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Well, thank you very much for playing it!

Though, the video is frozen at the title screen during recording, there's only audio. Still, thank you for nice words. xD

I updated my jam game based on the feedback I received, from the judges and from comments!

Thank you very much for all of it and thank you for this great jam!

(Also, further feedback for this version is also very welcome :3)

Ah yeah, that's a part that I haven't conveyed properly. You are supposed to drop the seed down without falling.

It's the only level I updated and I will upload the update in couple minutes (was just waiting for the results of the jam before that)!

So, do I just dump my project folder to github or what? xD

I'm new to all of this. 

Ah, you gotta use the platform flower seed to make the enemy walk through it onto the platform on the right (with the other enemy). 

Oh, which one? And sure, I'll help!

Thanks a ton!

I'm glad you liked it!


Yes, they are quite terrifying. :P

Thanks a lot!

And don't worry, you were doing it correctly, the game is a bit bugged, especially in browser version  and it doesn't register you jumped from high above sometimes (fix is on the way, will be updated once the jam is over!). :P

I like the artstyle and the gameplay is nice!

Poor little fishies tho, did nothing wrong. :P

Very simple and relaxing experience, I like how the flowers look!

Okay, this is a pretty cool game, like the mechanics a lot!

Sadly, the it soft-locked for me after a couple levels (all turrets were destroyed but it didn't move me to next level).

A fun little game, was quite difficult at the tallest neck. :P

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Pretty good game, wish the coins disappeared faster when you walk through them!

(Oh and the control scheme is almost unreadable with pink on terrain, consider making a small panel behind it to see it clearly).

Pretty good game!

Lovely artstyle and the concept is funny!

Wish there was more to do though.

Pretty nice classic snake game!

Though, trying  to do a sharp u-turn kills you.

Pretty cool game, got to level 20. 

Pretty cool game, trying to figure out how to get some of these gold mushrooms was difficult. xD

Pretty nice story and very adorable art!

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Squishy game. :P

A nice, cute little one!

Interesting game, though would need more mechanics.

It looks really pretty and it feels good to control the ball!

Pushing crates is a bit slow though.

Interesting take on a snake game, shooting and enemies is not something you see often.

I like the idea and art a lot! I hope you will work on it after the jam, because the concept is promising. 

Love the artstyle, such a pity it's not ready. Hope you will work on this after jam is over!

A minigolf, but with bees. :P
Pretty fun, but I got softlocked inside a tree.

Very interesting concept!

Feels pretty good to play!

Thanks and yeah, puzzle platformers are cool!

Thank you!

Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! :3

Thank you for taking the time to play it!

Thanks a lot!

And yeah, it's a bit of a step up in difficulty. xD

Thanks a lot!

And yeah, I'm considering blocking going back, since there's no real point in doing so and it will just reload the level. 

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I'd love to see you play my game, but I don't think I can be there (timezone difference, when your stream starts it's 2 AM for me). xD


Thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a ton! :3

Thanks a lot!

You need to jump from the higher platform onto the flower on the bottom to bounce far up and then bounce on the one on top.

Sadly, in current version of the game it's a bit inconsistent, so you might need 2-3 tries to get it right (update coming after jam ends). 

Really cool game, enjoyed it quite a bit!