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Forest: find the way homeView game page

2D puzzle platformer game. Trees an mushrooms can grow and boost your jump.
Submitted by Linein98 — 17 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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Forest: find the way home's page


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Sfx / Music#1382.0092.214

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Cute graphics, but as others have mentioned I found it pretty difficult! Very easy to miss watering with the watering can, or use the wrong item in the wrong place. The controls were initially a bit confusing too. Nice theme though, would be interesting to see it after some more polish!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

My score is 8 coins because I did not get hit by Enemy, and because I skipped the 1st coin which is a softlock trap.

There are barely any sound effects but I like the graphics and play mechanics. This game has a simple and effective charm that’s near-impossible to recreate.


Good job. You can use mushroom to get out of the trap.


Good job. My new score is 4 balls and 9 coins.


Wow! I had to try really hard, but it finally paid off! The artwork is absolutely adorable. When I saw your game that was one of the first things that caught my eye before I even played and to see it in action with the background and everything felt very cute and endearing! I did find myself realizing that this stage is much more difficult than I had originally anticipated, but found that it did make reaching the end very gratifying! Congrats on a great jam game!


I like the style. With clean and minimalist art, parallax background, how pick up action looks, items shifting a bit, before disappearing.

Cool design. Cant wait to see your next games.

Will be glad to read your comments on my game


Whew, I did it!

That's a pretty cool game, I really liked the mechanics (though, missing with the watering can was painful). :P


Your game has cool mecanics but GOD you need checkpoints on this one. A slight error and you need to restart all over. But for a first jam, it's a good one !


Implementing the game mechanics take me too long. Originally there were supposed to be more but smaller levels. But I didn't have time  so I did just this one bigger level and no checkpoints.


Loved the graphics but it's a really brutal game, i couldn't finish it but this is a really good antry even more for a first one ^^ congrats


So unforgiving.  Especially considering how fiddly the items are.  I did have fun though, and I dig the sprites!


And I was afraid it would be too easy. :) 


The artstyle of this game is so cool. Some sort of tutorial would be really helpful.

Developer (1 edit)

You can find tutorial in the menu -> "Help" button (use " Next" button in top right corner to see other pages).

More people skip "Help" section of the game so I added instructions on the page. Thanks for feedback.


Fun, engaging platformer, was glad to play it all the way through. It could maybe use a checkpoint system but the difficulty curve was great. The watering can would've been nice to follow the direction of the mouse, like the other items do, but it's very impressive for a first game and a nice, consistant art style.


Thanks for playing and feedback.

Yes. Checkpoint system is something that the game needs.

Watering can following mouse - that's a good reminder. The player usually moves to the right, so I forgot to implement it.


Very good for your first game. Loved the eyes following the mouse.

Two suggestions I have if you decide to improve on it after the jam are to avoid soft locking the player (if I use an item by mistake where it's not supposed to be used I have to restart the game manually and make e keys work automatically instead of having to select them.

Other than that nice work. Congratulations on your first complete game, many never reach this stage.



Soft locking - Yes player can waste water cans, mushrooms, balls and get stuck. I think it's part of difficulty of the game. But I understand that it could be annoying at the end of the level have to restart all progress. I will definitely add checkpoint system.

Auto-select - That is a good idea. Then the game could be much faster.


One other way to solve soft locking would be to detect the soft lock (detect the player fell in a hole they can't get out for example) and show "Press R to Restart". I know you can already restart through the menu, but it wasn't immediately obvious that I messed up and should reset.

I don't know if you ever played on an Amiga or other vintage computers. On the Amiga there's a game called "Enemy" who works like that. When you fail a mission or soft locks yourself you can keep playing but can't complete the level, the game shows the prompt to restart telling the player he can't complete the level. It too has a checkpoint system, so restarting always goes back to that checkpoint.