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One of the most poignant and insightful games I've ever played. Still livin' with it.

Thanks for playing it!

Hey! There's some possible optional dialogue, but otherwise the game runs along a pretty linear path.

Thanks for checking it out. I'm a huge fan of your games!

Thanks for the feedback! I might actually add something like that in an update if you promise not to sue me for taking your idea!

Super cool game! I really like the controls and the concept. Hope to see you expand this into a larger game, with even more difficulty!

Thank you so much for playing! Just finished watching your let's play, and it had some extremely helpful feedback!

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The pre-jam version of the game was made way back during 32bit Holiday Jam 2020. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the original build to export, but it is essentially a few pieces of the first area.

Thanks for playing and thank you so much for the kind words!  It means a lot.

Thanks for playing and for the poetic feedback!

Thanks for checking it out, and yeah this game was originally on the 2021 HPS1 Madvent Calendar.  I made this separate page so that  I could upload Mac and Linux versions

Thanks so much for playing it!

Thanks for the kind words!  I actually use some of the shaders here: but any godot shader can be applied in a similar way.  Copy the shader code you want to use, then create a new material godot. Right click in the the FileSystem, select "new resource, then select "ShaderMaterial."  ,

Click on your newly created material, then click on the "Shader" drop down on the right and select "New Shader"

From there, paste your code in the box.

This should create an "Albedo Tex" box on the right.  Select whichever texture you used for your model, and drag it into the box.

Make a new godot scene with whichever model you want to use, and drag on the material you just created.  

It's quite a few steps, but feel free to reach out to me on twitter or discord if you have any questions !

Thanks! I'm actually working on a follow-up that should be at least a few hours long.

Your understanding is 100% correct!

Thanks for doing a playthrough!  The lack of a restart button has def been the most common complaint, so I'll try to implement one in the next patch..  Thanks!

:( Sorry to hear that.  I wish I could fix it, but I need to learn some more about optimization.

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I absolutely love this game but am not smart enough to beat the skeleton boss. If you make a paid sequel to this, I'd definitely buy it day 1

Absolutely stellar prototype for an immersive sim.  Everything feels really compelling, and can't wait to see this made into a full game.

Thank you so much for the playthrough and feedback! Also, no worries about the music Copywrite.  All the music in the game is from either me or bands that I am in.

Just finished my playthrough. I really enjoyed the world design and atmosphere! I think the setting really sets it apart from a lot of other indie horror. Looking forward to checking out some of ya'lls other titles.  Also, thanks for doing a Linux version!

Just finished my playthrough. I really enjoyed the world design and atmosphere! I think the setting really sets it apart from a lot of other indie horror. Looking forward to checking out some of ya'lls other titles.  Also, thanks for doing a Linux version!

Thanks for the playthrough and feedback! Your video was super helpful in identifying some fixes I need to implement in the next patch.  Hope you check out some more entries from HPS1s Summer of Shivers!

Thanks for the feedback and playthrough!  I really enjoyed watching your videos of the jam so far!  Also, super special thanks for letting me know about the audio glitches you experienced.  I wasn't able to recreate it, but clearly, it's bugging out on some systems., so I'll try to lower some of the levels and see if that works.

Thanks so much for checking it out!  Also 4:20 playtime, nice

Just released my low-budget arena shooter: "Please Don't Feed the Creatures of the Deep," as part of the Haunted PS1s Summer of Screams jam.  Any feedback is super appreciated!

Tested the Linux version and it works perfectly! Not to spoil anything, but parts of the game made me feel more tense than any horror game in recent memory

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This game melted my soul and crumbled my being into a nostalgic puddle. 10/10

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Beautiful, slow building dread. 

Thank you so much for the play through!

I feel so naive but I truly didn't know what that was until I released the game and someone told me.

Thanks for the in depth feedback!

The reason the game is tagged as horror is more of the fundamental themes of loneliness, mental illness, and hauntings, but it's true there are not any jump scares.

For some of your questions about the story:

***Minor Story Spoilers***

The building across the river is only mentioned if you exhaust all of the dialogue options with the neighbor.  It's actually based on a metaphysics institute located in the woods near the ghost town of Windyville Missouri.,-92.8856272,1...

There are all sorts of strange ideas, about that area being a portal or energy vortex. For the purposes of the game, it's left pretty ambiguous. 


Your gameplay suggestions are very useful, and things I hope to add eventually. The game was made for a 30 day gamejam, so there are definitely tons of glitches I still need to fix, but I've kind of taken a breather after submitting.  Unfortunately the most glaring of them all (disappearing ground) seems to be a bug in the game engine, so I'll have to wait until a new version comes out to fix it.

Thanks for playing!  I can't emphasize enough how useful feedback like this is.  I threw the game together fairly quickly, and didn't even really have time for anyone to play-test it before release, so I've noted your comments and will try to incorporate them in a future update.

Amazing character (and everything else) aesthetics!  I only have Linux, so I had to get the experience through watching let's play videos, but the fact that the game remains compelling even as a movie is really a testament to it's design quality.  Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Thank you so much for checking it out!  I'm glad you discovered the true point of the game, as Dan's problems are just a side quest to the main goal of turning all the frogs gay. 

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!  I hope to add some more segments eventually to make the ending less abrupt :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for making the Crystal Golem (I will beat it someday when I git gud enough)!  It was truly my hope that someone would chop down all 200 trees in the game.  And yeah, the ending is definitely a bit abrupt, but I was afraid to pad out the game too much. 

Amazing atmosphere and voice acting with a building (no pun intended) dread that leads to a satisfying pay off.  It's clear an enormous amount of technical work went into crafting the game, making the experience very worthwhile from both a narrative and game design perspective.  

Combat is even more King's Field than King's Field.  When you play, you will understand :)