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Oooh, this is really cool!

Heck yea, let's goo!

Pretty neat Snake game. I like the random level generation (though, the generation itself could use some work, making the corridors a bit wider and preventing the player to spawn just a bit in front of a wall for example).

It was very fun! Nice fast paced gameplay!

Full auto upgrade is REALLY good. xD

Really cool game, lovely level design!

Also, there's some speedrunning community forming in the leaderboards. xD

Extremely cute game!

Really cool idea!

First game is blinking a bit too much to be comfortable and I couldn't figure out how to advance in the game where you are a yellow square, but other than that, it was pretty good!

I do wish the game was a bit more obvious that you can drop down on enemies to level up and unlock jumping. The game was really enjoyable after I figured out the mechanics and each new addition unlocked more of the map, so that's really great!

As always, mass human sacrifice solved all my problems!

Pretty good game!

Wow, thank you for making me feel old. >:(

Seriously though, very adorable game, really liked it!

Pretty cool game, the mechanics were done well, I wish the momentum of the gold platforms stayed a bit longer!

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To get it on stream - make sure to check if it haven't been streamed already in this doc: .

If it has, there will be a link so you can see people play your game, if it's not, someone is going to play it shortly. If you want someone specific to play it, the streamers open up topics that you can sign up to get your game streamer by dropping a link. I believe the current topics are by:
Jade the Kobold

Ultimately all games will be played.

To be eligible for random prizes, make sure to upload your game to and notify Adrian (Redefine Gamedev) on discord that you did and give him the link!

Very nice game! I absolutely love the bats and having to type SHOO, SCRAM, AWAY etc., really cute!

Extremely intense, got to wave 3, I think, before getting overwhelmed. xD

Pretty cool, I wish the game made it clearer that you could find enemies if you explored (I didn't realize that in my first attempt which made the game even more difficult).

Really nice game, though enemies spawn a bit too fast to kill them in reasonable time.

Nice game, pretty addictive!

Enemies might need some work (be it with placement, AI or how they spawn) as primary tactic seems to be getting a hole in the enemies and then kiting, but all in all, there's potential here!

Very cool and relaxing game!

The only thing I would like changed is to make the tree trunk more obvious as an obstacle, as it took me a while to realize that was hurting me.

I use Windows with Chrome. All in all, doesn't matter too much, just thought you might wanna know.

That's really impressive amount of levels for a game jam game!

Pretty funny story too, and hey, living in pyramid house is probably pretty cool anyway, so they should be happy! :P

An interesting puzzle game to be sure. Took me a while to understand what was going on, but it's a pretty cool game!

Oh, that's really unlucky, I hope you can get the game back on here. If you do, make sure to respond here, so I can play it!

I am not entirely sure what some of the upgrades do (specifically heat resistance, cold resistance and vision).

But pretty cool game!

Ooh, nice and small game! Really nice job showing progress after each death, it was actually motivating to try again and again, until I won. :D

I really like the atmosphere and the main character. Also, the shader was really cool after unlocking the attack evolution!

But please, add Coyote Time. There's a lot of really tight jumps in here, the game needs it. :P

Very pretty and relaxing game, cool mechanics too!

Though, I do have to say that my controller didn't work at all in this game (and it does work in other godot games with controller suppoert).

Wait, how do I play it? When I go to your game page I cannot see any links. There are files in the "Final Upload" devlog, but I cannot download them either.

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Very quick and action packed game, really cool!

Also, he must hate museums.

Ouch, that's unfortunate. Well, if you do update the game after the jam, lemme know, I would like to still give it a shot.

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I really wish that the portals would automatically transform you into the forms. As far as I can tell, there's never a situation where transforming into a different form than expected required or beneficial, so it's just a matter of remembering which button was which form.

But yeah, the game was still rather good and quite pretty with some intense platforming!

Really good game! The only issue I had was camera in certain sections didn't really let you see what is in front of you.

Oooh, this was a really good game! Poor brave droids.

But please, let us skip dialogue faster next time. xD

Hm, after 2 deleted viruses, the game shows a CMD window on the screen and then the game crashes, haven't found another way to progress and due to the nature of the game it's hard for me to guess if it's supposed to be happening. xD

(If I do something wrong, please tell me, I will give it another shot!)

Pretty good, simple action game, lovely work with the visuals!

It is a very cute game, controls pretty well!

The only problem I had is very high amount of backtracking is necessary, I wish we could pick up more than 1 fruit.

A really cool puzzle game! I can see it getting quite interesting as a full game with more powerups and (maybe) more characters on the screen.

Good job!

Thank you a lot! 

I sadly didn't have the time to add more, maybe in the future I will update the game. :P

Looks and plays really darn good! Love the atmosphere!

It gets a little bit too tough by the end, but all in all it's a solid game!

Oh, that's an interesting concept, card game and tower defense game at once. I could see this becoming a full game!

It does have a few issues and low variety right now, but that's to be expected from a jam game. 

A nice game, but a bit tough with how little of dust is actually on the map.

Very relaxing and pretty game!

I do wish just clicking anywhere on the screen would open up evolve menu (since as far as I can tell, there's nothing else that uses it).