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Beautiful game, lovely music, and the detail is... well... infinte!


vroom vroom

A very interesting game. Camera controls are a bit off putting by how limited they are, but otherwise, very fun!

I do not like horror games and I will never ever like horror games again thanks to you but I still very much do like your game.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words! The quit confirmation process was just to make sure absolutely nothing corrupted your save file or anything, although, I guess at times it was a little over the top.

Thanks for playing!

Game fun but very boring yes yes

Sounds good, thank you very much!

Fun game! I noticed that the first three levels are quite laggy (I don't have a great machine), to the point where they were almost unplayabled. I can't say for sure, but I believe this was because of the parallax background. There is also no way to get back to the main menu when playing a level other than to beat it, so on level three because I couldn't return to the main menu to change the level, I had to close the game. Although, that isn't a big deal because the game does boot up really fast. 

All that aside, it's a really fun game, with slightly weird wonky controls. Maybe you can add a setting some time in a more updated version of this game with the option to disable the parallax background?

Anyways, thanks for the awesome fun experience, it was a short little game that was very creative and very humble!

Thank you very much! I played the game, very simple, very fun! I know there is only one level right now, but it did open itself to the potential for more levels, and it did make me want to play more, which generally is a really good sign! Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback! I'll try and take the time to fix up controls and make some things more obvious. Thank you for playing my game!

A fun, simple, little game with easy to grasp controls, and easy to learn mechanics. It's got a very peaceful aesthetic to it, and is all in all, quite charming! I had a lot of fun playing this game!

I was unable to fully play the game simply due to the fact that I have no idea what the controls are, and they are not posted anywhere. Could you please post them to the game page?

Hey so I just gave the game a shot, and it's quite interesting. However I would be lying if I said I didn't have a ton of fun playing it as well. It's very simple, but that just kinda makes it addicting. Also, heads up! You actually have to include both the application file and the .pck file. I already had the application file from earlier, though.

Very nice game, I like the very faint background noise, it sets a very boring electrical engineer sorta atmosphere, whereas the bright, but mellow colours kinda liven it up a bit, it all works together very nicely, it just kinda clicks.

Very nice game!

Very surreal... But quite enjoyable. Sets up a weird atmosphere, that makes me feel uneasy, but it really does fit. Very simplistic idea, and quick to pick up on. Very well done!

This is quite good. Very aesthetically pleasing, nice mood set for the game as well. Very calming music.

Hey, uhm, you gotta include the .pck file as well, otherwise you can't run it.