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That is a really, really nice little puzzle. I forced myself to stop playing. Cool game!

Would love, if you will try my game

Very funny and very beautifully done game.
I even downloaded sources, to see it closely.

I also used Godot. Would be glad, if your try my game

I like the character look and animation.

Would be glad, if you would try my game

I never played Lemmings, but know about this game. After playing your game, it looks like it has to be fun to play.

Mine is a clone of Lode Runner with hint of Bomberman.
I would be glad, it you try my game

Fun little platformer. Would you try my game?

I played your game. It is creeping, funny and beautiful. Most of all the look of the game.

I like it.
It is the first one, that I rated.

Would be honored, if you will play my game

Did you tried Phaser?

That is some weird ...i ;-)

Tried a few times. With some minor success. But yes, I didn't handle this :-(

Would love, if you will try my game?

Is it LOVE engine? I have seen a few small games powered by it. Even thought to try it, as I would like to learn lua better.

I use Godot 3 and I love it.
Would be glad, if you will try my submission

Interesting concept. You should expand on that

But you selected it. And if it take you only 10 minutes, than I envy you. It took me lot more to decide.

It will be a great pleasure for me, if you will try my game

Very funny idea :-)
Music is right on target 

I like your game. Maybe it's a cliche, but I expected that combinations with the same color will disappear, like in games with balls and colors.

But like it is, it feels like hybrit of space invaders and Dr. Mario to me ;-)

Fun little game

You didn't add the data file (pck) to windows and linux versions.

I like the idea. Never seen the game like this

You forget to place .pck file for linux version

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First pre-release of a game that is my clone of Battle City powered by Godot 3.0

Your idea is more interesting)))

And I want to say thank you. Your game Flying Aces help me to find solution to work with sound loops in Godot.
You use a creative hack, in order to engine sound loops. I tryed the same, but this hack has own limitations. And than I understand, what was wrong. Whan game starts, Godot drops the set_loop_format option to 0 (do not know why). Then I just neet to set it in _ready to