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Thanks! Yes, this missing feature has been a thorn in my thumb since basically day 1 of using Godot.

I’ll take that as a win in the department of: I effectively matched the Godot theme / UI 😃 thanks for trying it out!

On inertia: I totally believe that a fully physics based on would be irritating! (Also kudos for getting playtesting and then making design changes as a result). So if there was a scale from 0 (current) to full physics based (1), I’d shoot for like 0.1, so probably more like an extension of your current implementation of movement vs trying to introduce something new. Something that just makes the roll to a stop slightly slower.

On checkpoint: yup I totally get that rationale. Hm trying to remember, do you prompt the command + key to set the checkpoint when you are underneath it? I’d make sure at least that is done.

On the user prefs, I recall thinking “what do these numbers mean??” for a couple of the settings. So if you have that idea of making 2 = double smoothness, maybe you have a label off to the right which updated based on which “region” of the slider you are in to help reinforce the current position? Eg 1.5 to 2 makes the label say “extra smooth”. Either that or map everything from a 0-1 value, and have a small vertical tick to remind users where the default is?

Final thing… I forgot to mention in my first post, also really loved your little post-it notes and messages, great detail :) nice work again!

Nice work and good style already! Looooooved the “Oh hi, Mark”. Sorry to hear about the exporting issues, really too bad. Lesson learned I suppose, always good to upload an alpha way earlier than you’d think you needed to! My first export to html was like halfway through and only then did I realize how much was borq’d.

…I did find it add you got a sax from someone named after a Bassoon, but ah well :)

Thanks a bunch for playing and the kind words! Glad my “less is more” strategy resonated with you to keep t clean and focused. Glad you enjoyed it - and yes, accessibility is something that can always improved. I’ve learned a bunch from what other people had done in this jam too, on things I could incorporate here or other projects. That’s a part of what makes these jams fun and improves us all.

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it! Yup, definitely that’s the #1 feedback. For another iteration, I’ll contemplate how to balance the start better by pre-solving some proportional number of characters to the length of the headline, and potentially doing other checks to maybe ignore a-typical names or proper nouns; though that likely is less feasible especially with languages coming from different languages. Things to think about for sure!

Thanks for playing, glad to hear you have both enjoyed it, and sharing specifically what you enjoyed! I did briefly think about having some kind of newsroom background track, but decided it would only be annoying, so I went with tactile.

Similar experience to some others, was expecting a jump scare or something to happen with the pumpkin, then suddenly was falling through the world! If not for night time, felt like it was a demo of moving into a new house before all your furniture is there. Good luck working on a game mechanic, definitely some potential here.

Nice theme use, and a good entry! Though it took me several “swaps” before I saw the timer in the top right (large screen), I thought I was hitting something causing the swap. Character was well animated, nice how each version of the layout had its own mechanics. Could have been longer or with more levels, maybe introducing some of the hazards over time! Controls felt nice, and was a pleasure to realize there was even grab mechanics implemented, though the player was left to sort of figure these things out themselves in the game itself. For a first game, great work!

Not quite seeing the connection to the theme, but it looks good with a consistent style. I feel like even wave 1 starts off pretty strong, and I mostly die just because of the mechanic of the weapon recharging (and it wasn’t clear initially that it could recharge, I thought it was just game over). Though that is an interesting mechanic to make you time your shots better I suppose, it could ramp up from the start.

Fantastically done! Love the story and Portal-like Cave Johnson voiceovers, as well as the BB8-like main character. The carboard feel was nicely present throughout with good warm colors. Really solid (more than cardboard!) 3D entry. I also appreciate exposing all of the filter options to disable to get it running smooth as we need/prefer. I was able to get to the end and unlock one of the secret areas.

So, basically the game is great, consider the below just the fine tune polish commentary, but not such that they really detract from my experience at all!

I feel like the ball should have a little more inertia, rolls to a stop so quickly which is super helpful and makes the game easier, but seems like judging a little bit more of a stopping speed could be fair too. Also checkpoints I feel like they should just be auto triggered instead of having to press e, but personal opinion perhaps.

Most difficult part was the floating blue portals/fans, feels like there should be some additional force helping you keep a little centered in them (though I realize that’s part of the challenge).

Minor UI bug: pressing esc to escape the Map would be nice, and also if you press esc on the map (bring up options) and press esc again, you end up still in the map but your mouse is controlling the view, so you can’t move your mouse over to click the x (if you remember to press m though, you’re good).

Final verry nitty nit pick: under UI settings, you have one slider for mouse smoothness. You have nice popups and text explaining how a lower number is higher smoothness… I’d just invert the logic, do a (1-value) or something, saves the text and makes it more intuitive.

Nice work and cute character! I like that you put the signs in, definitely helps to give direction on what to do at the start. I was able to grow multiple sunflowers before winter! This didn’t happen to me in a prior version I tried, but it crashed a few seconds or moments after the stalks disappeared (I assume in prep for winter). Playing again didn’t result in that so could have been a fluke. So happy I was able to help the little critter across the water! (though on credits, was expecting something to happen after the text went away, like return t menu or something).

Love non Euclidean games or those that play with space. You did a good job at putting in little tutorial text so that there was an idea of what to do if you were unsure. I feel you could have played more with non jump-precision based progression (3D platforming where you can’t see your feet or anything makes jump based puzzle a pain, level 6 even with it’s checkpoints felt more annoying vs some sense of growing a skill or accomplishment). I do appreciate the ending! Even if I don’t drink milk.

One note on controls - it felt a bit weird how you could control the character, there was no inertia, so I missed a lot of jump instinctively trying to step pressing forward before landing on the platform. I also found (and made use of) the fact pressing shift even if already midair meant you would get a boost forward, which isn’t too intuitive.

Yeah I totally get it, nimble solutions to make it work in the timeframe you’ve got! Given you had one direction and then had to switch to another, I think it’s commendable that it didn’t come through in the gameplay - and what I mean, is it stands on its own, it wasn’t too counterintuitive what to do (little bugs like equals 3 aside, can’t catch everything!). I was pretty stressed in the last couple days myself as I had to reimplement a core mechanic that if broken would have rendered the whole thing useless.

Not sure if you count this as a win, but you did inspire me to make a chocolate smoothie which I just finished drinking not too long ago :D

Fun title. I kept wishing I could at least waddle left/right on the ground when I didn’t have my pack, spent a lot of time having to throttle up to just edge to the right (and in some cases, as the game page warns, resulting in my platform falling off from the wall - which is both cool and annoying!). I didn’t quite understand how to unlock checks, I think I had to knock them over, which I did once to get one, but in other cases they got wedged into a corner and I couldn’t do much. Later realized I just need to ram into them. Also got trapped in one section because of a key platform being cut off, though in most places seems like you could sort of run into the wall to regain some energy as you go upwards. And I found I kept getting “stuck” to the walls, even as I’m say pressing right and the wall is to the left while the jet pack is moving me up, it was just get stuck to the wall (and then overheating!)

All in, definitely impressive for only 2-3 days of work!

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Solid entry! Polished, didn’t run into any bugs. Nice variety of levels and styles per stage. Also Moe is a cruel level designer, that one took me a minute. It was also a nice ahah and twist for a game like this to actually have a puzzle rely on you restarting at least once, almost wish more of that concept was played with somehow. Nice blend fo 3D and pixel art, which isn’t easy to pull off. I didn’t get to unlock the secret level but I do feel my curiosity itch, maybe I’ll come back and give it a go.

edit I also highly appreciate how meta/third wall breaking the NPCs were, good stuff

As others said, a fun foundation! Liking the art style direction, though of course would be curious of what game mechanics will be front and center. Might suggest making the time to move to another space (or the time it takes for the interactivity interface to pop up) a little faster, even on this 4x4 grid takes a moment to get from one side to the other!

Fun style, I liked the main character animation and the style of the bosses. I did get stuck though on the second boss (saw the note about having exactly 3, but the smoothie maker wouldn’t make any more smoothies for me, and also it seemed like even when it was my strawberries were capped at 10 after several boss retries). I also felt like the second boss was more determined based on the slowness or position of the platform, making it less about my skill to complete since I depended on that to “deliver” the smoothie.

Fun game, felt a bit awkward on desktop but then I saw the point about suggesting mouse or touchscreen, so that’s nice it supports that (and definitely was more intuitive with a mouse). Wasn’t sure if at some point I’d unlock something or if there’s was a goal to reach, did get a little repetitive after a bit, but certainly challenge increased as more ‘admirers’ showed up. Would have very nicely fit the them if the frogs somehow transformed, unless I just missed getting to that point!

Good puzzle game, nicely layered in mechanics (indeed, everything changes!). I did feel like a spent a decent bit of time just waiting for the beats to pass, while also having to time and move things quickly between beats to e.g. time getting by arrows and such. But I suppose that’s part of the game design, and isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

I’m blown away by this piece, it actually emotionally moved me. The moment of moving to a slow walk after the death of a loved one (which you can interpret literally or more metaphorically of course) really got to me. It had a great pace and had lots of amazing little details: pressing space had a heartbeat, taking a wrong turn in the adult, cloud-shrouded maze meant you could get stuck [in life], and I guess that children over tech-exposed if their first crayon-drawn symbols include stars, flowers, and the sign for emails?? ;)

The meditation sequence was a nice twist and just worked nicely. I also love the intrinsic meaning of birthday cakes being checkpoints, wow, not sure I can think of another game where there was such actual weight and meaning to a checkpoint. Loved it.

Nit: a control to slide or disable audio is always a plus, that being said, it’d be a right shame to not listen to the music on this one. Also I think the wavey text could be toned down a little bit or made still for the smallest text font used.

Very moving piece - well done.

I want to give 5 start for the graphics of the game page alone haha, nicely fit together! And love the title :) I liked the length of it, feels like a complete game with a variety of challenges. Only nit would be the scene with the hear balancing scales, some y-sort on how you walk on top felt a bit odd. Also thanks for forcing me to think in systems of equations haha good to put those mental maths back to use!

Love this cute little game, fun fitting title, and the style (down to the itch page itself) is so consistently well done.

The animations are beautiful! I also gotta +1 the eye smear frame, so great. Fun music too. Side note, your page and text said to use WASD but only arrow keys worked for me. I can tell there were more ideas and so sorry to hear you got sick, priority deffo is getting well and being safe. But anyways I can’t help myself, I had ideas of things like the frog on your head helping you get to other places. Maybe its tongue latches onto walls? or maybe only the frog can pick up certain messes, but they get “full” after awhile so you have to be strategic where you use them? And then different challenges of maybe picking up some types of “mess” causes other messes, so it’s more a matter of finding the right sequence (vs the other way of making it a challenge is tp put a timeout or something like that, would be a different vibe/direction).

Nice work, exciting this is your first fully completed game! Impressive to to have done all the modeling across everything in that amount of time too.

Definitely posed a challenge, I was getting close to completing stage 3 or 4 I think it was, but jumping between the walls and having to restart all the way back at the beginning without checkpoints made me skip trying “one more time” to move along. I don’t think i fully understood how to use or hold onto the powerups, maybe it’s intentional you only have it for a moment?

As others mentioned, the platforming is a the challenge here in 3D, since a first person view you can’t see how close you are to the edge. The jumping felt a bit “floaty” and holding space made you jump farther, but made it also harder to judge how far you could get.

Nice work, as others have said, nicely fits the theme. I appreciated the sfx control options and dings feedback at the start. As others said, I found it quite difficult and couldn’t get past the 4th level. While changing difficult by changing the number of ‘touches’ definitely helps, I wonder if changing difficulty could also change other behaviors too (maybe higher jumps? Or on the lowest difficulty, grabbing the wall means you actually stick there instead of sliding down so quickly?). +1 to WASD from me too.

One other idea, took me a few times dying on level 1 before I realized the mechanic; maybe the counter could be animated or shake or something as you get closer to 0? and some kind of emphasis to show you got to zero on death, vs you just freezing. At first, I thought the game was ending because I landed on a specific tile that was dangerous or something.

Thanks for playing! After voting ends, I’m thinking of pre-solving at least one or two characters (or, some proportional number, based on headline length) to make it a bit easier, as your experience is similar to mine where I just start out guessing. Especially for the “daily” article which, for more technical reasons than anything, don’t really have a “category” as it’s just pulling from the top news feed. Good feedback (and on having a dark theme too, hm I should consider this…)!

The game indeed saves your performance in terms of swaps and time, I just didn’t have time to display it anywhere. Eventually, hoping to create a past puzzles view so you can view how you did, open those corresponding news articles. Also planning to create a leaderboard view for the “daily puzzle” and a calendar view to show both your progress over time vs (top? average? median?) players.

Fair enough regarding the HTML version! I had a slew of problems myself making the HTML build work as I expected so I totally get that. Nice work again, and thanks for sharing those two workarounds.

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Sorry to clarify, the OSX build actually works fine! (And thank you for providing it). It’s the web version that was crashing, I was just trying to be specific by saying it was Google Chrome on a Mac is all.

Appreciate that, thanks for playing!

Thanks a bunch, both for trying it out, but also for generally streaming and trying out everyone’s games! (I had to step away for a meeting when you got to mine, super wish I could have seen your commentary and in-the-moment suggestions, I found listening to you while you played the other entries very insightful).

Hadn’t thought about the school angle of something like this. There might be something to that actually hmm….

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for giving it a try and the positive feedback! Indeed re: wheel of fortune, although in some way, I feel the setup here ends up more difficult because letters in the wrong place throw you off (spoiler: I’m very bad at my own game haha)

Yup I totally get it, no real perfect answer for it I suppose, certainly didn’t prevent gamepaly, just a little extra cognitive load. Again, nice work!

Really love the graphics, nice touch with the abstract palm overlays in the foreground. Everything feels nicely fit together! The ‘popping’ and falling apart on death is a nice touch too. I found the jump + falling trajectory nice and unique to make it a little different from other platformers. I never quite figured out the wall jump other than doing it once somehow on accident, so my highest score was based on just how long until a tall wall showed up.

Side note on the menu, seems like mouse clicking could have worked, but only accepted arrows and enter. Volume controls would also be a plus too!

Oh, and thanks for the mac build :D

Nice work, mechanic feels well polished. It was fun to explore, though I wish there was a little more variety in the terrain (or even like a little village area). I did notice that the uhh edges on the west/east/north ends of the maps don’t stop you from walking off and around the outside areas of the map, definitely didn’t abuse that :) I did like that you had characters weave in mechanics like different baits by doing tasks.

Controls for audio and then also visual buttons for closing menus (took me a bit to realize I had to click the icon again, even though it seemed to be in the background, and the game scene didn’t really pause in those states) would be nice touches too.

Big plus on all the setting controls from the start, and language selection! Though a setting for mouse sensitivity would be really nice. Also was thrown off not being able to press e.g. w and d at the same time to move diagonally, seems only one or the other works, which made precision jumping a bit hard. Very interesting concept with the camera movement to project landings from another scene, a nugget that could be played with more perhaps (though I did not get that far to really see how it plays out perhaps).

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This is an amazing title, best use of the theme I’d vote so far! Really clever and well executed, love how seamless the transitions are. And got super hard super quick, forced me to really master those mouse movements. Maybe I’m a novice though at these sorts of games. Really nice how music layered together as you moved from one level to another, was sort of a mini reward on its own for each progression.

I did notice a couple times my mouse (in the HTML build) would get out of sync with the actual flashlight highlight, and I’d have to nudge it around the screen to get centered again so I could still place the circle anywhere in the level.