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Really cool! :D

Really cool game, like the art style, general concept and music. Had fun playing through this :)

Really lovely little game! :)
What are the signs mean in the decoration step?

Thank you very much!

Glad you enjoyed playing it :)

Is there a "Community Content" page yet? I can't find it anywhere :D

Hi Cody, I don't spot any donation bar - is this expansion still planned? :)
Love the game btw, having a lot of fun in my first session so far.

Just backed the physical legacy option, can't wait to play :)

Thanks for playing my tiny game Lorvald! Really glad you enjoyed playing it that much. Also thanks for the nice feedback and for the bug report - I'll investigate at some point.
Making this in 7 days was possible due to the fact that I could work on it fulltime without any disruptions (sick at home) and that it was made with Playdate Pulp and therefore the game is very simple mechanical / code wise. :)
Personally I'm proud that somebody actually considers one of my games polished haha.

Beautiful tiny game! Enjoyed every minute of it. The art, animations, and music as well as the gameplay are just smooth and are playing very well together. Very inspiring. I just made a tiny Metroidvania (for the Playdate) myself within 2 weeks. I think small projects like yours are just as impactful as big ones. Keep it up! :)

Thank you so much for your support! You are awesome <3

Thank you so much :)

Same haha, it's ment to be a wholesome relaxing experience at a place you def want to rest for a while. Glad we got this feeling right for you

You can play it on the simulator, too. :)

I actually don't own a Playdate either and still waiting for it to ship haha. If you want one better buy one today, it will probably take a few months before you'll have it infront of you.

Same, your music is beautiful! :)

Love the game - always has been an inspiration :)

Thank you :)

Thanks a lot! Agree - but yeah, making clear 8-bit graphics is really difficult. It was overall just a fun project I created because I couldn't sleep very well at that time. So not much time spent on playtesting or improving the "gameplay".

Really digging the forest environment. Reminds me of Zelda :D
Would have wished for a little more story besides collecting all the peaches. Keep it up :)

Sorry for the really late reply - you can play it directly in your browser on top of this page. Just press the play button. No need for downloading the game. :)

Thanks a lot for playing! I think so too - maybe i explore this idea further sometime. :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks fellow Bitsy 3D gamedev! Thanks for playing, I hope i could make your work day a little more fun haha. But don't fall asleep lol

Do the keys open up any door? :D
Nice first game - keep it up :)

Really glad you liked my little night adventure - i was going for  a cozy and calm experience. Thanks for the kind words and for playing!

Check out other Bitsy 3D games if you like this one :)
Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much for this wholesome, calm and relaxing let's play of my game. You did an amazing job narrating my dialogs. Means a lot!

Thanks! :)

Really like the graphics, the different worlds, the cut scenes and overall style. Music and gameplay is nice too but the controls need some work, I think it could be a bit less floaty and more reactive.

Overall great game, kkep it up :)

PS: Finished the game with 18 deaths :D

Awww thanks! <3

I'm about to release a little interactive poem in a very similair style and with music of a good friend of mine (@earlchives). It's a way smaller experience though. But stay tuned, i keep making games like this one :)

Really happy that you had such a good time playing! Thank you so much for the very kind feedback and your time :)

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Indeed! Really fun first game. Keep it up :)

Thank you - really glad you enjoyed the little night adventure. I really wanted to make a calm atmo so very happy that you felt that way.

Merp! <3

Weird and lovely little world <3
Love the character!

I release a Playdate game soon and its funny how similair my character looks to yours - maybe they are cousins?

thanks <3

Thanks a lot! Had a blast playing your Vertabyss game :D

This game is amazing. Really difficult, but also very fun! Absolutely love the very unique artstyle and tech behind it. Keep it up :)

So is your game collection! :D

this is a really cool idea actually! :D

Haha nice mini game! I wish there would be some kind of twist in the message when winning the game. Like something that frames collecting the flowers storywise. I was really curious what happens when you finish collecting all the flowers. :D