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Find your way out of the cave using your jetpack. Don't destroy everything!
Submitted by MrEliptik (@mreliptik_) — 1 hour, 35 minutes before the deadline
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Nice game! I loved the graphics and the lighting. It was a little tricky getting enough impact on those treasure chests to open them, but I liked the tutorials text popping up to let us know.

Good job!

Submitted (1 edit)

Really cool little game! It's pretty nice what you managed to create in 2-3 days.

The mechanic with the jetpack damaging and transforming the ground is awesome and the potential is huge. You can see some great ideas already in the game. That you need to push the tresures over the edge to open them is a nice little twist too. :)  I also really like the visual look of the game, especially the little astronaut character. Only the treasures felt a little bit out of place style wise imo.

If I could wish something - I would have loved a tiny story in there, maybe one little speech bubble npc in the beginning and the treasures replaced with an object transporting the story further. That would frame the experience. :)

Only thing that bothered me was the character somehow felt like sticking on the ground for 1 second or so after taking off. Failed a few times because of this haha. Oh and this gap is a DEATH TRAP! DON'T GO IN THERE! :D

Congrats! Great little game, i had some fun! :D The potential for a bigger game is there.


Fun title. I kept wishing I could at least waddle left/right on the ground when I didn’t have my pack, spent a lot of time having to throttle up to just edge to the right (and in some cases, as the game page warns, resulting in my platform falling off from the wall - which is both cool and annoying!). I didn’t quite understand how to unlock checks, I think I had to knock them over, which I did once to get one, but in other cases they got wedged into a corner and I couldn’t do much. Later realized I just need to ram into them. Also got trapped in one section because of a key platform being cut off, though in most places seems like you could sort of run into the wall to regain some energy as you go upwards. And I found I kept getting “stuck” to the walls, even as I’m say pressing right and the wall is to the left while the jet pack is moving me up, it was just get stuck to the wall (and then overheating!)

All in, definitely impressive for only 2-3 days of work!


I really like the idea of this game, but there should be check points of some kind. I got to a point where I broke platform, fell and advancing became impossible. Had to restart and try again, and then I clipped inside a rock and couldn't move anymore. Restarted again and I got through the previous part, but later on a huge chunk broke instantly when I landed and I fell and couldn't advance anymore, so I got tired of restarting. Those games based on physics controls are always difficult in the beginning, but your level design gave us enough space to maneuver around, the only problem I really had was having to restart over from the start when I broke too much of the level.  Other than that, you have a really good foundation of a game, nice lighting and particle effects too, and the physics works well enough. Good job!


Thanks for playing and for your comment!

I agree it can be frustrating. I think the idea I had was cool but the implementation is lacking something. The goal was that your action would change the environment irreversibly.. but it doesn’t really work the way I expected. The game was made too quickly, there was no room to test and adjust ^^


It's a very nice challenge! To open the chests I first thought the way would be to drop something on top of them (which seemed to be suggested a bit by the environment), but I had more luck throwing them off of cliffs. On my first run I got stuck in the (\/)-shaped part, but on the second run I made it to the top. In the beginning it indicated using the spacebar to fly, but later I found that W worked too and I preferred it for this game, so it would be good to point it out also.


Yeah you were supposed to drop them, I should have made it clearer I think!

I should have worked on the level more to make it more clear where you’re supposed to go. Oh yeah I forget to put that in the controls labels ^^

Thanks for playing and for your comment!


A lot of fun playing it !
I'm impressed by how fast you made this, congratulations !


Thanks a lot!


A good game with, very steep learning curve, got going after a bit. I was happy to see controller input but it was tricky to use, once I changed to keys it was easier.


Thanks for your comment! Interesting that you find the keys easier to use. I added controller because it feels more natural and easy to use for me, especially with the joystick.