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To Shed New LightView game page

A puzzle game about changing perspectives!
Submitted by Rafael Bordoni (@eldskald), Ayrton Sato — 19 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Really, really cool entry! I thought changing perspective was going to be VERY common in this jam, but you were actually one of the few if not the only person to use this, and you did it well!

I really like the idea, and the execution. It starts simple, and the difficulty ramps up nicely, which is hard to make in a game jam!

My only complaint is about the way we visualize the puzzle. For example, I’d love the little gizmo+cube to actually rotate. I think this would help us understand where we are in space. Same with the level itself. It’s sometimes hard to understand where we are, and the best way is actually to rotate, which gives us a moment to see how the level is arranged.

I would love to see this game being turned into a commercial release. I think it would world perfectly as a mobile game for example.

One of the best submission for sure, huge congrats for your entry!


Hey, thank you so much! Now that you say about rotating the gizmo thing I feel a bit stupid because I was thinking a lot about a better way to communicate where the player is and where they will go to and I didn't think about rotating it, lmao! I added the cube eventually, this gizmo changed quite a bit during development, but rotating it does make a lot of sense! Thanks for playing my game and your ideas!

Submitted (3 edits) (+2)

Soo now that I could play it (sorry for the confusion) - This game is awesome! You really nailed the theme and the introduction and bridge to it is great, love the little text. Short but meaningful. Yes indeed, twisting problems in your head until they are solved and make sense. Just great! The visuals are amazing too, love the lines, the circle and the black hole finish. Special bonus points for the details like the stars having trails once you turn the perspective. The puzzles getting very tricky but I was hooked till the end - and i am really not the puzzle type of person! :D

Oh and the music and SFX are very nice too!

Really nothing to complain about - if i want to be picky i would say moving the circle along the lines was a little bit hard, it stopped a lot of times for me when i tried to pull a straight line.

Amazing game everyone! Congrats! This would be an amazing mobile game for sure. You should think about releasing a polished longer version of this in the App store.

**As a Mac user you need to type in

xattr -d

into the terminal and drag and drop you App into the terminal for the path at the end. This will give the application special permission to run. It was a safety problem with Big Sur. Otherwise the App won't run.**


Try this, it worked with another commenter.


Playing right now - see my edited comment. :) Thanks for the help anyway!


So I just edited the comment to a proper review. Amazing game! Congrats.


Oh and by the way - I think all of you totally rock because - how cool is that - you released the whole game as open-source project! Really inspiring, maybe I should do the same haha. That's the spirit!

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you for the kind words! Means a lot to me coming from one of the creators of one of my favorite games of this jam! And yeah, dragging the ball was a little annoying, during development it had a ton of problems, and fixing them caused the ball to get released constantly while dragging it. At least it's not a big deal, won't cause you to lose the game or anything, it's just annoying. Getting the difficulty curve right was hard too, I didn't wanted the game to be easy enough that puzzles would solve themselves if you kept messing around randomly but I also didn't wanted them to be super hard, and achieving it was hard, I was lucky I had friends and time to play test it a bit.


I think you did a great job with the difficulty curve (at least for me, and im not a trained puzzle game player) and that's something super hard to accomplish! The mouse dragging is a bit annoying indeed but thats complaining on a high level.
I can also just say the same, thanks for the very kind words and your game is def one of my jam favorites!


A good game concept with very nice graphics.


Well done! Nice visuals all around, feels very dynamic. Fun perspective changing puzzle, makes me think of Monument Valley. A nice variety of levels too. Couple places seems like it was a bit overly picky about being exactly on the corner, or required a specific angle to be active to continue even though two should have (maybe?) worked. Also would have loved a keyboard shortcut like the arrow keys to change the active orientation, to save dragging my mouse back and forth all the time!

FYI the HTML version kept crashing on OSX chrome shortly after pressing “start game”, but switching to the mac build (after using this trick) worked for me.


Hey, thank you so much! I had one friend try the mac build and he had no problems, it's a shame you're having problems. It always bugs me that on every game jam people upload only windows versions, forcing me (I use Linux, mostly) to use wine and hope for the game not to break, or to just boot up a windows system. I can try the windows and Linux builds of my game but since I don't have a mac and don't want to be this guy that doesn't upload builds for the other systems, I have to rely on Godot's OSX build without testing it myself. Thanks for your report, though, I might put something about it on the game page.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Sorry to clarify, the OSX build actually works fine! (And thank you for providing it). It’s the web version that was crashing, I was just trying to be specific by saying it was Google Chrome on a Mac is all.


Great gfx bud, lovely lighting effects and love the trippy music, well done.