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Definitely intentional, it's how you avoid the eel.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

You're welcome, and thank you!

Very thematic I'd like to think.

Thank you for playing!

Duct tape!

Glad you found it cool

I noticed people often find it pretty unexpecting, definitely should've made it more clear.

If it says you died from asphyxiation, then that means you have to remove the lint from the vent.

If you died from hull damage, that means that the tentacles broke your vessel. Basically, your glass  will only crack so many times, but the tentacles will still do damage. Definitely should have made a sound effect or visual cue or something for that.

Thanks for playing my game, glad you enjoyed it!

Couldn't necessarily tell you why, but exceptions are often made for some of the popular game jams that sometimes run in parallel with GWJ. Stuff like Ludum Dare, or GMTK.

I'm not sure. I'm personally running Windows 10 myself, so I can't say it is OS dependent. I have an Intel i5-9300h with 16GB installed ram, 64-bit operating system. There doesn't appear to be any consistency on whether it works or not unfortunately. I'll release the source soon and hopefully if anyone at all is interested and fluent with Godot, and they end up caring enough, they can take a look for themselves. Otherwise for now, unfortunately, there just isn't much I can do.

Thanks for the help though, I appreciate it.

thank you for playing!

i was terribly scared we wouldn't be able to get all the levels done in time, so they were a bit rushed design-wise. originally, they were supposed to be designed with a lot of verticality, hence the movement.

as for the damage, there is no state or condition in which the player can't take damage, so I'm not sure why they don't. as well, the explosion works very similarly to the bullets, so i couldn't figure that out. one idea I've considered, but not looked into, is the physics engine being buggy. although the explosion and the bullet deliver damage in the same way, they do have different systems of detecting collision. explosion checks using an area, whereas the bullet is obviously a ray-cast, though I'm not entirely sure if that is the reason why.

what would be useful is to know your computer specs, so I could tell if this is a common problem based on that. if you could, could you tell me your OS, CPU, and any other information you may think is important or relevant? just OS and CPU should be helpful enough, but yeah anything else would be nice.

anyways, sorry you were unfortunately one of those with the damage bug, super glad you enjoyed the game nonetheless though!
and also, thank you for the lead on the bug! I'm looking into the explosion code.

so happy you liked it!

in retrospect, i definitely should've added an invert gun controls option, i had plenty of time. i believe the controls do make a little more sense with a controller, and honestly, i think the game feels better overall with a controller, but yeah you're right, definitely should've accounted for that.

super glad you enjoyed the story, and especially the ending. i did consider a boss fight, but was worried i wouldn't have had enough time. i made sure that the ending was still at least good, even in the lack of the boss fight.

thank you for playing!

So glad you enjoyed it!

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Yeah, I'm not sure. It felt like a 50/50 whether or not people could take/give damage. For some people, it works. For others, it doesn't. Unfortunately, since it does work for me, there isn't much I can do about it, but I'll look into the issue. Thanks for playing anyways, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

thats definitely strange, ive heard this complaint before. i cant do much about it though, it seems to work for me. sorry about the inconvenience.

i liked its charm


this made me angry

Time zones unfortunately can be a pain. Though, it may be unlikely since I'd assume you wake up far after 02:00, you could always ask the mods to allow you a late entry if you end up sleeping through the deadline. Otherwise, you will just to either A) submit before you sleep, or B) stay up to the deadline.

Well, I can't say that for sure, but I don't really know of people snitching out someone who broke just one, not-so-drastic rule. I'd reckon you're pretty much fine, there have been people that do this all the time. Though, you definitely won't get as much plays, as Mac players do make up a significant demographic it turns out

So, thought it is against the rules, it's not that big of a deal, and it effects you more than everyone else, so I think it'll be fine.

You can submit your game however you want I believe, though, do be warned, differing, unusual methods tends to scare people away, and you may not get as many plays. 

But pretty much if you can export or share your game in someway that can 1) be put on itch, and 2) all platforms, or the 3 main ones, Windows, Mac, and Linux, can play, then you're following the rules.

They're voted on the discord server, but the highest voted ones don't mean they for sure get to be a wildcard. Rather, it just means that they'll catch the attention of the administrators first.

To answer your question, at the end of the day, they are humanly picked with consideration given into the choices.


Hey! I got the bug fixed, and a new build uploaded. If you'd like to experience the full game, (which does have more gameplay than just the first wave) feel free to!

Fixed the issue! If you would like to play it in full, feel free to.

Just in case you really wanted to, I just wanna let you know that I fixed the crashing bug, so you can give it a proper go if you'd like now!

Hey, just thought I should let you know if you were so inclined, but the bug should be fixed, and the game shouldn't crash anymore! Play if you'd like.

Alien mutiny is always fun.

Thanks for playing, so glad you had a fun time!

Looks like the crash is universal across OSes then.

I'm aware of the rotating thing, it technically was offset, but I had to enlarge the whole scene since I made the sprites in a rush, and too small.

As for the damage boost, at the beginning it's not very significant, however, when you pickup better weapons later, it makes all the difference. Unfortunately, you didn't get to experience that because of the crashes, which I'm trying to get uploaded very soon. If you really are willing enough to try the game in full, however, you can build the game from source.

Regardless of the issues, thank you so much for kind words, and your play! It's much appreciated!

Sorry for the crashes! Working with the jam moderators to get the non-crashing version out, it appears I uploaded the wrong files.

Regardless, thank you for your patience with the game anyway, and I'm super glad you enjoyed the little bit that you could!