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Thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed the experience and you even read the book notes haha. You're right! :O That's the correct title, ay have to fix that - thanks for pointing it out. I don't get why they often choose completely different titles for translation.

Aww, thanks for these kind words! Comments like yours keep me motivated, really glad you enjoyed the game! Wish you all the best for your projects too.

This is so amazing! Can't wait to try it out! So grateful you made this, this is soooo useful. Thanks!

Mac port would be awesome! :D

Thank you so much! I saw that you started a project with Bitsy3D too, if you need some tipps or advice let me know. :) Happy to support.

Thank you so much Jake! Your feedback and your donation means a lot to me! I never received money for my games before from a Player. Really, thanks a lot for the support!

Btw, I was very keen to play your Game Glitch Dungeon because it just looks beautiful - unfortunately my setup here is MacOS only atm and I don't have access to Windows for unlucky reasons. This will change in a few weeks and playing your game stays on my ToDoes! I'll let you know when I played it.

Wait there's a movie?! I know what i gonna watch tonight. :D

Nice deep story and very cool 1-bit art style! especially the interior rooms are great :)

Really nice and well made mini-series! Love the pixel art and minimal interaction :)

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This made me really emotional and let me grow a little. Thank you! Your games and storytelling are something else.

Have you read the book "Namiya zakkaten no kiseki" or „The Miracles of the Namiya General Store"? I think you would love it if you haven't already. It really reminds me of this project.

Means a lot astrooooo :D thank you! 

Come and join the Bitsy fam haha. Its not that hard to get started with Bitsy 3D :)

Had to look up the game - totally! This kind of game concept fits perfectly.

Its awesome that you feel this way - this was totally my intention for the vibe of the game. Thanks for playing and the feedback

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game. If you need help or have some questions about Bitsy 3D fell free to DM me. :) let me know if you got something going :)

Thank you very much! I can imagine, I wanted to give the game a relaxed late night vibe I would enjoy playing when I can't sleep haha.

Thank you! :) I'll check out your games too!

Thank you! Glad you had a good time playing :)

Always welcome! Happy to help when i can :)

Thank you! :)

i havent used this fork but it looks really interesting. You can easily add new colors to bitsy by simply adding new rgb values to the palette in the game data. No fork or hack needed. You can assign additional colors to tiles when you add eg. "COL 3" at the of the tile code in the game data. This would assign the fourth color of the palette to the tile since it starts with 0.

Thanks a lot for playing and the kind feedback! :)

Thank you! :D really glad you enjoyed it so much

Of course! Yes the game was made only with the available Bitsy 3D beta :) The game only uses the basic Bitsy logic if you look at it closely, only thing I haven't seen in other Bitsy games is the use of 3D verticality like the different height parts of the level.

In 3D Bitsy all height layers of an individual room are created as sub rooms that function as those layers. If you connect those subrooms with the basic Bitsy room functions/logic you can let the player teleport along the y-axis within the same room.

I usually start to stack a simple box tile on top of each other within a new main room. Until I can't place another box on top of it. This way Bitsy 3D creates automatically another subroom each time you stack them. Then I delete all the boxes. You end up with an empty room in which all the Y-levels are connected and you can start to create your environment. I hope this made sense. Good luck :)

If you have any further questions or if you need some help feel free to DM me over on Twitter.

Thank you! <3

Thanks a lot! :D Glad that you enjoyed my game so much and that I can push the attention for Bitsy 3D a little. If you create something yourself, let me know. :)
Yes my intention was to create a metaphor for Sleepi Boi's brain with the control room and also it's an excuse to twist the path a little the player needs to go haha.

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks a lot for the kind feedback and I'm glad you liked the message! :) Getting some good rest has so much to do with letting go the thoughts right?

I'm quite sure there's more to come haha thanks!

Oh this means a lot, thanks!

This is such a beautiful extension to Bitsy! Thank you so much for making it.

Thank for playing and the nice feedback! Just sent you a mail over with a lil 3D prototype :)

Thank you. We need more cute 3D pixel worlds - let's go! :D

Thank you for playing, the kind words and the nice feedback! :)

You're right about the player character visibility, really funny, I just wrote about that issue in another comment 5 minutes ago. it was an intentional (risky) choice and I thought already not everyones gonna like this. I choose the color because I liked the effect of "darkness" outside the house and how it affects the player visibility. (maybe too much) Def an aspect to improve!

Aww, thanks! :)

Thank you!

Awesome art and cool story. :) The day dreams are really creative and the overall vibe just underlines the dreamy and sleepy scenario. Also I can relate haha. Very nice Bitsy game!

Then congratulations! - that's probably the coolest Christmas gift ever. Keep it up :)

Wow thanks for those words and the very positive feedback. Means a lot if i manage to inspire people with my games! If you need help with Bitsy just let me know and I'll see if i can help you out. The game itself isn't using much hacks besides the 3D fork :)

Really enjoyed your jam entry btw!

Thanks a lot for the very lovely and detailed review! Glad that you liked the palette and you didn't had any visibility issues with the player character. I know it was a risky choice to make the character the same color than the highlight color outside but i figured that it's visible enough.

Thanks a lot for playing!

I liked the setting and the story + the pixel art characters / monsters are nice :)
I had trouble understanding the room design though and felt lost sometimes, specially in the beginning when you explore the house.

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Nice idea! I like the 3D environment. I wouldn't make the dialog huge text dumps - it felt like a trap and I got tired of keep pressing to finish the thing. I rather would liked more to explore your dreamy world :) Congrats on the jam submission!

Music was nice, awesome that you made it yourself.

Hahaha I hope he doesn't! Thanks for playing!

Really like the idea of controlling something outside your own body to interact with things, nice storytelling. And it was a nice challenge to remeber French from school haha.