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Hi PH0ENIIX, don't worry about the judging or details, just make a game that roughly incorporates the theme and hand it in before the deadline, then smile and be happy that you did it, you learnt a lot, on to the next jam or game...

Good luck to you 

Hi Liam, would you be interested in doing this with us?

Reach me on Discord and we can discuss




Hi Ryn

yes we need you for this if interest?

discord is 


we can discuss the project


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Hi All

We are 2 experienced dev's and have started this jam

but our sound person has had an urgent commitment come up. We really need a sound FX and music replacement.

we have the game theme and a plan for the 1-month long project, the music style required should be peaceful and calming but with some elements of ramping up the tension.


Reach me on Discord and we can discusss


What time zone are you in? what country?

There you go momal, what project or Jam do you want to do?

Hey, yes I can help you out, give me a shout on discord 


fun game, found the little dude, not sure if there's another one, can't get past the spikes on the lower level bounce pads. great work though

nice one bud, you got it done, great work

nope, they are both invincible.

Amazing stuff, great game, love that a game controller is supported, all in 9 days too, unreal. 

level 3 = hard, but great entry. Smooth controls and nice gfx, small flaw, the enemies don't react sometimes then when they do it's close to impossible to get past them.

Thanks bud, yeah my scope was too big and time/life got in the way, thanks for the kind words, looking forward to the next one. Played your game, pretty good, love the neon look.

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Thanks Harvey, yep bit off more than I could chew with the scope, things not finished are all part of the jam, I live and learn.

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thanks bud, no I must have missed it my bad, I will revisit it again, thanks 

nice, makin me work for my mail, those slices of burger cheese are hard core, trippy snake game, love the trippy soundtrack.

Great artwork, nice music and sprites and animation were also good, shame about the controls, arrows and spacebar would have been nice, gamepad better, loved the slow-motion though.

Love the theme, love how you interact with the buttons, great job.

Very interesting game, love the lighting and great atmosphere, well done.

Well done, I tip my hat to you.

A lot of work has gone into this bud, I can really see the passion in each gif, good work.

Love this, great style and fun and old school, looking forward to more updates.

Very nice work bud, lovin the style.

Sounds great, can you put up your current reel, hard to know your style without hearing.

great game, a fantastic nod back to the arcade era, well-done sir.

There are so many good things about this, well done.

the game looks great, the water shader is awesome.

yep, swap the A + D and a little too fast to control for the first go, I'm sure it is possible to do at this speed but maybe requires building up to that through a few easier levels.

Thanks, RiverLazuli, yep I always try to get some humour in my games, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, I'm glad it got a laugh this time.

thanks, bud.

don't worry about this post, i decided to enter a game and i'm now busy with it.

if anyone is interested in joining up for small projects after the jam then hit me up.

Hi All

I'm working on my own project at the moment so I won't be entering the jam to create a game but I'm not bad at pixel art and happy to help, this could be with a team or just making some assets to match the artwork you already have or have found.

Plus I love Godot and want to give back in my own way.

Ping me here or here if you want my help Discord: mrsparrow666#7222, I don't give out my discord to many people so if you send me a friend request I'll know what it's for, so just message me your current artwork and what you need.

Thanks, Mr Sparrow (not the pirate, I had the nickname years before him due to my skinny legs)

Some of my stuff

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Hi oceoh,  I'm up for the art on this if you need someone still, 

check out my itch page and free game art page

I only help Godot people at the moment, trying in my own way to forward the engine I love.

I am helping Paul ( at the moment but we are only doing a small game, but I can fit you in too if you like.

art from my last jam below just to show you my style.

Thanks Sparrow

sounds great, give me a shout when you're complete with that project.

well up for this, check out my itch page and free game art page

got loads more than this but don't really want to share with the whole world yet.

good work on the art, this game looks great, downloading now to play.

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Hi All

Just to let you know I have released my first asset, it's the first version with updates to follow.

Details below or check it out here:

My profile here:

Modular house/Town/Buildings Pack - In Development and to be added to, purchase now and get all access to all future releases...

16x16 tiles - animated 4 direction characters, cars and items

This is version 1.0

Next version to include

  • Split files for NPC's, Characters and Buildings
  • Audio files for sound effects
  • More pixel effects - explosions etc...
  • More building types
  • Request items you would like and I would be happy to add them


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I sent you a friend request 

you need the whole thing, not just the number