And yeah, sorry about the lag. I guess a thousand kinematic bodies, each with collision can be sorta intensive sometimes.

Anyways, so happy you enjoyed our game!

Glad you like the music, we had a more than fantastic composer on the team, and it was an honour to work with her.

And romping about the clouds is always a good time :)

We are honoured you gave our game a go and enjoyed!

Sorry for the inconvenience, we totally could've done better to make sure you understood the controls.

I am really glad that you do enjoy the graphics and music, though! We had some superb talent on the team, and we could not have done it without them, make sure to check out their work!

A million thank-yous for giving our game a go, and having fun! 

Margaret is a force to be reckoned with for sure!

We super appreciate you playing our game and enjoying it!